Down to the wire

Date published: Wednesday 4th May 2011 1:31

Miracle workers

Not many football fans up and down the country would have given us a chance of beating 4th place Peterborough on the weekend but I think Argyle can count themselves unlucky not to come back home with any points. We took the lead, then trailed 2-1 and then had a late penalty saved so although no points were gained we proved when at our best we can mix it with the big boys in the league.

This Friday’s game against Dagenham and Redbridge is massive, if we win we will be five points from safety with four games to go. Don’t get me wrong it will still be a massive ask of the players but not impossible. I have seen so many things happen this season that I didn’t believe would happen that I am not going to rule it out.

How we have actually got this far in to the season with the mess going on behind the scenes I think is a miracle in itself. If this had happened to some other teams the players and staff would have mutinied a long time ago after not getting paid for so long but some how we find ourselves here still plugging away.


It gets a bit ridiculous to think how long will these players and staff go without wages for, as the staff have gone about business with a smile on their face for so long and they like us have families to support. In nearly any other business these staff would have walked a long time ago but as it is football and Plymouth Argyle it keeps them here, trying their hardest to keep the club going.

One thing as a fan I would like to see is the administrators being more public with what is happening behind the scenes, it seems sometimes we get fed rumours about what is happening but we get very little on the actual day to day events of what is going on reported. Scary to think that when I next blog we will know if Argyle are to be a League 2 club next season or not, that is of course if they survive past the end of the season.

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