EXCLUSIVE: Crouch reveals why Klopp’s Liverpool deserve more credit

Jurgen Klopp Liverpool

Peter Crouch believes the current Liverpool team deserve to be added to the ranks of the best to have played in the Premier League era.

Crouch told TEAMtalk Jurgen Klopp has created a superb environment at Melwood and says he would “loved” to have played for Reds boss.

Speaking at a BT Sport event in London, former Liverpool and England striker Crouch told us that Klopp’s Class of 2020 are as good as Manchester United’s treble winners of 1999, Arsenal’s unbeaten champions of 2004 and Manchester City title winning team of 2018 that collected 100 points en-route to glory.

“This Liverpool team have to be right up there among the best we have seen in the Premier League,” Crouch said.

“I played against the Arsenal ‘Invincibles’ team and they were just unbelievable, as were Manchester United in their heyday with Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes in their prime were frightening. I also played against the Man City team from a couple of seasons ago and they were one of the best teams I’ve ever seen, but we have to say this Liverpool team are up there with all of them.

“They have only won the Premier League once so far, but they have also won the Champions League and the way they won the title last season was something we have never seen before. They blew everyone away to win the league by 18 points and they deserve to be right up there.”

Crouch spent time at Liverpool’s training ground as he interviewed Klopp for BT Sport and he suggested the atmosphere created by the German around his squad is one of the reasons why his team have won so much silverware in the last year.


Training-ground dynamic

“You just see the dynamic at the training ground, with all the players smiling and happy and high-fiving the manager, but they are absolutely on it when they need to be on matchday,” he added.

“It was so impressive to see behind the scenes and it wasn’t hard to understand why that team is successful because it is a very happy camp.

Jurgen Klopp TEAMtalk

“I would love to have played for Klopp. I went to interview him for BT Sport a while back and he took me around the training ground and everything you expect from him is what I got.

“Klopp has got the perfect balance between being someone the players can approach and then someone the is their boss when he needs to be. I always thrived working for a manager like that. Someone you could go and speak to and chat to like a normal man.

“A lot of the managers I had tried to step back from the players and stay aloof and you never bothered going to speak to them because you knew you wouldn’t get much of an answer to your questions, but Klopp has that nailed down perfectly.”

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