EXCLUSIVE: European Super League would be ‘devastating’ for the Premier League


Stiliyan Petrov believes a European Super League including all of football’s major teams would prove ‘devastating’ for the Premier League if clubs agree to the invitation.

Manchester United and Liverpool are reportedly two of five English sides considering an offer to join the new FIFA-backed tournament.

With broadcast contracts for the UEFA Champions League set to expire in 2024, it is expected there will be a shake-up. A league consisting of the likes of Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich could be the viable option.

In his last words as Barcelona president last week, Josep Maria Bartomeu added fuel to the fire by confirming he had already agreed on behalf of the Catalan club to participate in the proposed league – which would exclude promotion or relegation.

“I can announce some extraordinary news. Yesterday we accepted a proposal to participate in a future European Super League, which would guarantee the future financial sustainability of the club. And we’ve accepted the future CWC format,” Bartomeu claimed.


A decision which would help the rich

However, Petrov – who made 59 appearances in Europe for Celtic and Aston Villa – believes it could be catastrophic for the Premier League if it came into play.

“I think it will be devastating for the football, especially for the Premier League,” the Bulgarian said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened because what we’ve seen so far is the rich and more powerful ones come up with the solution, come up with the proposal that actually works in favour of them.

“If that happens, trust me people will watch it because you have the best teams in the world there. Everybody would like to watch it and it will be devastating for football, especially for the Premier League and La Liga and the strongest five leagues. All the big teams will be attracted to that league.

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“Whatever people say about it being a bad idea, it could be one of the best ideas and ruin football but we can only wait and see what will happen. Every fan would like to watch Barcelona vs Liverpool and Barcelona vs Bayern Munich every second week.

“No, because they will become even more powerful because you won’t watch Liverpool against a team from Poland or from a different part of the world. What you will be watching is the best teams and all the best players because don’t get me wrong all of the best players would like to play in that league,” Petrov concluded.

By Joe Hewlett (@JoeBoxing365)

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