‘We’re all being a bit harsh writing Vincent Janssen off’

Date published: Friday 28th July 2017 5:48

Vincent Janssen: Staying put

Should Liverpool bid for Eden Hazard? Is it harsh to write Vincent Janssen off? Should Kenedy be loaned to China? All this and more discussed on our forums.

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Hazard to Liverpool?

I think we should put in a bid for hazard. Im sure he would much rather play for an exciting attack minded manager like klopp, than a relatively boring manager like conte. Sometimes, reading the comments on here, i feel chelsea fans feel threatened by us having klopp especially after seeing how top quality players like VVD and keita want to play for him. Dont for a second think that chelsea fans would be sad to see coutinho leave….. they would be wetting themselves out of delight that we have been weakened. Anyway put an enquiry in for hazard.


hairyharry I’m a Chelsea fan and i hope that Coutinho stays. I want the best players in the Premier League as i love football and watch games on BT/Sky plus match of the day. Obviously i want to see my team win all the trophies but when they aren’t playing, i’d like to see good matches and the best players plying their trade.

And just to touch on you thinking Chelsea feel threatened (no disrespect to any Liverpool fan) but you aren’t quite at the level to challenge for trophies yet so I don’t see Liverpool as a threat. You boys are a 3 or 4 players away from being able to compete year on year but your defence is terrible including your keepers.



Positive about Liverpool

Still plenty of time for things to happen, with the addition of salah it has resolved at least one issue in the squad which was pace when mane wasn’t available. I honestly believe with just the addition of salah it makes us a far more attacking threat and teams will fear us. I’m pretty sure someone said it at the end of last season but don’t be surprised to see a very unchanged team on opening day, I think salah will start and perhaps Robertson because of Milner injury but other wise I expect to see an unchanged team. As much as we need to bring in a few players it’s a big priority to get rid of those players klopp was reluctant to use last season which in turn weakens the squad. Moreno, sakho, markovic all need to go and potentially bring in £60m, these were all unused players or very unreliable ones when it comes to Moreno.

In regards to the owners I think it’s a little unfair to criticise them, they have done a great job recovering the club, massively improving revenue streams, sponsors etc. All of this helps us as a club become more competitive, we were so far behind the likes of united in that regard but that gap has closed over the past couple of years. Don’t forget the stand development also which will hugely increase match day revenue, potentially next season with Europe we could have record financial results. It’s all about progress for me and since fsg have come in the progress behind the scenes has improved each year, since klopp has come in we have made huge progress on the pitch which helps the revenue. Hard to see us being linked with all these fantastic players in the top tier without both fsg and klopp as frustrating as this summer is for us all it’s still good fun and keeps us all talking ?



United two or three great signings away

I’m with Alfie as opposed to the “f****** sh*** brigade.” Where I disagree slightly is that early last season we had no problem unlocking defences we just couldn’t put the ball in the back of the net…Burnley, Stoke, West Ham were particularly bad and I think Lukaku resolves that almost over night, especially if Martial and Rashford get over their difficult second season. Pogba needs to lead and inspire too, no excuses.

But I do agree we lack that magical player behind and off the striker where Chelsea play Hazard. Griezemann would have been perfect, Bale or Sanchez could do it too. Mkhitaryan is supposed to be that player but he hasn’t convinced me one bit, seems like a delicate soul, and Mata is too static…although my theory about him thriving with pace ahead of him rather than Rooney and Zlatan will be proved one way or another this season.

No, I think we are far from fucking shite and with two or three more great signings we will be right in the mix, not world beaters yet but going in the right direction.

But even for those of us who said “chill out the window is still young” the clock really is ticking now.

It’s time for Ed Woodward to decide what sort of club he wants us to be…

Wonderfuel Gas


Don’t write ‘Vinny’ off

I think we’re all being a bit harsh in writing Vinny off just yet. I think he’s more better performances were when we moved to a more 4-4-2 or even 3-5-2 when chasing a game, with Vinny & Harry up top. We also have Son, Lamela and as seen on occasion, Ali playing as a second striker.

