‘Chelsea have poor record of selling top stars and keeping wrong ones’

Date published: Thursday 29th June 2017 12:15

Manchester United fans discuss Jose Mourinho’s long-term aims, while Leeds United, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Tottenham’s lack of transfer activity are also discussed. 

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Mourinho could be at United for the long run

Firstly, I’m not sure Jose Mourinho will leave after 3 years (unless he gets sacked), where’s he got left to go? Not sure Real Madrid would have him back, not right for Barcelona or Bayern Munich and any other move is down.

Secondly, yes, he definitely wants and probably needs to win the title quickly, year two or three, if only to keep his current job. And thirdly, he won’t win it with the players we’re reported to be signing added to what we’ve currently got. In my opinion of course.


Buying Elland Road was the right thing to do

Great news for Leeds fans. I have always said it should be compulsory for all clubs to own their grounds. It’s the best way to safeguard the future of each individual club.

Look at what’s happened to Coventry, and a few years ago the trouble Palace got into when Ron Nodes kept the ground after selling the club.

Any club that does not own their own ground is in dangerous territory. Well done to Leeds.


Chelsea have done some terrible business in the past

Chelsea have a terrible record of selling their best players and keeping the wrong ones.

Cesc Fabregas is a good player, but I can’t say he is better than Kevin De Bruyne. Marcos Alonso isn’t better than Ryan Bertrand, if he was that better why are we paying £60m+ for Sandro.

I agree with you Diego Costa is a better option than Romelu Lukaku. But it would have been better to have both in our books instead of chasing the better option and buying the lesser with £100m judging by the price quoted.

It’s terrible business. Mohamed Salah have out scores Pedro on an individual capacity, but Pedro wins on the team work. So the verdict is Pedro has the edge slightly. So your verdict is 2/4 which is average.


We’re handling Tammy Abraham really well 

Tammy Abraham: Wanted by Galatasaray

If the stories are true then it looks as though Tammy has earnt himself a new improved contract before he goes on loan. Have to say that apart from Nathaniel Chalobah he seems to be the next player who we really can have high hopes for (in my opinion).

The new contract will tell him that the club values him. The loan also tells him we do not want to sell you but prefer that you get some decent game time at the top level and that he must continue to improve.

But most of all it tells him that if he does well (big incentive) then he could be back in the squad next season

Personally, for all the criticism that the club gets I actually think that they are handling the career of this potential young talent very well and are doing all in their power to see that he could make the first team.

Obviously there’s still a considerable onus on Tammy himself to continue to perform and improve but surely no greater incentive than to know you could be in the Chelsea first team squad next season?


Spurs’ lack of activity is worrying, but have faith in the club!

Kevin Wimmer: Own goal misery against Arsenal

Apparently we have all but signed a youth prospect called Vincent Marcel from Nice, winger/forward who seems to have had good reviews but there is remarkably little information on him, or even videos of him playing.

Quite happy to see Kevin Wimmer go if we got Alfie Mawson as a replacement, great in the recent U21s, fast, strong , decent on the ball but still raw. He would have Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderwiereld as mentors so that would sound appealing to any young defender.

I’m surprised there wasn’t a thread for the tournament. We are apparently looking at Conti, Zappacosta, Voetman and Toljan (preference on the latter two).

The general lack of activity is worrying but I have faith, only 2-3 quality additions with the likes of Moussa Sissoko and Kyle Walker departing and I believe we will have a good year.

Naby Keita isn’t endearing himself by dreaming of a move to one of the big bucks clubs even before he has signed for Liverpool.


Leeds are going in the right direction, but don’t get too excited

pontus jansson 2

There is stuff going on just now enough to make your head spin! A couple of players signed up, Pontus Jansson’s signing due soon apparently plus a couple of others in the pipeline, also confirmed that Elland Road is now ours as well as some utterings about the future purchase and/or development of Thorpe Arch.

This could well see some of our kind with wet appetites and dancing in the streets since it has been a long time coming has this kind of stealthy, productive dealing and Leeds opening up the coffers.

Also, the fact that our Club is going about its business in a very quiet and low key way has led to so much of creative rubbish around players linked to us, fans reactions to wild gossip and ridiculous, uninformed speculation. Most of this I have taken with a large dose of salt and I have watched with interest the likely prospects heading our way.

In the meantime, I just hope that we are buying in quality as opposed to quantity and we have the wherewithal to pay for all this. At a rough guess, if the ground purchase has cost £17m, we are in the area of £20m expenditure and we are seeking to do more business. Perhaps there will be some deadwood leaving. Good on Andrea Radrizanni. He seems to have got things moving in the right direction.

I will make up my mind in October whether this is all good or not. Apologies in advance for being so boring ?



I’m excited about Felix Wiedwald, he looks like a good goalkeeper. There’s a few people looking at his stats with worry because he conceded 15 in 3 games but it’s how that league is.

It’s a high scoring league that focuses on attacking more than defence and if a team concedes a lot of goals it’s normally a team problem not an individual so don’t sweat over his stats, think about his experience.

