Mourinho has lined up Martial replacement; could he be next Salah?

Date published: Thursday 14th June 2018 11:29

Man Utd fans debate Anthony Martial’s future and summer spending, Arsenal fans look at transfers, Liverpool supporters discuss if Loris Karius will be No. 1 next season and Nabil Fekir alternatives, whilst Chelsea readers look at Kenedy’s future – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Martial wants to leave Man Utd

It’s a shame really but to be honest under Mourinho a young forward player is going to struggle, I’d much rather he go out on loan for a year and this way he can come back when hopefully Mourinho is gone.



Go out on loan? This isn’t a player breaking out from the youth set up for crying out loud! He has been badly managed it’s that simple! It’s the deadwood that needs burying not martial!!!! Next season will be make or break for Jose!




But he’s still only 22 and if he isn’t game time I’d rather he go out on loan than have him sold given that he wants to leave.



This is all in Mourinho’s plan. He will ‘begrudgingly’ allow Martial to leave and replace him with Willian.
Problem is Le Sulk could turn into the next Salah/De Bruyne. It’s important we sell him to a club around the level of Borussia Dortmund and retain a large sell on/buy back clause in case he does in fact become world class



Moody, inconsistent and, more often than not, ineffectual. He’s had his chances under both Mourinho and Van Gaal and proved himself not good enough often enough. If someone offers 60 million for him I’d bite their hand off.


Wonder which old, passed-his-peak, astronomically-paid, no-future sale value, no-coaching-required replacement JM has in mind to replace Anthony.
Oh, forgot, thats Sanchez….



He didn’t win the Ballon D’Or or get the required goals or caps for France that would require us to pay the extras as far as I’m aware moral. But 60 million for a player who everyone, apart from me it appears, thinks is brilliant, would be straightforward I’d have thought.



Looks to have all the attributes to be a great player except for a brain and hunger and desire, he showed a lack of that and total inconsistency under both LVG and Jose and was awful in Euro 16 so for me as much as I would love to see him become a top player I do not think it will ever happen nor that it will be a big loss for us



It looks like many posters have had it with martial and are quite happy to see him go; they conveniently forget his form before Sanchez arrived! I guess a young player doesn’t deserve an arm around the shoulder? Often peltered by the manager post match yet Sanchez has stunk the shirt and nothing is said.

A manager who is begging Fellaini to stay, keeping a 33 year old at left back and a captain who can’t speak English has to be questioned! Martials likely replacement is Willian 30 year old. Wake up and stop giving the manager a free pass!!



I’m not sure Martial actually knows if he wants to stay or leave. Either way his agent is forcing the issue here. I would not be surprised if he signed a new contract or if he was forced to stay by the club and Mourinho.

This player is very talented and I don’t want him leaving regardless of his apparent attitude problem – if he leaves I will mark another demerit against Mourinho’s name. The player was in fine form until we signed Sanchez and then forced him into the left wing spot where Martial had consistency.

According to the agent, negotiations have been ongoing for 8 months and that to me means the player isn’t hell bent on leaving. If money is the issue then why don’t we just sell Mata and give Martial a pay increase?

On the flip-side of things, the club hold all the negotiating power here. It’s clear we don’t want to sell so I strongly doubt any clubs would match our asking price.



It was inevitable I’m afraid and if it frees up more funds to get a proper right winger and a left back in that at the minute according to the MEN don’t look like coming, then all well and good.
I just hope that Jones,Rojo,Fellaini,Darmian,Blind,Herrera and Mata are on the same 8 seater mini bus out of town alongside him this summer,simple as that.



According to ‘s transfer hound ‘hot-o-meter’, Martial is the hottest trending player in the world right now, adding further fuel to the talk of an Old Trafford exit this summer.


Arsenal Signing Targets Looking Good

It looks as if Sven & Dick have got the situation at Arsenal sussed. One keeper, two CD’s and a defensive midfielder targeted and it looks as if deals are well advanced. This is what I like to see, weaknesses correctly identified and solutions quickly put in place. With all deals nearly agreed apparently things are looking very good. With Ospina, Chambers, Mustafi, Xhaka and Perez on the way out the squad is already looking much improved. My only hope now is that Wilshere and Ramsey stay. Good to see some proactive transfer activity, well done Sven & Dick.

