‘Pochettino doesn’t have the tactical nous for the CL knockout stages’

Date published: Thursday 8th March 2018 11:00

Our readers discuss Spurs’ heartbreak against Juventus, Chelsea fans argue about their striker problems and the effectiveness of the Premier League style is debated in Your Says of the Day.


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Heartbreak for Spurs

Juventus have been so brilliant today. They have shown their experience and beaten a side that is no doubt, more talented than them.

Watching the passion and leadership of Buffon, Barzagli, and Chiellini was just brilliant. The masters of the Champions League have taught the pretenders a lesson – just the same as Real Madrid did to PSG last night.

Masterful performance – they beat Spurs tactically but also beacause they had a great fire in their bellies.

Spurs were brilliant throughout, I feel for them.


You can’t help but feel sorry for Spurs. This is such a disappointment. Spurs have a lot of soul searching to do.

PS: Delli Alli forgot his diving tricks when the team needed him.

The MartialArt

Juventus needed 2 goals, why didn’t Spurs shut up shop and play on the break?


@mufc. That’s because Pochettino doesn’t have the tactical nous to know what to do when in the knockout stages of the Champions League. That’s why he hasn’t won a trophy ever. Simple as that.


Tough night for Spurs. They played well over the two legs but once again it’s all about a slight lack of game management for them I think.

For Juventus it’s the opposite. They prevailed by being calm and intelligent. Experience tells the deeper you get in this competition.

I’d love to see Buffon finally win one this year.


I think the Spuds fans may be right and they really have overtaken us and become the “new Arsenal”….

Win top 4 trophy – Check
knocked out in the last 16 CL = check
play great football but win nothing = check

only a jest of course, sounds like they were unlucky last night, next year lads 😉



Chelsea’s striker dilemma

So we sold Patrick Bamford for peanuts and look at him now. We lend out Michy Bats and look at him now. What is up with our club?

Chelsea 1967

I am looking at Bamford and see nothing…!!. He scored a brace for Boro the other day but he still fails to set the world alight. Since joining Boro in 2017 he has 38 appearances and only 9 goals so really do not see the comparison or point trying to be made. He simply was never good enough for Chelsea

As for Michy can anyone say he set the world alight on the few chances he got? He has been heavily criticised on here for his lack of ability to act as a target man but no denying that he has scored some important goals for Chelsea. Started life well at Dortmund but not scoring so freely now so was that “simply a change of team syndrome”

I think the Club has an interesting decision to make in the Summer regarding Michy. IMO, we never played to his strengths and if we do insist on expecting him to be a target man then I do not think he is the correct player for us (even Hazard struggles in that role). If we are looking for a poacher who can run the channels then he is far better suited

A lot will depend on who the manager is because it is clear that Conte does not rate him. In the pre season I am fully expecting to see Michy, Tammy, Giroud and Morata competing for the 2 or 3 places available and potentially maybe less if the manager decides to go and buy…? KTBFFH


Agree on tammy aswel. Hes been terrible too. Hes had a full season at swansea to show what he can do. And theres been nothing. Hes done absolutley nothing even remotely special. Going to be anther average striker. Sell up and move on.



Liverpool fans worry

This has to be the starting line-up and would bet my right knacker on it:

Karius, TAA, Lovren, VVD, Robbo, Milner, Can, Henderson, Mane, Bobby and Salah.

The only thing that could cost me my knacker would be Ox who could easily come in for Henderson or Milner but I would expect the captain to start this game.

The last four games against them have been draws (unbeaten in last 5 in all comps) and I am so tempted to go for a 1-1 here but I honestly believe we’ll do ’em. Don’t know what score but we’ll do ’em.

Our last defeat against United was over two years ago when Rooney scored late at Anfield but our record at Old Trafford in the Premiership ain’t the best. P25 W5 D5 L15.

Midfield is where this game will be won or lost. Mourinho will have Pobga, Matic, Herrera/Mata and Sanchez likely all starting with Young and Valencia bombing down the flanks so that has to be combatted in order for our defence to be protected and our front line to be given service. VVD will take care of Lukaku I think so we have to take care of business in midfield.

Could either be a cracker or it could be one dull 0-0 but I fancy our chances!

Rob Fort Worth TX

Rob you will be suprised to learn I think we will lose and I’ll give my reasons why

Jose always has a plan for us. They will stifle us. They are playing shite yet keep picking up wins. De Gea will no doubt have a stormer. We have fuck all luck at ot. Can’t see us winning at all.

2-1 utd. We will get a man sent off and get absolutely no decisions. Mark my words.

Sean the Sailor

Sean I agree, if there is one thing mourinho does well it’s shutting down a team, it is a real shame united pulled it back at palace because if they hadn’t I think he would have gone for it against us which would have suited us more. He will setup to stop us playing in the first instance and hope to pick up a goal or two, he will take a point and do everything he can to not lose. First goal will dictate the whole game, if it’s us it should be a cracker and if it is united it will be all one way traffic.



Leadership wins titles

If you fellas watch the way Juventus did a number on Spurs today you’ll see why the whole “press and break” game of Klopp, Pochettino, and Guardiola doesn’t work every single time as all of England seems to think at the minute.

Juventus were absolutely masterful in their performance today. They pressed in some phases of the game, parked the bus in some, and also kept possession calmly in others. They were tactically malleable and had a sense of “game management” about them despite how dynamic and dangerous Spurs were.

I look at our team and think if we had proper defensive masters of their trade like Chiellini and Barzagli instead of clowns like Jones and Smalling we would have so much more confidence going forward. These players were so fired up and focused, barking orders and taking control. We just do not have good enough players at the heart of our defence I’m afraid.

In terms of our current team, some blame the manager for our problems, others blame Pogba or our attackers. I reckon we simply lack the proper spine in central defence to build a team.


Also remember how well thy can keep the ball and deal with the press. We have sanchez giving the ball away 34 times a game and martial and rashford running straight into defenders with the ball. And then there is lukaku who has had his problem with controlling the ball. That’s a lot of cheap possession we give away every game. I’ve not even mentioned the inability of our fullbacks to push forward and provide an option for a pass. Now i am not saying juve are brilliant but they do the basics like pass the ball to your teammate which we fail to do so often.


As has been mentioned many times before – the spine of the team is so important. Currently we have DdG, Bailly, Matic, Pogba (who needs to seriously up his game asap) and Lukaku. My three priorities for the summer window in order would be:
1.) Get de Gea signed up on a new contract as the best paid keeper in the world
2.) Sign an experienced CB to partner Bailly (If it’s somebody older Lindelof/New signing can take over after a few years)
3.) Sign a CM to partner Matic. Considering the vast experience of Matic, as opposed to at CB, this should be somebody younger – under the age of say 26.

Oh and yes Juventus did struggle at times tonight for two reason’s. Firstly they won’t be used to playing against teams like Spurs who press high and attack with power and pace. Secondly, they lost one of the best CB’s in the world last summer in Bonucci and at 36 years old Barzagli simply didn’t have the legs to keep up with Son


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