Granted, he hasn’t looked spectacular playing as a lone striker, but neither did Harry when he started out. Young player, new country, an element of pressure the longer the season went on… I’d give the guy a break and wait until the end of the season before we commit him to the Soldaldo folder.

Anyway, as MarkyMark says, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? I would have taken Duh-Foe back, but not at the 140k a week the cherries chucked at him!

Right now, I think arguably our biggest strength in the Team spirit we have got going on, really don’t fancying rocking that boat…



Quality over quantity at United

“Dendoncker and Forsberg or Matic and Perisic” – none of those are an improvement on what we have and really aren’t the level of players we should be going for. It will just be a repeat of the three years after Fergie left where we went for quantity rather than quality.

Having seen the pre-season matches, I’d much prefer if we signed a top central midfield player who can get stuck in and pass a ball around rather than a winger; if Pogba gets injured we are screwed as we are.

Make a strong bid for Fabinho, Koke or Savic (Lazio) and just call it a day in the transfer market – it’s been a flop in terms of value in the market for all clubs so let’s just shore up three positions that were required and call it quits. If Ibrahimovic comes back and signs a new contract with us we can be assured of the forward line with Martial, Rashford, Mhkitaryan, Lingard and Mata (and possibly also Young if he sticks around) handling the winger spots. central midfield will be Pogba, Herrera and a top class new signing with Carrick and Fellaini stepping in once in a while when required. The full back positions are iffy however if we had to get Fabinho in we have someone who can cover at right back which would be great.

Sympathy for the Devils


Upgrades in defence for the Blues?

For me Cahill deserves to be there, to be in the starting 11, to be our captain.
I do have difficulty to think whether Rudiger will be in our starting 11. Anyway we know that injury will come, Luiz played with pain for 6 months. And also we have Christensen now, no: 27.

For me there’s no sense at all that we are still linked with van Dijk.

Seems that we still pursue Sandro after having missed on Danilo. Just wondering why we did not try Fabio Coentrao. Madrid don’t need him anymore. We do need backup on wing back and so far there’s no indication whatsoever that we’ll get one.

We are also linked with Oxlade and Barkley. Both would be good additions for us. But I cannot see how Oxlade will play more games with us than with Arsenal. He’s decent but as a wingback, Moses is better..


Aindro – Conte is trying to improve the first team as well as add to the squad, and he see’s that Alonso isn’t the fastest of players and gets caught out a fair bit. Sandro is an upgrade on Alonso.

Coentrao is average hence why he hasn’t played for RM for a while and hasn’t been loaned to any top teams.

Ox and Barkley would be just for the HG numbers. Ox would add a little bit but Barkley is rubbish.



Yokohama Bridge

It has been suggested that funding £500m of the cost of building the new Stadium will be done by raising funds rather than relying on Roman.

Interesting and a tad unexpected and whilst Roman lending the club the money to build the Stadium in the form of an interest free loan similar to what FSG did for Liverpool for their £100m new stand would have been the most widely predicted funding route it’s not a massive disaster as naming rights for the new Bridge, “Yokohama Bridge” has a ring too it ? could generate a chunk of money especially if the top of the new Stands were branded too for the significant air traffic that flies over the Bridge the alleged £500m could well be potentially paid back over a 15/20 year mortgage via the naming rights.

Lots of water on this one still to flow under the Bridge yet though.

nine nine nine


Loan Kenedy to China

Quick thoughts on the young man mr Kennedy.

Young Brazilian lad moves to uk, finding an identity. Clearly some maturing to do.

Silly actions and silly thing to do. I’m sure the club has a social media policy and will judge accordingly.

Cfc should loan him to a Chinese club, six months in china would do him good, he’d serve an apology there and turn it all around for the club. After all the saying goes you’re not a man until you’ve walked on the Great Wall!


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