The Oracle


Not sure we should could our chickens as none of the deals are done and dusted yet. I cant say I am excited about any of them as individuals I don’t know any of them enough to say they will be great none of them would be considered as world class or even an obvious improvement on what we have. I think next year will be about the team, tactics and mentality over any individuals and that’s what I am looking forward to as I think if it works individual performances will improve. As for the players “on there way out” not sure of your sources but be very surprised if they all leave! Are you sure this is not just your personal wish list?????



steve2bath1, If it was my personal wish list ballerina, Ozil and Welbeck would be on there as well I can assure you. Its basic common sense really, where did we have problems last year? In goal, in the centre of defence and in the centre of midfield. Who are we looking to sign? A keeper, two central defenders, and a holding midfield player. Total cost approx £100million. So with a budget of between £50-70million how are we going to afford this outlay. Lets think Ummmmmmmmmm, why yes, sell some players. Who are we going to sell, lets think. Well why not our 2nd string keeper, we have Martinez out on loan and we have Cech and Ospina. Who would you sell. Chambers is wanted by Fulham and has been poor. We have Koscielny, Holding and Mustafi plus two new CD’s who let us down time after time? Yes Mustfi. Who do we have in the centre of midfield, Xhaka and Elneny. Who was poor last season? You could argue both but of the two who do you think underperformed badly? Yes Xhaka. Perez was on loan and is surplus to requirements. There were 15 players out on loan last season, non of whom did a thing so there are other players who could go as well. We will see but its really a no brainer isnt is.

The Oracle


Oracle, so you don’t have a source! You have a lot of assumptions and have based it on your personal opinion on who played well last season and press transfer speculation. I am not sure he will use your theories but we shall see.
I don’t agree we had a problem in Goal last season. I think Chech and Ospina did not have bad seasons last year and don’t think they were a major factor in our poor performance or results. We do need a successor to Chech but I think he has one or two more seasons in him. Is this Leno any better than ospina or even Martinez, I don’t know enough about him to say? I do know 99% of the time Our keeping was not why we could not keep a clean sheet or lost games, it was the back four and the performance of the 10 in front of them. I don’t think even if we had we had DeGea in goal last year it would have made much more of a difference.



stev2bath1 – Well fun fact,to answer your question on leno since the season of 2015/16 bundesliga,he has made the second most number of errors leading upto goals so that dosen’t fill me with any confidence whatsoever.As for the other two clowns,cech is anything but the keeper he was at cheslea.he provides no leadership at all and has gone backwards.he had one good season here which was his first season.As for the clown ospina,i’ve never seen a weaker mentality keeper at the club,he loves the theatrics,dosen’t release the ball quick enough on counter attacks and has settled for second choice for far too long now which pretty much sums up his mentality.

the specialone


steve2bath1, Source???????? Every daily National Newspaper, every ex-Arsenal player who has appeared on TV, every Arsenal related website and SkySport News. Oh and common sense based on last seasons performance and our confirmed transfer targets. And finally are you seriously trying to tell me, and everyone else, that Cech had a good season last season. Please confirm, do you honestly believe Cech played well last season.

The Oracle

Special one I did not know that and as you said its not a great stat, Personally I believe all keepers should be good shot stoppers as a given, the good ones just don’t make many errors and the best ones do both but also make saves that they should not.

Oracle as you said its all speculation or your opinion. Bearing in mind all those sources say something different about who we should keep or let go and who played well and who did not they all cant be right!

I will return the question, do you think Cech had a bad season? IF so I don’t know what you are basing this on? I am basing it on I don’t think he made constant mistakes, I don’t think he let in many goals he should have saved and I think he did pull off some outstanding saves and all these apply to Ospina. I am not saying it didn’t happen but cant remember an obvious error from either that actually cost us the game.



Steve2bath1: Well it seems tech made more errors last season leading to goals than any other keeper in Europe. Surely you remember Everton, Bournemouth (both goals) Swansea, the list goes on. Do you watch any games.

Petr Cech has the worst ‘errors leading to goals’ record in Europe

Petr Cech made more errors leading to goals than any other goalkeeper in Europe’s Top 5 leagues this season.

The Czech international made some unforgivable errors against Swansea and Everton which will live long in the memory of all Arsenal fans.

Cech errors. Bournemouth both goals in a defeat. Swansea along with Mustafi cost us a goal

30 Jan 2018 – Arsenal fans have had enough after Petr Cech makes ANOTHER horrible mistake. Arsenal fans are running out of patience with the veteran ..

