Ex-Liverpool boss no good for Chelsea; Man Utd to build team around Matic

Date published: Friday 18th May 2018 11:21

Chelsea supporters discuss the possibility of Rafa Benitez taking over from Antonio Conte, while Manchester United fans want Jose Mourinho to build the team around Nemanja Matic, all in our forum.


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FA Cup final to be decided by a set-piece or own goal

Regardless of which Chelsea turns up or which United turns up for this final. its unlikely to have a spark and be attractive to watch. the tactics of both coaches could be cautious approach. which means every team to have as many men behind the ball as possible. and the likely route to a win for either of the teams is a set-piece or an own goal or at worst Penalties. whether that is enough for the fans who have paid £115 to watch that kind of stuff is another matter.



My England XIs

I think Southgate will go with:

Walker / Stones / Maguire
Trippier / Henderson / Dier / Rose
Sterling / Kane / Alli

I’d go with:

Walker / Stones / Maguire / Rose
Henderson / Loftus-Cheek
Sterling / Alli / Rashford



Xhaka could be great in right formation

I think Xhaka has played well in the last few months and his passing is top notch and defensively in the last few months he has been good. I do feel in the right formation and team he would be great but as with all the team his future depends on what formation the new man plays and what players will play around him. I am not Sure the same applies to Mustaphi. I thought he was great when he first came and I liked the fact he could play a bit but I feel we need a defender who is super quick and very good one on ones and he is to slow and not great one on ones.



Aubameyang and Lacazette will score loads next season

I can see Laca getting 20+ too mate. He got 14 PL goals in 32 appearances, in his first PL season, in a team that have been utter s**t most of the time. There’s already glimpses of an understanding between him and Auba and then if you throw Mikki and Rambo into the mix, I don’t think we’ll have many problems scoring next season.

Couple of new defenders, possibly a defensive midfielder, a manager who doesn’t show the contempt for defending that our last one did and we’re good to go.

Now lets see if we can keep this thread positive!

Al The Gooner

I don’t want Benitez anywhere near Chelsea

Blue Lion i dont think any Chelsea fan can ever accept that a then Liverppol manager insults us fans and our club. I dont want Benitez anywhere near us and the match going fans will never accept him. I as you all know have been a suppporter of Antonio but i want to see the club move on and be unified including with us fans. I want a young coach preferably with a Chelsea background and an experienced DOF to work with the coach – not against – and again preferably someone with a Chelsea background such as Dennis Wise or Zola. I want to rebuild the status and moral of the club and get back to being a winning club.



Batshuayi coming back to play a part?

A number of stories today claiming that Chelsea have decided that they want Michy to return to the Club in the Summer but are now willing to offer Morata to Dortmund instead

Assuming there is any truth in these stories then reading between the lines my take is that Chelsea have spoken to their new manager and he has made that call? Would like to think that is true as it would indicate that Roman/the board are well on the ball and progressing ahead behind the scenes which is what we as a Club require so we do not fall behind during the transfer window. KTBFFH



Champions League final talk

I agree with your post Football Scouser but finals are unique, many different dynamics at play that you don’t experience in other rounds. We saw an average Real performance against Bayern so we may see a world class one in the Final. They seem to find a way to win. I really fancied Juventus last year to beat ’em but they ended getting twatted 4-1. Year before they beat Atletico Madrid on penalties. They just have the pedigree which we don’t have. Still believe we’re gonna do ’em tho!

Rob Fort Worth TX


Does anyone else just feel that this final is more ‘uncallable’ than any I’ve ever known. Not sure if it’s just because it’s us in it but even this Real side seem unpredictable. If they play like they did in Munich we’ll absolutely destroy them, yet if they play like they did in Turin we’ll struggle badly.

I’m normally the most pessimistic Liverpool fan in the world but I’m just so excited for this game, more than the nerves I normally feel for a big game. There’s still so long to wait though, so I’m sure the anxiety is in the post.

One thing is certain, if we’re to win this, Bobby needs to be at his best from the off, if he is then Salah will be too. He’s more key to Salah’s performance than people realise.



Kane would be the man to replace Aguero

Congratulations on Aguero, and City breaking records this season and Pep signing a new deal.
I don’t want him to leave and I don’t think it will happen this summer, but if Aguero were to leave to Atletico, Kane might be the player to replace him for £100m.



Man Utd will build team around Matic next season

Has anyone seen the amazing stats on Matic this season?
He ranks number 1 for United for the following;

Most Passes
Most Successful Passes
Most Passes in Opposition Third
Most Passes into the Final Third
Most Touches
Most Tackles
Most Recoveries (He’s number 1 in the league for this in the last 4 years)
Most Interceptions
And Most Distance Covered…!

That’s amazing really, especially the distance covered. I knew he was an important player for us and for Jose, but a lot of what he does in games goes completely unnoticed. He really is the central pivot of the side and i’d say our team will be built around him next season.
Such a shame we handed £40m to Chelsea so that they could buy their Matic upgrade isn’t it?



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