‘Mertesacker in a back three and the final is gone’

Date published: Friday 26th May 2017 5:00

Mesut Ozil should be dropped for the FA Cup final and if Mertesacker starts in a back three, Arsenal are done for, according to our forum.

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Drop Ozil for FA Cup final

Aside from the defensive changes we have to make, I’d stick mostly with the current team:

Holding Mert Monreal
Bellerin Xhaka Rambo Gibbs
Ox Sanchez Welbeck

The only player I’d drop is Oz. This new formation suits him even less than the last one and now that Ox is fit, he should get his chance.

Let’s face it, we’re going to concede goals, so we need a front line that’s going to cause Chelski problems too. I can see this being one of the highest scoring finals in a long time.


Al The Gooner


Mertesacker in a back three and the final is gone’

Per Mertesacker: Was tipped to leave

If we play a back 3 of Mertesacker,holding and Monreal that’s the final gone right there.

Mertesacker already being the most overrated defender to ever play for the club until he got found out 2 seasons ago.Not to mention he’s played only 1 game this season, and in all honestly he’s always terrible against chelsea.Diego costa will either get him sent off or hazard will double meg him.Not the answer.

As for holding,he’s also been overrated by Arsenal fans in the past few weeks.I mean fans see one good performance and suddenly he’s the next big thing.I don’t mean to be too harsh on the kid but he’s actually made some mistakes and shows moments of inexperience.Like just out the back of my headache was responsible for letting valencia through so easily when kosicelny’s challenge on him got him sent off.Not reliable but mainly because of inexperience.

Monreal – Well he’s the only one i deem good enough to play in our defense against chelsea.

Bottom line though is, we should get rid of this 3 at the back system we’ve been playing and if wenger has a tad bit of sense left in him he’ll do it.Why?Because there’s no way in hell we’re going to beat chelsea using their own system which won them the PL.They didn’t invent the system, but wenger surely copied them in the last games of the season.

Considering the personal we have available for the game, our best chance would be reverting to 4 at the back.and that extra midfielder probably Ox will do us good.

My lineup – Cech,bellerin,mertesacker,Holding,monreal,Ramsey,xhaka,Ozil,Ox,Welbeck,sanchez.


Make no mistake,I only chose mertesacker and holding because there are literally no other Central defenders fit so that’s the only option.I thought for a second to keep monreal instead of holding but He’s best a Full back.

It would be a miracle if we win, and I’d be very surprised.Either way wenger out.

the specialone


Welbeck or Rashford for Chelsea?

If united do get Griezman, Rashford would be surplus to requirements, we know Jose doesn’t like youth.. I reckon he could be prised away for something half way decent…

Another player I like is Welbeck. I wonder if Arsenal could be tempted.

Romansdirty pants


Man Utd will not sell Rashford to Chelsea

Manure aint going to sell Rashford, and especially not to Chelsea.

It is going to be a stuggle to get players from abroad here now other clubs across Europe can offer the same wages, its not all about CL anymore it would seem.
For me number one target has to be Sanchez, good enough and already in the english PL, and he stated wants to stay in London.

I will go on record now, that if Lukaku comes it will end in tears, here to be shot down, but eh thats my thoughts on him not being good enough, especially at the prices quoted and dealing with Everton.

Also the Torres deal pretty much sealed it for the owner, in that there would never be such a big money signing again at Chelsea.



JT to head the winner…

If we play to our potential you would think with Arsenal’s​ defensive injuries Chelsea’s pace in attack will be too much for their defence but Cup Finals are notoriously difficult to predict and Arsenal offensively are packed full of potential Match winners.

Be great to see JT come on and head the winner and stick it to all the whingers.

nine nine nine


‘We should have played like United in Sevilla final’

Jurgen Klopp: Still pained by Liverpool's loss to Sevilla

Seeing United deservedly win (they were always gonna win it) the Europa (they played like we should have done a year ago) fills me with more frustration regarding last year’s finals.