Cech has committed more costly errors in 1 season than Szczesny in 3 …
14 Feb 2018 – Cech’s error-laden season is perhaps the worst he’s had in his … Petr Cech has committed more errors that have led to an opposition goal in …


The Oracle


I did not say he did not make any errors every keeper does but if he had not made the mistakes you quoted we as a team would still be and finish in exactly the same position. Regards those games Everton we won, Bournemouth would Have saved a point as second goal was not his fault and Swansea was 3-1 and would not have changed the result. I did not feel after any of those games we lost away because we have a sh*te Keeper, we lost because crap defending and not creating or taking chances so my point is I don’t think we need another keeper right now we have other priorities and especially not another 2nd choice keeper unless Ospina goes. I think we will have to agree to disagree on this one.



Chelsea Summer Transfer Window 2018

If we are to sell Kenedy as seems likely it should be to a club in Europe or an unlikely PL rival for CL place with no disrespect like Newcastle.

nine nine nine


I dont quite understand how a club can do business with the owner away and no director of football in place… Let alone knowing which manager will take us into next season or the players he will want to look at.

Conte clearly knew best… he retained all the underperforming players and sent two out on loan who played better than anything we had and we missed out on CL football. Winning… Kennedy was more effective than Willian and Pedro combined and assisted and scored one less than Hazard from January… He was also more effective than Alonso.

The Newcastle Chronicle suggested this morning that Kennedy was also being monitored by Arsenal/ PSG/ Bayern.

Anyone remember KDB/Salah/ Lukaku? turned out well.



Disagree about Kenedy. He always showed potential but never reached the heights expected and was nowhere close to Willian or Alonso last season (IMO). My guess is that he will not make it at Chelsea and we would be looking for circa 20m for him. KTBFFH


Kenedy: One of several Chelsea loanees

1905, whilst I agree with your assesment of Kenedy as a matter of club policy I think we shouldn’t be selling any players to potential PL rivals and the only exception to that I would make is if the price is £20m to Newcastle for Kenedy then it’s £30m plus if it’s Arsenal or another close PL rival to Chelsea.

And as a safety net given the previous experiences there should be both a buy back clause and a sell on clause written into any deal for Kenedy and any other young players sold just in case..

nine nine nine


IMO, the club should always have a buy back clause in any deal for any player to any Club. that way we protect ourselves as mistakes can and will be made in the transfer market or by one manager when another sees it a different way

Personally, my thinking is that we should avoid wherever possible selling a player to a top 6 club, i.e. our normal rivals, but I have little concerns over selling to anyone else in the EPL. Players like Kenedy only look good at clubs like Newcastle because basically they are a crap side. No different to RLC at Palace for example. It is good for these guys to get experience but as can be seen, our coaches need to make their own evaluation of the player and their progress and not be swayed by press commentaries. Whether they get it right is another matter but the players are out on loan normally for a good reason, i.e. we already have concerns regarding them based on their time spent at the Chelsea already…? KTBFFH



Liverpool – YNWA Karius

Can’t see Karius starting as our No. 1 next season, and I don’t expect him to do so



Won’t surprise me if Karius starts as No 1



I don’t know why the possibility that Karius might start the new season as no. 1 is so shocking. We were convinced that we would have started the last season with a new CB as well right?



Karius has already been given a chance, and it’s slipped through his fingers.

j c 

Karius has had a few chances. When Migs was dropped, he was brought back in again. That is a chance blown by Karius. The more of you guys that I see saying you wouldn’t be shocked if he were still number 1 next season, the more worried I get. That would be absolutely crazy. I’ll support Klopp but seriously, no good can come of this scenario.

Sean, why can’t you see us spending £50m on a keeper? I mean, unless you’re talking about availability of such players who fit into Klopp’s system. We’re spending more than that in other positions and it’s fair to say now that goal is our weakest position, by far. Well, that’s my opinion anyway. £50m for the right player to come in there and turn a weakness into a strength is money well spent.



I can even see Karius starting the season in goal even if the club recruits a new keeper for 40-60 million.



MrM: Not against a new keeper if it’s the likes of Oblas, Alisson but if I’d rather start with Karius if the solution is Butland for 30million. IMO I’d rather Karius over Migs Everyday of the week. If you think Karius is error prone then you should look at the mistakes Migs has made over the years. The error that Migs made in the Arsenal game (which made Klopp change keepers) was similar to Real’s 3rd goal but at least Karius had the possible excuse of concussion.



Kopite, as much as I’ve supported Migs, I’m not blind to his mistakes. people don’t like his distribution but at least he’s a good shot stopper. Also, Mignolet is punished by the fact that we were shocking defensively until quite recently. Karius has been well protected.

