Klopp has handbrake on transfers; two midfielders Arsenal must buy

Date published: Monday 22nd July 2019 2:02 - Matthew Briggs

Liverpool fans debate Jurgen Klopp’s inactivity in the transfer market, while Arsenal fans urge Unai Emery to look at two midfielders and Man Utd fans target Nichols Pepe, all in our forum.


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Arsenal missing a trick with Fekir

Nabil Fekir on the verge of joining Betis for 22m.Is this some sort of a joke.Why aren’t we swooping in for him.He’s 26 years old,extremely talented and as far as I can remember formed a great partnership with Laca.

People are adamant that owners will never spend,and the only chance for us winning trophies is through smart scouting and smart purchasing.Yet we miss out on players for bargain prices in today’s market.

Like this,we won’t even come close to winning anything.Even if there are fitness doubts,22m is a risk well worth taking for a player of his calibre in today’s market.

the specialone


Gunners should get Bennacer back


Ok.Am I the only one on here who feels not resigning this guy is down there with the most stupidest mistakes this club has ever made.

He’s just been named AFCON player of the tournament,a competition consisting of players like mahrez,mane,koulibaly contless other good ones.
I could understand why he left because he was not getting enough playing time but now we have a buyback clause to match any accepted bid by another club.Basically,if we want we could get him for around 15m euros.An absolute bargain in today’s market,but it seems AC milan are in for him and he’s going there.

Midfield is the most important area of the pitch.It dictates the tempo of the game.It helps you dominate games.It is the trasnstion between attack and defense.

But right now,our midfield is sh**. Espescially considered to that of our rivals.It consists of Torreira,Xhaka and Guendozi.Just a few years ago we had Cazorla,ramsey and wilshere!!i’m telling you if we don’t sign atleast two good midfielders it will be useless what we do elsewhere.No amount of wingers and defenders will help if we don’t have a good midfield.

Even if we get ceballos.It’s nowhere near enough.You’ve basically let your best midfielder go in his prime and replacing him with a guy on loan.Laughable.

We should re-sign bennacer.For goodness sake being names Player of AFCON is no joke.I’d even want el nenny to go and sign an idrissa gueye or Docoure.

Please re-sign bennacer.I’m telling you if we neglect this position then it will be the same cycle over again.i don’t care about wingers and defenders.Our priority should be central midfield.

the specialone


Could be a good shout I heard it mentioned earlier in the Window. He was a million miles off the first team when he left and no idea how he has been since then. I would not get carried away with good tournament signings as this is often a mistake but how much worse can he be than what we have and for 15 million it could be a steel. Saying all that is he better than what we have, is he going to take us to the next level or will he be more of what we already have which is average to good!



stev – He was a million miles off because we had players like cazorla,ramsey and wilshere then.Today,if we can afford to start a Guendozi then why not bennacer.Bennacer,who we bought as a youngster has more credibility than all of our youth products put together.And while I do agree that international stage can be decieving at times(not too often),you can’t be named AFCON player of the tournament and not be a good player.Getting that kind at 15m is certainly a bargain.

Apart from that,I also wanted to place emphasis that we should shift full focus on our central midfield.Emery keeps saying that we’re still conceding chances and he dosen’t like it(rightly so).but when you have a good midfield they’d be able to dictate the tempo of the game,and limit the opposition from entering the final third with some good pressing when we don’t have the ball.

the specialone


Liverpool need to invest

John W Henry TEAMtalk

Massive success if your expectations have hit rock bottom. ECL is incredible but we won it by the skin of our teeth and were lucky with very few injuries to key players.

Also over a decade we have won only two trophies which would be unacceptable to any other big club. To compete with City and others consistently we need further investment which is not going to come with FSG and next season will almost certainly be a huge backward step in comparison unless we have amazing good fortune again.

This is 2006 all over again am afraid, can’t see any real chance of silverware unless he takes the FA/league cup seriously. Sad because if teh skinflints gave him money for 2 key players we would be in business but this seems highly unlikely



You are right!! That’s the point!!

Bersides Klopp’s stand is very odd. I can not beleive that he does not want any transfer.
I am afraid that we will have a repetition of 2002, 2009 and 2014…



Klopp happy with what he has

The reason we are not signing anyone is because the manager is happy with what we have.

It’s nothing to do with money. We have plenty of money. We have great owners, our best squad in decades and a world class manager. We are in great shape but I’m
A bit concerned other clubs are buying players and getting stronger and we haven’t brought anyone in. I fully trust our manager though and we have to push in this season and challenge again.

It be a shame to drop off and not push on after getting so close last season. We need to keep moving forward

Sean the sailor


Have to agree with pinezes we need to spend to capitalise on our success of last season. Each time we have had our recent successes we have stood still & went backwards.

I have been grateful to FSG who promised to bring us success but are they now going to sit back & rake in the cash for Red Sox, if they don’t splash the cash I will be very disappointed.

Our rivals have spend, Man C £75mil, Man U £65mil,Spurs £54mil & most probably more to come, we cannot afford not to spend we desperately need another top quality forward for one.
Agree also with pinezes on Lallana, but have to tell pinezes who would want to buy him with his injury record & his salary, no one, best we can do is a loan & we pay part of his salary.



