Liverpool owners need to get Klopp in line; youngsters show why Arsenal quartet need axing

Date published: Tuesday 3rd March 2020 2:22 - Matthew Briggs

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One Liverpool fan says Jurgen Klopp needs reprimanding if he plays a weakened team on Tuesday night, while Arsenal fans rave over their youngsters who knocked Portsmouth out of the FA Cup, all in the forum.


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No proper Arsenal plan…

Ottawa – I don’t think the money has been that poorly spent this Season.We’ve needed a Quality out and out winger since 2 years now.We tried for Zaha,didn’t happen.We tried for pepe,it did.For me he’s playing well and people need to see that.His end product is lacking,and that too it was only against Olympiakos.I have confidence he’ll prove his worth.Then we signed ceballos,15m was a steep price for a season.A bit ridiculous actually if that’s the price we actually paid but I’m still unsure on where he stands.Either way we’ve needed 2-3 central midfielders for some time now.
David Luiz was nothing but a panic buy.He’s a terrible defender who’s shown much inexperience.Some games he’s been decent but overall 8m is not too much money so it’s fine.Martinelli was a steal at 8m.Our best buy in a long time.

My problem is that every single season we neglect certain positions in the squad.Every single season this happens.Sure we signed pepe but who was going to play on the left side?

We sold iwobi and miki without any planning.And we’ve had to play Auba there who is being made to play out of position.Our midfield is light,For me this is a very important position and it will be crucuial what we do.Ozil has to leave,ceballos I’m not sure about to even sign him well need to spend around 40m at least.Guendozi has gone backwards.Torreira might leave.It’s a very bad situation there.

My problem is there is no proper plan,I guarantee you when the next season starts, there will yet again be certain positions neglected.And this time I feel it will be more than usual because of lack of CL.

the specialone


Youngsters show why Arsenal quartet need dumping

Arteta leaves out Leno, Bellerin, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Ozil, Pepe, Lacazette, Abameyang, although obviously some of those players weren’t fit to play. Brings in Martinez, Sokratis, Mari, Saka, Willock, Torreira, Nelson, Martinelli and Nketiah and we get a much more determined pacy, energetic performance.

Compare the home grown pacy skilful Nelson who was brilliant last night with Pepe who cost £72m, compare the pacy energetic Nketiah with Lacazette, compare the pacy energetic Willock with the couldn’t care less £350,000 per week Ozil.

Had more of this side played against Olympiakos we would have won. Portsmouth has always been a tough place t go but but our brilliant youngsters were up to it. Tonight’s side were running, pressing and fighting right until the end. Do we need any more evidence that Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil and Lacazette need to be dumped in the summer.

The Oracle




Liverpool openness a concern…

Last time we played Chelsea in the FA Cup was 8 years ago when we lost 2-1 to them in the Final. Ramires and Drogba put them 2 up before sub Carroll pulled one back and should have equalized but Cech pulled off a worldly to preserve their lead.

Starting XI that day: Reina, Johnson, Agger, Skrtel, Enrique, Gerrard, Henderson Downing, Spearing, Suarez and Bellamy. Chelsea had 3 former players of ours too on their bench that game in Meireles, Sturridge and Torres.

No bloody clue how this game will end up. Could be anything. We will concede as our current ‘open-ness’ since Henderson got injured is of concern. 6 goals in the last 3 games. Sh**e.

I’m going for a Chelsea win.

Rob Fort Worth TX


I’d play a mixture. We need some strong 1st teamers in there aswell as jones, Williams and Adrian.

Go out of this and the cl next week then all we have left is to play the season out.

It’s going to be a very tough game.

Sean the sailor


Maybe something like…

Williams. Matip. Gomez. ????
Milner, Chirivella, Milner
Minamino, Origi. Jones

Doesn’t fill me full of confidence that team though.



I hope we don’t see that team ginger. No problem with Adrian, willians and jones starting but I’d play a few 1st teamers.

Some don’t look sharp after the break.

