‘Pep Guardiola is no better than someone like Alan Pardew’

Date published: Monday 24th July 2017 9:16

Liverpool fans give up hope on Naby Keita, plus is Pep Guardiola no better a manager than Alan Pardew? All discussed by our readers.

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Giving up on Keita

Personally I have given up hope in signing Keita, I’ve moved on. The club may still want to put in a last bid before they do, if so I hope they do it quickly.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m seeing absolutely nothing about other potential targets. We could say that this is due to the issues around VVD but there is nothing even remotely wrong with people finding out what players you’re considering. So, what’s going on?


The way I see it, if City can spend £100m on two good, but not top, full backs, I have no problem with Liverpool spending £60m on a spectacular Centre Back, Van Dijk, he really is that good, and Klopp would take him up to another level.

Regarding midfield, I feel we are well stocked for now as follows:

Defensive Midfield – Henderson, Can, Milner
Attacking Midfield – Coutinho, Wijnaldum, Lallana
Backups – Grujic, Woodburn, Ejaria – mainly for League Cup and FA Cup

That’s 6 players for either 2 or 3 positions, depending on whether we play 433 or 4231, and should be enough to cope in 4 competitions. And don’t worry about left-back either, there is Robertson, Flanagan and possibly Moreno (if he stays)

However if the chance came up to sign a special midfielder who is better than most of the six starters I mentioned, I would definitely sign him



Kenedy’s pointless post

Regarding Kenedy, the whole point of these Asian tours is to increase our popularity and our global fan base, which leads to increased revenue. I’m sure nobody really wants to do it, and it’s probably not the ideal preparation for a new season, but it’s important financially and as a brand. Kenedy has just undone all that work with one completely pointless Instagram post.



Walker worth the money?

Walker was the best RB in the League for the first 3/4 of the season, no question. Non-Spuds fans can post “rationalize” all they want, but the reality is he was dropped for all the major games towards the end of the season and if he wanted to stay, would have had a major problem getting back in the team on a regular basis… as all you non-Spuds fans who don’t watch Spuds every week could testify.



Arsenal’s problem

Arsenal’s problem is that all the angst from a large section of the fans towards Wenger just lies dormant under the surface but as soon as there’s a set back it rises back to the surface ie the loss v Chelsea which was just a pre season game set Wenger out trending on Twitter.

I’m not sure Arsenal are that far away from having a very good team especially if Sanchez stays even just for one season. I do think Arsenal need to get off to a good start or the match going fans could turn on Wenger again.

nine nine nine


Financial Fair Play?

In the 5 seasons since SAF retired until today United have a net transfer spend of 397m against 502m for City. The summer is not finished and its possible the difference of about 100m could be smaller.

City have come from nowhere to become the 5th richest club in the world after United, Barca, Bayern, Madrid.

United fans moan about City’s spending power but said nothing about our financial muscle back in the SAF heyday when we could buy whoever we wanted without serious competition. They say nothing about how we contrived to create an uneven financial playing field through creation of:

1) PL – which diverts money from lower leagues to the top division
2) CL with (1) 4 teams (2) group stages (3) seeding – which ensures the top clubs get more money to keep on top

And regarding the “we earned it” myth. Let’s be honest. Much of the money comes from TV which in turns gives great market exposure that brings more sponsors. This came about not because of how good English teams were but how good British broadcasters were, helped along by the English language.

Add to that being an advanced economy means English clubs can charge more for tickets, merchandise etc. than clubs in smaller economies like Spain and Italy.

Lets acknowledge that our success came in part from our ability to play the system and the unearned advantage of the English language.

Its sour grapes from fans who don’t like that Mansour and RA put money into their clubs instead of taking it out like our bloodsucking owners who have drained 1 BILLION out of the club.


Sheikh Mansour: The man with the money for Man City

FFP, from my understanding, isn’t about how much money the club has, but centres around how much a club earns over a financial year and is based over the past few seasons. This is where Man Utd, Real Madrid and Barcelona should actually hold the advantage as neither club are owned by an oil tycoon, yet are the most successful commercially. However, PSG (if they get Neymar) and Man City are nowhere close to matching our revenue streams yet are spending with seemingly an unlimited budget, which can only be fuelled by their owners own resources. Even Chelsea are clearly operating within a budget that you could assume keeps them in line with FFP.

So, unless my understanding of FFP is wrong, Man City and PSG have decided to deal with the consequences (fines) of overstepping and just assemble their desired team.


Why are we bothered about City anyway? All it shows it that Pep isn’t as good a manager as the media try to make out. He needs world class players at his disposal to be successful which makes him no better a manager than someone like Alan Pardew. I rate Zidane above Pep.



City to focus on PL?

We now have 3 new and let’s say young defenders, this should make for improvements quickly, of the three Danilo has the experience of playing with a team like RM and Mendy in European games. I would like the EPL to be our priority target, FA Cup next and Champions league next, at least for the forthcoming season. The only thing that will make a difference is Barca are now in transition stage, Real players coming and going and Bayern appear to have an ageing squad. PSG I am never sure about.

Brian blue


Iheanacho in demand

Very few players in the world should start ahead of Aguero. Jesus is because of a stylistic choice by Guardiola. Iheanacho needs to move for playing time and Guardiola is letting him. I thought him going to Leicester was a done deal?

He has a good goal to minute ratio but that’s the kind of thing that can look worse as he plays more minutes. Only one way to find out.


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