Even with sub standard teams (compared to their teams of the past) United have still picked up three trophies in the last three seasons; they have a winning mentality and we don’t, yet.

Their team still has winners and when you have winning parts in your engine success will always, generally, be around the corner.

Jurgen has to bring in winners, leaders, warriors of Gerrard and Suarez ilk. We can’t keep relying on the odd wonder goal from Phil or the occasional contribution from our other midfielders or hope one day Daniel stays fit for three straight games (I honestly think his body is chronic, fit for the odd game but several in succession and his permanent issues return).

We have to bring in a friggin ball breaker in mid, a ruthless SoB up front, a lefty who can beat a full then whip in a cross (I love Milner but how many times does he get level with the 18 yard box and then cut back on his right and find Phil?). I am OK with Migs right now. I think he’s matured and developed well this season. That is NOT a huge priority area.

I am OK with Joel, Clyne (as long as his attacking end product is worked on), Lovren (as a back up or in a back line of three CB’s), Milner needs to stay (he’d make a terrific right back and he’s won stuff!), Hendo (again, how convinced are we that his foot issues aren’t temporary and how convinced are we that he is the ‘main man’ we need in mid at the cost of Wij or Can who I think are better than our ‘captain’) – sorry to be harsh but I will go back to United winning three trophies in three years again).

Phil and Bobby obviously need to stay as should Lallana, Mane and Grujic. Ings has to be given the opportunity. Harshness here folks (but not much) but Origi needs to be loaned out or sold. Not good enough, end of. Had many, many opportunities this season and bar the occasional flash he hasn’t convinced at all. In his defence tho

I am sure he’d would have a few more to his tally if the final ball from our fulls had been better because Origi is good in the air. Milner cuts back constantly and Clyne either does the similar or doesn’t a find anyone in a Liverpool shirt. Alexander Arnold is one for the future as is Gomez (back up) but others like Stewart etc need to be loaned for experience.

Winners folks, winners. I know winners come with price tag and winners tend to move on to other winning teams but we’ve finished fourth which is great, but no trophy for fourth, just a CL qualifier (great!). United have been building momentum by winning physical trophies and we need to start lifting silverware too for the obvious reasons.

Those saying baby steps, I agree, but we’ve been saying that since our second place finish which seems bloody yonks ago. Babies grow and we need too, quickly, to compete in the big boys playground.

Rob Fort Worth TX


Top four and a trophy next season

We need to be finishing top 4 AND winning some silverware next season otherwise the season will deemed a failure.

If we don’t get top 4 and a trophy it will be stagnation or a step backwards.
We have won 1 trophy in a decade I believe now. That’s absolutely shocking!
Simply not good enough for Liverpool Football Club.

We don’t need City/Utds spending in order to win a domestic cup. Plenty of other teams have won cups without their level of wealth.
It’s not beyond us to win the FA/League Cup and finish top 4 now is it?
If it is then we really need to take a long hard look at ourselves and what direction we are going.

“I don’t get why you would play like Jose did in the final”

Could you show me where I indicated that I wanted LFC to play like Jose did last night? Thanks



Is top four and a trophy a must?

On what basis do you say that top 4 and a trophy is a must ginger? we don’t have the squad and we dont have the money to spend like City/Chelsea/United and to an extent Arsenal

Klopp is flexible enough, I think in the last 13 games or so we lost only 1 game and kept many clean sheets, Klopp played Lucas in the midfield ahead of more attacking options and he was more cautious towards the tail end when we were not on song attacking wise

I don’t get why you would play like Jose did in the final, whats the point in spending so much money and having attacking talents like Martial/Mhki/Rashford and Pogba? if it wasn’t for a fluke goal from a huge deflection United wouldn’t have had a sniff against a young team that seemed unable to deal with the occasion



‘Klopp out of the door…’

Im pretty sure that Klopp will be out the door if he can’t come up with a title challenge in the next two seasons.