Sean the sailor


Williams, Jones and Chirivella have played every min of every FA Cup game so far.
I can see that continue.

Just realised I’ve included Milner twice but I defo think he’ll start. Very likely be captain. Be very surprised if Minamino doesn’t start, same with Origi and Matip.
That leaves 3 more spaces.
Lovren or Gomez?
Left back? I guess that could be Milner
Midfielder or attacker? Ox?

Maybe we’ll see a half-ish for Mane and a half for Salah.



‘Playing a weakened team is a disgrace’

Playing a weakened team for this game is a disgrace and embaressment to the club and fans. There will be millions watching us get beat yet again and the players themselves will hate Klopps tendency to throw away the chance of winning two mayor trophies each season. The lads will have been sick on Sunday watching city win yet another easy trophy despite the incredible efforts of almost all our players this season.

It makes the club appear arrogant and its shameful to the fans who will travel to London to watch us struggle against an average Chelsea team. I was hoping the owners would have a word with Klopp but no he will again be stubborn and play a crap team full of more than a few no hopers. As massive as they are focusing on two trophies each season is incredibly stupid and not one player in the sqaud will buy into this. Yes he’s teh best manager since Shanks but he is also arrogant and stubborn and also makes some very stupid decisions.



A partner for Maguire?

Harry Maguire; Anthony Martial TEAMtalk

We’ve plenty of CB’s but they’re either not good enough á la Lindesloth and Smalling, or they’re sick notes á la Bailly and Tuanzebe or they’re plain not wanted a la Rojo. Surely between those five we’ve someone who could partner Maguire. Is there anyone coming through the academy at the moment who’s good enough?



I think you are correct Killy. We have plenty of players but none good enough for a number of different reasons. People are making out we are in the market for a CB as a result of Maguire’s shortcomings, but I think it’s more that those we have are not up to scratch.



We’ve been linked with Koulibaly for £100m. But I read yesterday that Ole thinks he could save the club £100m by getting Tuanzebe and Bailly fit and firing next season. 🙄



I think if Bailly could be kept fit he’s definitely a better option that Lindelof, however he’s a bit like Smalling in that he can be an immense, immaculate defender and then at a key time in a key match he’ll get himself sent off and we’re left high and dry, Rojo is kind of the same in that regard. We need someone with their passion but with less TNT. Vidic was that kind of player, yes he got sent off a few times but you didn’t half expect it to happen every game which you do with Smalling and Bailly. It’s kind of an oxymoron but we need a disciplined fire in our next CB purchase.





There’s high hopes for Tuanzebe. Bailly’s chance has gone i think, been out for a year and comes back and plays well for a couple of games. He’s not proved anything, can he stay fit for more than 10 games? Can he be consistent in his performances? Can he stop doing stupid shit? He’s another Phil Jones i think, good defender on his day but career ruined by injuries and lack of consistency.



@roygbiv-Yes but Ole and lindeoaf can communicate not only in English.

@Happy-VVD IS a 75M player if not more. Maguire is 30M player at most,there are younger bettert CB´s out there and you would get two proper CB´s for the fee of Maguire. Question: Would you prefere Maguire before VVD?
I dont and i would be gobsmacked if anybody except you would say yes.

I think Bailly is a better partner to Maguire than Lindeloaf but i am not sure Maguire is our best CB anyway.

Another note,hope reports are true that we are after Tomas Partey.
If we can get him we will be in the top 3 in PL,he is a proper number 6.

As always,it is just my opinions.



We probably won’t buy a CB, especially if Jones and Rojo are still hanging around like a bad smell just taking the money. Bailly is the conundrum, he has the raw materials to do the job we need, but both his injury record and his rash tackling mean you can’t rely on him to do it consistently. As for Tuanzebe, he’s turning into yet another sicknote who will never stay fit.

Honestly, despite all his faults I’d still rather have Smalling than any of them, at least he can head the ball, unlike that useless Swedish sh**house!!



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