I am not massively keen on Butland myself but to also prefer Karius over him, I just don’t understand it. He’s the worst No 1. keeper that we’ve had in the 30 years that I’ve been a supporter.



I get why some rate Karius over Migs as football is a game of opinions but they both make high profile mistakes, Karius has made quite a few in his short career with us as well.

The only point I’d add though is that Migs hasn’t had the opportunity to start regularly in front of our new improved defence and soon to be improved further with cm arrivals.

Again that being said I’m ok with keeping Karius as a number 2 just not number 1. And of course he will get support from us should he start as number 1 but it’s an accident waiting to happen if you ask me and he needs rehab time.



Klopp won’t abandon Karius. Look at Lovren Houdini… There is hope for Karius.



Liverpool Fekir alternatives

Fekir, just like in the case of Van Dijk, wants to join Liverpool above everyone else.

While there is still a chance of reviving his deal, I am certain the excellent Liverpool scouting team a have some top alternative targets lined up – just be patient



Everyday at work for the last 2 weeks since fekirgate started, ive been scouting on youtube, whoscored etc lol. And i just cannot find anyone else who is available at 40-50m at the same quality of fekir. Initially i was like meh about fekir but the more i “scout” other similar players the more i realiss what klopp sees in fekir. The only player who comes close is draxler. Brandt doesnt look that good. But draxler reminds of de bruyne so much. I really want us to get fekir first and foremost but if we cant then draxler would be a great alternative.
Dybala is the dream signing and asensio to a lesser extent – but both of them would be 100m+.
Hakim ziyech has been suggested but he looks too skinny to play in the EPL and apparently he has a bit of attitude – not that its always a bad thing!



Zielinksi is a potential too.



Gul i will scout him tomorrow lol. Ive heard he is good never watched him play



Zielinksi is a junior De Bruyne.

Not a regular yet at his club, but has a lot of potential. Very strong on the ball too and suited to a pressing style.

TBJ – Im not sure we need to panic. Fabinho is an upgrade on Can and is a technically gifted player. and Keita is a Gerrard type player with an eye for a pass and a real nasty side. Will add bite.

Personally, I would only buy players we are set on. We are already 2 players stronger than last year, and if you add Lallana and the impending Shaqiri (due to his injury) thats 4 extra players – 2 to go straight into the team and 2 for depth.

Would prefer a goalie and a CB personally.




Zielinski looks amazing. Great eye for a pass too. Not impressed with the chiesa links though



Bad feeling Man Utd spending is almost done!

Maybe we could use this to our advantage.



Who would you target @scholsey? Verratti, Meunier and Kurzawa are the first names that jump out at me but I don’t think they’ll lose any important players except maybe Rabiot who seems unsettled. Even if he stays PSG could raise the money selling Krychowiak, Jesse and Pastore let alone Draxler and Guedes who’d probably go for the best part of £50 million by themselves



Hi Homerjay, my preferred target would be Rabiot or Kurzawa. Hopefully they would need to
also raise some cash (due to FFP) to buy Mbappé.



It wouldn’t be Rabiot. Much as I rate him, three predominantly left footed midfielders would be too much, even for United.



Fred’s a leftie as well isn’t he?

Wonderfuel Gas





So we’ve already got a trio there, right? Fred, Matic and Pogba? I can see next season is going to work out just fine.

Wonderfuel Gas


Pogba’s right footed Tommy.


Is he? Shows how much attention I pay. Just assumed his favoured position on the left of a midfield three made him a leftie.

Wonderfuel Gas


I think a lot of right footers these days, Martial, Rashford, like to play down the left and cut in on their right.



If we did buy Rabiot (or another quality CM) it would be 4 decent players for the 3 positions. There would be no reason to play Matic all season and Pogba would need to become consistent or he would benched.



Fred does the same apparently, goes on the right with his left peg. Now if only Matic could use both feet we’d have a bit of equilibrium in midfield. That’s the longest word I plan on using all day.

Wonderfuel Gas


Agree we need that 4th quality midfield option Scholesy to create competition and give players a break, and I’m afraid Herrera’s not it.



I think a lot of us here are forgetting McTominay when we think of our midfield options. if Carrick’s replacement is Fred then it follows that Fellaini’s will be McTominay. We also have Pereira coming back from Valencia.

I wouldn’t hold my breath on another midfield recruitment.



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