Ed Woodward deserves praise at Manchester United

Date published: Friday 10th August 2018 2:47

Chelsea fans discuss the potential to lose stars to European clubs, Liverpool readers discuss the need to have offloaded more and Manchester United fans talk about whether Ed Woodward was right to refrain from giving Jose the money he wanted – all in Your Says of the Day.


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Sarri happy with Morata leading the line

Personally I am reasonably happy with the window and feel we have some decent players young enough to stay at Chelsea for while to potentially build a team around

Pleased to have got rid of the bad apple that is Courtois as I get the feeling he was just disruptive. Big decisions for Sarri to name his squad and decide on who will be the next captain

Really hoping that it all comes together under Sarri and that a decent season could even make Hazard think of staying longer but also accept that will be difficult if Real come knocking again

Only real negative is not buying an established striker as we know this is our weak point and cost us a top 4 place last season, however, if Sarri is “happy” to enter the knew season with Morata leading the line then I will trust his judgement until this proves otherwise

Time now to move on and focus on the season ahead and wish the board, the coach, the squad and the fans the best of luck for this coming season. I am actually quite optimistic and cannot wait…!! KTBFFH


Chelsea board not done that well 

The Board cannot be accused of not showing ambition it is after all the Premier League the most popular weekly event in world entertainment. However I dont believe they have done that well, firstly we spent so much money on a relatively unproven keeper though I do also like him, but Butland is proven in the EPL and is also very young and being taller better in the air from all reports, he would also only cost half as much approx.. Kovacic is a obviously a decent player but only on loan a no win situation for Chelsea, cause if he does great Madrid will want him back. At the end of the day glad we got rid of Courtious whose going to cause the same division at Real that he did here with key Madrid players favouring Nevas and Courtious already thinking his the automatic first choice, look forward to that boiling over. Hope for a good season a top 4 finish would be okay for this season, we cannot expect to win trophies every season as much we all would love too.


Mateo Kovacic

Still Time for Chelsea to lose quality players 

Before we get carried away with hinting at giving the Board any misguided praise for the less than mediocre transfer dealings in this window can I please point out one salient point …..IT IS NOT OVER YET!!!!

We might not be able to purchase but we still have a 3 week period where we can lose quality players !!!!


Ed Woodward 1-0 Jose Mourinho 

I am going to go against most people opinions and give Ed a big pat on the back.

He has shelled out nearly £600 million on helping Moyes, LVG and Jose build a team to win the title and none of these manager’s even came close.

I am glad he gave Jose the middle finger and told him to start coaching instead of quick fixes all the time. He should be building a team to rule for seasons not one season.

Wanting another CB when you shelled out £70 million on 2 already is taking the p*ss.

You cant keep wanting to replace players you brought to the club like you did with Miki then zero improvement to the team when new boy sanchez came in and expect Ed to keep signing cheques.

Ed has finally realised that he cant keep signing cheques on players one manager fancies but another doesn’t we will just be in the same mess again again with mediocre players scattered around the squad.

Ed is only interested in spending big on players who have marketing value so he can milk them and make the club back money spent to sign the player thats why he will never release Pogba hes a marketing gem.

For me Ed gave Jose the one player we really needed in Fred as we were so weak and short in midfield whereas defensively we had 2nd best defence in the league of course due to Jose tactics so no need for more defensive players but i agree Godin and Auderwerald are top draw.

For me Jose should see this as a challenge one similar to Porto winning CL and use the media criticism to inspire the team you know a kind of us against the world which he loves to do anyway problem is he’s been feeding the press most of their headlines so not sure how much the players will still respect him.


Glad United didn’t sign Ronaldo or Bale

Really glad we stayed away from the likes of Bale,Willian,Boateng,Mina,CR7,and any other oldies out there.I would have accepted Toby OR Maguire but only if it meant the end for 2 out of the 3 in Rojo,Jones,Smalling.


Only Liverpool have strengthened in the top 6 

I think Liverpool have strengthened their side but otherwise I’m not convinced that anyone else in the top 6 has strengthened.
Mahrez adds depth at City but can’t see him being the ingredient they needed to win in Europe but enough to win the league again.
Arsenal have, as I’ve said before, signed absolutely no one that anyone else wanted.
Chelsea have a rookie goalkeeper and the PL is unforgiving and still don’t have a striker.
Spurs haven’t done anything. Slightly more mature squad but I think fatigue will screw them this season.
Utd, at least Fred and Pereira should be available for more matches than Carrick was so hopefully that means less Fellani. Now’s the time for Mourinho to really earn his corn and make a team greater than its parts.



Fosu Mensah and Dalot to start next season 

So TFM has had his loan move confirmed. Jose only lets them go if they are guaranteed matches, so hopefully he’ll get a full season under his belt.

Valencia won’t go past this season, I doubt, so that will mean Dalot and TFM in contention for next season, with the possibility of buying someone in – if Ed actually manages to get something sorted!


Liverpool should have offloaded more 

Wasn’t expecting anyone in, but disappointed we only managed to get Ings out on loan, I suppose we owe Southampton a few sweetners for next time we raid them

But what we going to do with Markovic, Grujic, Origi, Mignolet / Karius these guys were supposed to bring us in 60million and shave shed loads off the wage bill. Presume we can still offload to the continent until end of September??


Markovic Ings Liverpool

Shaqiri playing in the number 10 role 

Play The Shaq as 10? I’m liking the idea, I know he is predominately a wide player but I see no reason why he would be any worse than Coutinho in that role. In fact, he is faster than Coutinho and would help out defensively. The only issue would be if he has the discipline and intelligence to play there… But I see no reason why he shouldn’t be at least tried there…Maybe Klopp will try it out sometime this season, you never know?


Image: Liverpoolfc.com

Liverpool to make up at least 10 more points on last season 

Its been a while since I´ve said this but we got a world class keeper and the keeper that kept 2nd most clean sheets in the Champions League as backup.

We got cover for the leftback, cover for the rightback, we got more than enough cover for the whole defense. Same goes for the midfield and by the looks of it the attack as well.

We have improved in basically every position this summer.

I see at least ten more points than last season, if everything clicks and we avoid injuries to key player we could make up twenty points.

The attack should be able to score more goals, the midfield got more steel and more goals, we added an excellent player in Shaqiri to the squad who is desperate to make a name for himself.

The only minus at the start of the season is the long term injury to Oxlade.


Mo Salah Liverpool

Four reasons that have helped Lovren improve

There has been a few factors that have helped Lovren, 1. Having a regular world class CB partner. 2. Robertson. 3. Midfield protection 4. Not having to have 5 pain killing injections before playing.

In the past there was always a mix and match CB pairing, which puts extreme pressure on the backline.

Moreno used to get caught out so regular that Lovren was always thinking he might have to cover that spot.

The midfield has been far better at covering that backline

For ages Lovren was playing through injury having injections before every game, but we needed him so he played through the pain, many people having a go at Lovren are the same people that had a go at Sturridge and said he should play through pain even it it did affect his form. So you can’t have it both ways, we always say we would support any player that gives 100% and that is something Lovren has definitely done, so people should get off his back.



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