Reds ahead of the curve

In 2002, 2009 and 2014 we had to break up the team, this is the first time in 30 years that we have had a title challenge and kept our core intact.

Right now we have been rewarding our star players with better long term contract. We are discussing a new contract with Salah and we are making him the highest paid player in the league.

Anyone that compares this summer to 2002, 2009 and 2014 is just wrong to do so. The club was ahead of the curve for once and we still are.

City need to invest much more than we do, the same goes for anyone else, we only got room for for a couple of more players at best and those just became available a week or so ago.



Who would you have wanted to sign?

A question for those who are disappointed in the transfer activity this summer:

Who, out of all the players that moved this window, would you have wanted to join lfc?

I wanted Griezmann, but at that price and knowing the allure of Barca, I’m not going to get too upset about missing out.

Jao Felix, could add something to the team but that’s crazy money. Not mad about missing out on him either.

Aside from that, I can’t really think of any player, off the top of my head, that’s moved this window who would add anything significant to our squad.

AOC and Brewster back from injury will give us a boost. I also wonder what the plan is for Wilson, perhaps he might stay.

I think the squad is looking good right now, and don’t believe in spending for the sake of spending.

But if we don’t put in a serious bid for Mbappe next summer I’ll be disappointed.



Liverlad, it’s klopp who doesn’t want to spend the money, not the owners mate.

We need a backup left full and someone to help out in the three in my opinion.

The lads make some valid points. We are fine in midfield but it concerns me other teams are getting stronger.

It’s very valid point bingo makes. In the past we have lost Alonso and Suarez after finishing 2nd.

Origi and Brewster can fill in for a few games here and there but long runs in the team if any of top 3 getting injured???

We were blessed with injuries last season.

Any idea how long Shaqiri and Keita out for?

Sean the sailor


Liverpool an ‘aspiring peasant’ 

We’re a bit like an aspiring peasant who has found a crown and cloak in a stable and is walking around the village as if King while everyone laughs. Everyone knows we don’t have the depth of squad to really compete long-term in the EPL and ECL, but the likes of Barca and City will be relieved yet baffled that we aren’t strengthening this window.

So close but so far away from being truly great. City have a superior squad with more depth, once again they will take another title next year and probably the Champions league (Barca are their real opponents) and other silverware. The FA and league cup are our real levels with this squad and no meaningful additions.



For those of you panicking about our lack of transfer business so far, why not come back here on 08-Aug when you have the actual facts on who we’ve signed.

Who cares when a deal gets done, as long as it’s actually done, that’s the most important thing



Watched the whole match last night & I know it was only a friendly etc., etc., but I didn’t see much from our fringe players & more & more feel that we need to sign a top quality forward/striker.
The only player to impress was Ryan Kent much better than Woodburn & Wilson. Larouci looked very skilled, pity he got injured.



Still only preseason, but I don’t see any future for Wilson, Kent and Woodburn at Liverpool. Though I may be wrong about Kent, and I’ll admit to that if it happens.

Time for Michael Edwards to work his magic and sell them all for his usual over-inflated prices, and reinvest the proceeds in a top attacker



Both clubs value Maguire at £50m

Regarding Maguire, Utd probably value him at about £50m. Leicester probably also value him at around the same figure if they’re being honest. But they’re taking advantage of the situation and are slapping an extra £30m-£40m on top and are publicly stating they value him at £80m-£90m because they know we’re in the market for that position. And because we appear desperate (and Maguire isn’t kicking up a fuss) they’re staying firm.

The problem is the longer it goes on the less time it gives them to find a replacement so the more likely they’ll want to keep hold of their asset. We should just either stump up the cash now and get it done or walk away and pursue other targets.


United should ditch Lukaku and sign Pepe

I would be extremely happy if we ditch Lukaku and buy Pepe.

Pepe is a one of the kind player who would make OT crowd stand up from the seats.
I think Ole is bang on the money recruiting young hungry players.

F** Bale and their likes and i dont rate McGuire either after Salah made a fool of him. Havent seen Bruno Fernandez yet but if he produced a combined of 50+ goals and assists i take him.



Bruno Fernandes latest

The Fernandes one is strange. It is clearly being driven by the Portuguese media. Reports ranging from bids imminent to these recent ones that he has been signed. Something feels very strange about the whole situation. Almost has the feel of a smokescreen for another deal we are working on or something. I actually think he has the quality we desperately need in the team. From the pre season games it has been clear that we lack quality behind the front 3. We need someone who can create and score from deep. And that person is definitely not Lingard.

Pre season has also shown we definitely need another defender. Someone who can dominate in the air. We’ve looked suspect from set pieces in a few of the games. I think realistically Maguire would be a good signing. When you look around at what is out there and available, other than Koulibaly, i am not sure there are many better options than Maguire. Some of the names might be sexier but realistically i don’t see any other signing that wouldn’t be a gamble in the PL to some extent.

Interesting reading today’s reports that we don’t want to make him the most expensive defender in the game and that the player himself doesn’t think he is an £80M player. I totally get the logic and agree that he is definitely not an £80M player but on the other hand, it seems crazy to go in to the season short in defence for the sake of £10M.


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