It’s one of the biggest months we’ve had with Elland Road back in our possession and some great signings already in and even better ones circling the club. If Wiedwald and Saiz come in then I may dance in the streets next week.

A Lufc For Life

The West Brom hierarchy won’t work well together

I don’t think the club will sack Tony Pulis, because of his history of keeping clubs in the Premiership. Although there must be some tension behind the scenes, if he is having final say on transfers.

Hammond must be pulling his hair out. Can’t see that relationship working in the long run. Makes no sense. You create a list, only for Pulis to delete virtually all the players on it. And when the season starts and we are short on players, the usual barbed comments to the board will be heard from TP about needing ‘numbers’ etc etc etc.
Bit like his standard comment after a defeat – ‘The boys gave everything. I can’t fault their effort’. Because effort is all you need in this league, isn’t it Tony!

A loan will be good for Joe Gomez, but he needs replacing first

Joe Gomez: Wanted by Real

I’ve read a few rumours that Joe Gomez is off to Brighton (on loan). I’ve also read that Jurgen Klopp wants to look at him in pre-season before deciding whether to let him go. I think Brighton will be a good move.

Chris Hughton is a decent manager and I hear they have a strong squad togetherness down there. They scored a lot of goals last season in the championship – however, I’m sure this season will be a battle with them.

They don’t appear to want to invest heavily (to be honest, neither a good or bad thing as expensive signings don’t mean much…but a smart move for their clubs security).

Gomez would likely get a lot of game time – not sure if it would be at centre-back though, maybe at full back. I’m not sure we should be letting him go though until we sign someone either, Ragnar Klavan needs less game time this year.


There’s no need for Man United fans to be pessimistic

MacGuffin, you are being overly pessimistic about our future. Even if Jose Mourinho was to leave after three years (which I don’t think will happen but that’s another story) we will still have a very competitive squad.

Assuming we sign Victor Lindelof, Nemanja Matic, Ivan Perisic and Alvaro Morata (pretty much worst case scenario regarding ages of players signed), at the end of his three years we will be left with:

De Gea (28)
Shaw (23)
Bailly (25)
Lindelof (24)
Tuanzebe (21)
Fosu-Mensah (21)
Pogba (26)
Pereira (23)
Martial (23)
Rashford (21)
Morata (26)

Plus, experienced payers like Matic, Mata, Mkhitaryan and Perisic. Plus any young players Mourinho signs next summer. Plus whoever the hypothetical new manager decides to sign in his first transfer window.


We need a central midfielder – Ox is a good option

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: Linked with Liverpool

Regardless of whether you are a fan of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain or not one thing is for sure, in that we (Liverpool) need a central midfielder who can run with the ball.

Mr Mak – I’m with you on the lazy Naby Keita comparison with N’Golo Kante. Although, a journalist I really trust described him as a hybrid of Kante and Adam Lallana and ESPN said he was like Kante and Franck Ribery mixed together.

I prefer the Ribery comparison more for obvious reasons but having Lallana like similarities is no bad thing either ?

As for Ox I like him and think he would shock some and be a useful player but I admit I agree about his injury record and the fact that he would be mainly a squad player.

Best case scenario for Ox is that we can sign him for limited fee. But if fee is unrealistically too high then I agree we should move on. 20 million max or no deal.


It would be ‘shocking’ if Aubameyang moves to China

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: Dreams of Real Madrid transfer

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is supposedly moving to China, shocking really. Lack of ambition? Too much money? Who knows, I wonder why Man United/Chelsea/Arsenal didn’t go in for him. They’re all in more need of a striker more than us and they have the cash for it.

As for us (Liverpool) I agree with Hightown and Ginger we need absolute top quality or nothing. I do like Moussa Dembele from Celtic though and the figures quoted for him or 25/30 million which we can certainly afford.

The only problem is we can’t make room for him without selling Daniel Sturridge.


Ake and Sandro are completely different players

Nathan Ake: Happy to return after three game suspension

Whilst i can see your point here. I wish to remind you that Nathan Ake is one of the few defenders on our books who can play both centre-back,wing back and central midfield.

And one of our primary areas to strengthen is the CB area which so far we have seen Ake was comfortable playing when we faced Spurs in the semis of last season’s FA cup. I don’t know why we are rushing to sell him.

I don’t think Alex Sandro’s arrival will have any impact on Ake directly since he is a CB and will directly compete with David Luiz, Gary Cahill, Cesar Azpilicueata, Kurt Zouma and Andreas Christensen.

There was no defender who was born to be a world beater. All of those defenders that we are begging to pay £70m for have been developed by their own clubs. So why can’t we try at least with one. We know Ake has been playing in the Premier League for the last 18 months.

What other experience does one require before they are ready for Chelsea first team? Here is one reminder for you. Raphael Varane was 19 yrs old when he broke in to the Real Madrid team. And he has never had any experience of playing in La Liga.

While Ake has that. More annoying is that we are still after Leonardo Bonucci, which means he will be our future at the age of 30.


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