Edu reveals Arteta ‘must’ be involved in Arsenal’s summer transfers

Date published: Wednesday 17th June 2020 1:23

Arsenal Edu TEAMtalk

Arsenal technical director Edu has insisted that head coach Mikel Arteta will be heavily involved in the club’s summer recruitment.

Arteta, who arrived in December from Manchester City, will be involved in his first summer transfer window as the top man and Arsenal plan to make sure he is happy.

While some rival clubs keep their coaching and recruitment separate Edu says that Arsenal will make sure that Arteta gets his say in their transfer plans this summer.

“Mikel has to be involved in recruitment, he must,” Edu told The Athletic. “We talk about what we need, the characteristics of the players, the system we’re going to play and then I start the process internally. That’s my role.

“If he has names, if he advises or wants advice on players, that’s fine. If he wants to talk to the other guys [like scouts] of course he will talk to them, but normally that’s my process. That’s why the relationship between us needs to be very strong.

“I have to understand his points and he has to understand the club’s points. Then we build everything together — that’s the main point.”


The Spanish coach has already voiced his concerns over falling further behind their rivals if they fail to strengthen their squad this summer.

In fact Arteta has admitted that his plans for the summer are in tatters due to the financial impact from the coronavirus pandemic.

“The plans I had [for the summer] obviously wasn’t considering the coronavirus and all the side effects that has, but we know what we have to do to improve the team.

“Whether we’ll be able to the way we want will be a different story.”

Meanwhile, Edu has revealed he was sure Arteta was the right man for Arsenal before they had spoken about football.

“My first conversation with him was not about football and that’s what I really loved,” Edu added. “It was about concepts, respect, people and staff but not football. My beliefs and his beliefs are the same.

“We were talking about life, about family, how important it is for the players to understand the importance of being together and respecting the club. After that conversation I was really surprised — we connected straight away with our ideas, philosophy and lifestyle.




“So before we went through the technical part, I felt he was a special guy.

Arteta’s presentation

Mikel Arteta TEAMtalk

“After that, we went to football. I explained to him the team we had, the system we played, the system we believe we can play in the future, how we see the team. I did a presentation to him about our squad and then listened to his thinking. He was really excited.

“And then there was a presentation by him to show me a little bit about his philosophy. Then we, together, started to create a plan. We interviewed a lot of people and that was a very beautiful experience for me, less than six months into the job myself.

“You have to get to know the person, not just the coach. You see his family, his children, his character as a father and husband. That what I call the base. He has a very, very, very beautiful base.”

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