Arsenal ‘should have signed Benzema, rather than Lacazette’

Date published: Wednesday 26th July 2017 12:45

Philippe Coutinho’s future is up in the air, Arsenal and Manchester United fans lament their clubs’ transfer business, and are Chelsea in trouble after being beaten by ‘only’ Bayern Munich?

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Is Coutinho staying or going?

The reports are absolute b******t. Coutinho has agreed to nothing. Radio Catalonia are conveniently leaving out the fact that they would have to get Liverpool’s permission to discuss anything , never mind agree terms.

It’s nonsense and it shouldn’t be doing people’s heads in because there is absolutely no truth in it. He’ll be a Liverpool player when this window shuts.



MrMak the reports may not be genuine, I don’t believe everything I read… But do you honestly think Barca haven’t talked to Coutinho? I personally don’t believe they would’ve put in a bid without knowing he will sign for them
it doesn’t mean Coutinho will push through a move but we can’t take anything for granted
as for getting Liverpool’s permission, after all we’ve been through in the VVD saga are you really saying they wouldn’t have talked to him without our permission?



Lemar and Lacazette no Sanchez replacement

Of what I’ve heard from football experts and some Arsenal fans, apparently signing lemar and lacazette but letting sanchez go will be a good summer for us. I have to say, they’ve gotten their heads so far up wenger’s a*** their ability to judge has become the same as wengers.
First of all, Lacazette is not better than either morata or Lukaku (In my opinion) so our rivals got the better signings even though they might have overpaid but so did we.Secondly,I’ll be utterly disappointed if we offer anything above £40m for lemar. If it’s an monaco midfielder we should have gone for it should have been bernardo silva during the start of the summer.Saying that, lemar is still a good player but not worth above £40m. Either ways, as andy says the only way sanchez can be replaced is with messi, neymar, bale or ronaldo and that’s never going to happen. Mbappe would be a good shout but that’s never going to happen either.

I think more than anything if we let sanchez go it will really speak volumes about the lack of ambition of the club.I mean do you really think if we keep sanchez he will play badly for us. It’s nonsense for especially a player like him I know he’ll give 100% it’s all a question about whether Arsenal budge or not.

Also,even if we manage to keep hold of our best players, and with the signings we made it still wouldn’t be a good summer.Simply because other clubs have made better signings and it should be us doing that because we finished below all of them.We desperately need a Defender and a central midfielder.Van dijk and william carvalho. Then I’d be happy.But knowing wenger and this club this won’t happen because wenger is lazy at man management and should he sign them he wouldn’t want the job of convincing players who take their places in the first team.

the specialone


Money not the only way to be competitive

I’ve got no real problem with Levy not spending money for the sake of it. We s****ed that 90 million Bale money and got nowhere (at the time), we wasted 30 million on Disco Sissisikoo last year, money down the drain.

I know at the end of the day, it’s those shiny silver things that count, but I think we’ve proven there is another way of at least being competitive at least. The last two years have been pretty much the most exiting time to be a Spud-lover for a fair few decades and long may that continue, and worth remembering during those 2 years I’m pretty certain Pool, YooUtd, City, Goonies and Chelsea out spent us and not all of them finished above us for those years…

Money certainly does help buy happiness in the footballing world, but I like to think it isn’t the only way.



Flawed FFP favours big clubs

I know we’re simply going around in circles with this, my personal stance is if an owner wants to “give” a large wedge to his/her club, then fine, simply put in rules to stop clubs borrowing huge wedges (i.e. Leeds/Portsmouth)…. although there is also a part of me that says if a club is stupid/desperate enough to get into that sort of debt, then that’s their problem. Businesses can go bankrupt, no logical reason why clubs should be prevented from being allowed to do the same thing, other than sentimental nonsense.

As for people thinking it’s a good thing, not too sure many of us did. I also thought, as Red/TKO says, the idea behind it was the big-clubs pulling up the drawbridge behind them while using Leeds/Portsmouth scenarios as the excuse.



Transfer market headache

Just seen Mourinho’s Barcelona prematch interview. Looks like there is a serious issue with getting additional players in. Sounded like the best he was hoping for was getting an additional midfielder. I would be very disappointed if that is a 29 year old Matic at a cost of £50m. I know Ed is going to take the fall for the lack of signings but surely also Mourinho has targeted players that are extremely difficult to get. I wouldn’t blame Ed at all for not paying a combined £100m for a 28 year old Perisic and a 29 yr old Matic. It’s obvious we need experience in the team but trying to sign Matic after mugging Chelsea off over Lukaku and sign Perisic from a newly cash rich Inter just sounds like a transfer market headache. Either way, as it stands, top 4 looks the target again next year!



Where are the top signings?

I do think keeping Coutinho is massive and I agreed with Klopp before in saying that it is like a big signing but that only applies if we strengthen. We can not going into next season with last seasons first 11 + Salah. The other players we’ve signed are squad players and it’ll be great to see how they do and if they can push their way into the starting 11 but you don’t pin your season on those kinds of players, they are welcome bonuses.

Furthermore, I like Lovren but I don’t want to pin my season on him either. I like Henderson but we can’t depend on him for a season because of his heel problem and also you guys know I don’t think he is good enough defensively. We all know that the CL matches are going to put serious pressure on our already threadbare squad. We don’t want to go backwards, we don’t want to stay the same as last season. We need to push on and that is going to require top signings and it’s 3 weeks til our first PL match, so WHERE THE **** ARE THEY .



Glazers out!

We are an economic machine for the glazers who are quite happy to settle for top four not the big prizes and then they extract their dividends. The others well what can I say they just want to be the best!

The fundamental change for me is the glazers move on!



Arsenal should have bought Benzema

Right now it’s just a rumor but mbappe is mostly joining madrid and that paves the way for benzema to leave.We are being touted as being interested for him.This is the player we should have gotten, and now that he might possibly be available we should go and get him.This is a proper proven world class signing,not lacazette.But since wenger felt to rush to sign laca because he’s french he still can’t ignore benzema.Obviously it means either giroud or welbeck will have to go.It will probably be giroud and as underrated as I think he is if a world class target is available it just has to be done!

the specialone


Chelsea in for an embarrassment in the Champions League?

Well although this was our only second/third game in preseason. We looked terrible and made Bayern so easy at a times. That is worrying after people started getting carried away when we beat a below par Arsenal on Saturday. We have been brought down to earth by a class above us Bayern. It was a scary performance. Even you could sense the frustration in Conte’s face. Hand on heart we are in for an embarrassment in the CL league given that it was only Bayern that humiliated us. Imagine what could happen if we face R.Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and PSG? Worrying days ahead !


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