Liverpool fans argue Salah is past his best; Arteta’s best Arsenal XI named

Date published: Tuesday 25th February 2020 2:47

Mo Salah TEAMtalk

Liverpool fans discuss Monday night’s win and is Mohamed Salah a spent force? And Arsenal’s best XI is suggested, all in the forum.


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Best Arsenal XI


Mop – LoL.Hey to be honest I do wonder what a fake season ticket would look like.

Muffler – It’s not only about points and winning,Emery use get lambasted for giving so many shots to his opponents.Albeit Arteta has improved Arsenal in every department, remember I kept telling that a change in manager wouldn’t make the world of a difference because this squad is such that it’s simply incapable to give in the performances that we ideally want to see.There are huge gaps in midfield,Arteta has tried a more disciplined approach and has minimized exposure but those gaps are still there which is very worring.

The result was a win but we so easily could’ve lost.
For me,I think it’s time ozil should be dropped.Not that he played badly but when I look at what he has to offer I’d rather play someone else.Yes he does offer a balance but his lack of defensive capabilities will always be a problem for him.And then when you see a player like that…you wonder does he really offer that much in attack?The answer is no.Yes at times his passing is decent but nothing overwhelming or important.

The key important passes are being made by players like Saka.Ideally fr the rest of the season I’d push torreira next to xhaka and put ceballos a but ahead of them in ozil’s position.People need to remember that we paid 15m(ridiculous) for one season for him.The talent is certainly there, and he in his own words even rejected the likes of playing under Klopp because he thinks our philosophy is better suited to his style.
Anyways,this is my best team and the team I want to see for the rest of the season.

Bellerin Sokratis Luiz Kolasinac
Torreria Xhaka
Pepe Auba Saka

This is very well balanced and would give us more control over the game.The missing piece was Saka but now that he’s surprising everyone we can push him a bit upfront and Kolasinac can make them overlapping runs.
Apart from that, some players are not really that convincing like Bellerin and Luiz but the squad we have this is our strongest team.

the specialone


You need to pay attention mop, I stated that I was giving it up due to Clouseau’s ruining of the club and the refusal to sack him. All matches are available on Live TV, try watching the occasional game. Interestingly the club phoned me two weeks ago asking if I wanted a Club Level seat so it looks like season ticket sales are on the decline. Not until Wengers dross is gone, Kronke goes and we get back to being a proper football club. LONDON being a s*** hole doesn’t really help.

Steve2bath1, watch a replay, Nketiah did an incredible amount of work and linked well with Abameyang. Mustafi was given the run around down our right hand side by Richarlison, although Bellerin didn’t help him. All of Everton’s dangerous came down that side of the pitch.

The Oracle


TSO it is all about points now given the situation we are in. Do I want us to play better of course but again this team is not capable of dominating a game and that was the case under Emery as well. The key difference is that they seem to buy in to Artetas ideas and thats good however that will not change the fact that we have holes in the squad or that the same issues surface.

This game we would have lost under Emery.

Besides we were playing a rested Everton who had been off 2 weeks where as we had played 3 games in 7 days and one far away in Greece so of course we were on the ropes in second half.



TSO – a fake season ticket can look however you want it to look. It also allows you to sit where you want and gives you preference over normal paying season ticket holders for guaranteed cup final tickets, doesn’t it Shifty? You can’t go wrong. Also, turns out you’ll receive special calls to jump the waiting list – who can resist?

Shifty you didn’t have a season to give up – don’t embarrass yourself, again. The fact you call London a s**t hole says it really. Not much of a connection? I welcome fans from all over the world to support the team but I want fans to support the team. Stay watching and moaning on the box, it’s all you know.






Chelsea momentum

Frank Lampard TEAMtalk

Well, after that impressive result,we need to maintain our momentum going forward to the game. the same team would be my prefered team. and we don’t have that much options either. the key to our success will be how we transition quickly from attack to defence, because Bayern have a host of players that can hurt us, like Lowendowski and Granby. so getting into shape quickly when we lose the ball will be important.

And one thing is that, this game is a must not lose game, we need to make sure that we don’t lose the game. our defence should man mark Lowendowski to nullify their threat.


We are underdog. But I hope we will surprise them. As long as our defense is tight and does not give them much room, we have players who can hurt them like Willian, Mount or Giroud/Abraham. I think this time Pedro can help us as he is quick. We were successful against Spurs (who parked the bus with Mou) with playing Barkley and Mount to unlock their defense. We did not need speed at all, kudos to Frank Lampard. But this time, we do need speed. I would start Pedro and Willian to replace Mount and Barkley.

