Enrique: The worst moments of my life were under Klopp

Oli Fisher
Jose Enrique: Ends five years at Liverpool

Former Liverpool defender Jose Enrique has revealed the physical and mental suffering his injuries have caused.

Enrique retired this week at the age of 31 having been unable to overcome a long-standing knee injury.

Enrique was signed from Newcastle United but struggled to stay fit at Anfield. He made only 21 appearances in his last three seasons at Liverpool.

The defender says that the worst years of his career came under Klopp – due to his injuries – but that he will always be grateful for Klopp making him captain in his final Liverpool appearance.

“Something that was supposed to be for three months ended up turning into two years,” Enrique told the Liverpool Echo.

“I saw five doctors in England, but they did not get the problem. I’m still not quite right, either physically or mentally, but I feel like starting from scratch.

“I could not play without medication, I did not even train. It was hard, desperate, sometimes I got dizzy in training on so much medication.

“After every game or effort, my knee swelled like a ball and I was barely able to walk for three days.

“It hurt me, but of so many times that they told me it was a psychological problem I came to believe it.

“The worst moments of my life were under Klopp because, being well, I knew I could play some games, but he was sincere with me.

“Klopp let me be captain of Liverpool in my farewell, an honour for which I will always be grateful.

“I want to be an older man who can walk, not an invalid.”