I’m quite confident that will happen, he knows what it takes, is a leader himself.

We just need to trim the deadweight of the squad and find some suitable additions to the first team.

I don’t see the sense in mocking about waiting for players such as Stewart though, he is in the same age category as Can.

We got a few prospects though but we need to understand that out of the reserves we got, only 2-3 of them are going to make it into the lineup without making any guarantees though.

It’s easy to argue that with another signing like Mane we could have competed for the title but we got more games next season but still the possibility is there.

10-15 extra goals to what we got could go a long way, one extra defender battling for a starting position could get us 5 extra clean sheets, same goes for a starting keeper.

If we really wanna go for it the one way would be to offload our injury prone players, get some players in that can actually compete, we got enough players in the physio room. Banking on them to come good has never resulted in a title.

Just look at the two last winners of the league, Leicester and Chelsea, both played the same team nearly for a full campaign.



Steady, sustained progress

Interesting post, I expected this type of post as I myself was jealous of seeing Man Utd pick up another trophy. However, we have to have context. We are no longer the Liverpool of the seventies or even eighties. This premier leagu is no longer as easy as it was in the 90’s or even the noughties (Arsene Wenger will testify to that one).

Things have changed, I’m more up for steady sustained progress rather than burdening the manager and club with unnecessary expectations.

Look at tottenham, what have they achieved in terms of trophies? Not too much. However I envie Tottenham probably more than any other team in the premiership. They have built a solid team based on clever long term planning and are progressing every year. We have the manager to replicate the progression that Spurs have enjoyed. I believe if we keep doing that trophies will happen naturally.

As for United, every man and his dog knows that last years Uefa League was far harder than this seasons; furthermore we were a kick/save away from lifting the League cup against city whilst they had to play Southampton.

Good things come to those who wait.



‘Nothing will change until FSG sell up’

We made two finals last year and this season I bet we would have come close or won something again but Klopp decided (or was encouraged to) prioritize 4th place and again played weak teams in the 2 cups we have any real chance of winning.

As I’ve said many times now we will remain a trophy light club a la EFC until FSG sell up. If you applied moneyball to any club they would struggle to win anything.

The very idea that 2017/18 will represent a new dawn is an absolute joke, just look at the poor quality of (again young) players we are linked to. Cast offs from non entity teams, more potential, all about as appealing as a plate of sick. Nothing will change until FSG sell up and by then Klopp will have gone.



Snap up Ajax star Sanchez

He’s that good and he’s blindingly quick, I mean he matched Rashford for pace and 70 mins in he caught Lingard too, although Lingard did have a poor touch that slowed him a little. Snap him up but he won’t come unless he’s going to be guaranteed a starting place. That’s why he turned down Barca last summer in favour of Ajax, the boy wants to play.


Ready for United transfer links

Expect us to be linked with around 130 players this summer and “sign” at least 20. Remember Vidal and Gaitan? Both “signed” for United on 17 different occasions during a single transfer window. Griezmann will be the summer’s big story and while a wet dream for United fans it’s nowhere near being a done deal.

There are quite a few linking us with Michael Keane and while a succesful return would be romantic I don’t see him as much of an upgrade on Smalling and Jones, who simply aren’t good enough. After all, we’ve seen Evans, Chester and Shawcross performing for a mid-to-lower level PL clubs and I think that’s Smallings, Jones’ and probably Keane’s level as well.

I also see the press linking us with Matuidi again. Good player but on the vane and more of a box-to-box left sided midfielder, like Pogba, rather than someone who can sit back and allow Pogba to burst forward.

I wonder who the press will link us to tomorrow…Gaitan flopped at Atletico so I’m sure we’ll be rumoured to be “offering him an escape route” and then there’s the obligatory “Ronaldo doesn’t feel loved at Real Madrid and wants to return” story…until they offer him a new contract and everything goes back to square one.


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