I think this time we should revert to 4-3-3 formation to keep our midfield dense: Willy – James,Rudiger,Christensen,Azpi – Kovacic,Jorginho,Barkley – Pedro,Abraham,Willian



I would definitely play Mount given his performance on Saturday as well as Giroud and I suspect Willian will come in for Barkley. Whoever plays though it’s going to be a massive ask to beat Bayern everything has to go right both defensively and offensively. Fingers crossed.🤞

nine nine nine 


We can’t beat the likes of West Ham, Bournemouth or Southampton at home so you would think this would be Mission Impossible however we are Chelsea and do appear to lift to a different level when it is least expected. In this case a draw would IMO exceed expectations. Kovacic is looking at an exciting OPEN game. I’ll be watching from behind the sofa.–this-is-a-fixture-to-enjoy-and-show-what-we-re-about?cardIndex=0-1



I pray that Frank doesn’t interfere with the team that played against Spurs. i would hope he plays in that team. please no Willian! he is out of form right now, and i don’t know whether that is due to fatigue or other factors. but i would keep him on the bench. instead i would play with the same team that faced Spurs. why change?

We have a chance if we play like we did against Spurs. and if we keep Lowendowski at bay, we have a good chance. hope Frank asks our attacking players to attack. because Bayern’s defense isn’t that good.



Liverpool march on…


Not going to read too much into the performance. Still think we haven’t regained our momentum yet. Freshness of the other teams during this period as well means they stay in the game against us for longer periods of time.

With all the season defining battles to come, the intensity in the league is only going to pick up and I don’t forsee this being a long term issue. Front 3 lacking sharpness, Gomez really poor and midfield too porous about sums it up in my book. Ox did well when he came on. MOTM TAA for me although defensively he still looked suspect.



The title procession continues. We didnt play that well but im.not complaining because in the course of a season it is virtually impossible for a team to play brilliant free flowing football every single game.

Truth be told, ok we havent played that well in the last 3 games.. but every team has a dip in form or blip in a season and maybe this is our ‘blip’. But even with this dip in form we still manage to win all our league games.



Redforever, I think this our blip bit we just keep winning games. I don’t think we have played a good full 90 mins since utd on the 18th of jan.

Nb, I thought salah was dreadful last night mate. So many times attacks break down with him. His touch had been so wayward the lastbwhile. Is he happy here? Carraghet was saying before the game , he is under appreciated by some of our fans? Is he angling for a move?

Liverlad, be nice for bobby to score at anfield but his game really isn’t about goals. Look how deep he dropped at times last night. I thought he did ok

Not sure the break has helped us but hopefully we get a bit of rhythm back before the Madrid game

What a run we are. 4 games to go. What a team

Sean the sailor


Sometimes I wonder if we all watched the same game everyone apart from Naby was a 7 out of 10 or above.

You guys do realise this group of players are about to be crowned PREMIER LEAGUE champions!
79 points from 27 games!

And we did win last night didnt we? as someone else pointed out they could have just took the foot off the gas settled for a draw its not like we need the points but the manager & players are striving to be the very best & thankfully the fans in the stadium understand & get fully behind the players.



Can Salah get back to his best?

Razor… Good post
I agree with you on TAA I too thought defensibly he was suspect, but on balance maybe I should have made him MOM.

redforever. It has been about 6/7 games we have been poor & the break has made it even worse.

Hi Sean…Firmino does work hard for the team, he does some fabulous touches & links well with Salah & Mane but surely he should be scoring more goals.

To all.
Will Salah get near his best again? I personally doubt it, too many times he struggles to control the ball, loses the ball to often, teams also know that he will hardly ever use his right foot.



Give Salah a break, he’s our leading scorer with 19 goals so far this season.

Having said that, he needs to stop giving the ball away so often, and stalling too long on the ball in the penalty area, complicating things, instead of just shooting.

If he can sort these deficiencies out, he’ll be an even more lethal striker



Salah may not be performing to the levels of the previous 2 Seasons but 15 goals in 24 games isn’t too bad. Still on course to equal last season’s tally of goals despite playing less games, also within touching distance of a 3rd consecutive Golden Boot.



Songman, I love salah buts a forum and I’m only discussing out he played last night

Would I sell him? Absolutely no way

His stats are very good and he is a wide player so his goals record is unreal

He can be frustrating but he is an absolutely world class player

Sean the sailor


Salah is our best forward in about three decades, its utter nonsense that he does not defend or perform off the ball, someone has to make the runs he takes… Someone needs to stay up top to try to exploit the space there. Its part of how we work as a defensive unit, if we can’t relieve pressure we can’t counter like we do.



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