‘If Arsenal get Lingard instead of Mkhitaryan, it will be a good deal’

Date published: Wednesday 17th January 2018 10:29

Chelsea fans debate whether Andy Carroll could add something to their team, while the Alexis Sanchez saga is discussed by our readers in Your Says of the Day.


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Pressure on Mkhi

Ridiculous pressure on poor Mkhitaryan. If he doesn’t go he’ll be forever branded as the one who prevented Sanchez rom coming to United. TBS he’ll take a pay cut going to Arsenal, and he may have other personal problems with the move, but what choice does he have?


Miki is not wanted at Man Utd, that’s the problem. Clearly, Mourinho doesn’t have him in his plans. he could go back to dortmund or any other top club but they’d have to fork out more than 100k for him per week and that’s unlikely.Like i said,he hasn’t proved himself in the PL yet.yes,lack of opportunities might be one reason but still.

The only possible destination i can see him going to right now is arsenal and that is because we need players and we can negotiate his wages somewhere close to what he wants.Not other clubs.

The SpecialOne

Sanchez has only 6 months remaining in to his contract with Arsenal. and because he knows that, Arsenal have little choice but to let him who he wants to join. its all Arsenal’s fault. they should have sold him before he entered his last year. he has all the cards. if Arsenal can demand Lingard instead of Mkhitaryan, then it will be a good deal. but i think Wenger can get the best out of Mkhitaryan. it will be interesting to see how Sanchez does at United. because the Arsenal system is built around him. and the United system is built around Pogba.



Liverpool’s defensive frailties

Ok, yes, I could’ve added this to the City thread and yes we beat who will be the Champions but I simply have to have this as a new topic because it’s something that I/we witness almost weekly.

First up, just a fantastic three points. I was hopeful with my draw prediction but I also indicated that we could catch them cold as I detected tiredness in their last couple of games but no-one could’ve have predicted a 4-3 for us, the three for City, yes, and this leads me to my post/concerns.

First Goal (scorer Sane, 40)
Lovely cross-field pass from Walker but Gomez decides to go for the ball as opposed to focusing on being the first defender once he knew Sane was going to get it. In defence, it’s a decision that any full back can make moreso a young fella like Gomez (but 4 or 5 goals this season when he’s been the closest defender have led directly to goals which doesn’t help our error:goal ratio at all). But, Matip, despite correctly showing Sane the outside gets caught completely flat footed and it’s then game over because bloody Karius, sorry, Pre-Karius, doesn’t do what ALL keepers should do in that situation and that is cover your near post first and foremost. Nobody either tracking the runs of Aguero or Sterling into the box and both would’ve been open if Sane had decided to square the ball. City scored with a 7v4 against in the penalty box.

Second Goal (scorer, Silva 84)
Started off with Milner barging at Gundogan, committing and getting skinned. No need at all. An easy 1-2 follows, helped, again, by an extremely flat flooted Matip and then decides to simply observe proceedings from the edge of the 18. There is no urgency in that fella at all. Not saying that isn’t a good trait for a centre half but it seems once he’s beaten, well, it’s down to you fellas! Mane should also have continued his run and at least attempted to pick up Silva instead of adopting the Matip stance and become an observer. City scored with a 9v5 against in the penalty box.

Third Goal (scorer Gundogan, 90)
You knew once City got a second the odds were on that they’d get a third. Lovren ridiculously slid in on Sane at the edge of the box allowing him to easily skate past him and continue his dribble. Ball played to Aguero and Gomez correctly showed him the outside but both he and Mane then allowed Aguero and easy dink cross in the box to Gundogan who had 3 covering him. Lovren attempted a two inch leap, missed the ball allowing the receiver to bring it down and smash it past a Karius. City scored with a 10v4 against in the penalty box.

So combined City scored three goals with a combined 26:13 against. Liverpool had 50% more players in that goal scoring moment but still conceded.

Now, how many times have we seen this before. Van Dijk will help our defending in the 18, no question, but can we rely on Matip or Lovren being an able centre back partner for him? I just don’t know. Matip keeps getting his feet wrong and Lovren keeps playing like a drunk. Would not surprise me in the least if Jurgen buys another top centre back along with a replacement for Karius and Mignolet.

4-1 up and an unnecessary ending and agree with Davinci completely in that another 5 minutes it would have ended 4-4.

Too much ball watching, too much flat footed-ness (especially from Karius who has the most piss poor loaded trigger muscle stance I’ve seen) and not enough discipline to see a game out without conceding but we are third and we all wanted to see this at the end of the City game so I’ll shut up (for now) and enjoy another crazy chapter in this team’s adventure tale.

Rob Fort Worth TX

We’ve conceded 28 goals this season.
Of those 28, 16 are against other top 6 opposition.
We’ve kept 10 clean sheets and are now unbeaten in 18.
While there are definate improvements to be made to the defence we aren’t as bad as some people like to make out.
Our style of play leaves more open at times but I do think we must get a better goal keeper and individual mistakes must be cut out/down.
I think we’d see a drastic change in goals conceded if we did that.



Carroll to cure the Blues?

Andy Carroll does offer something different… when fit… Having said that he’s played 3 full games of 90 minutes, nearly 700 minutes of football this year, and hasnt played more than 1400 minutes of football per season for the last four seasons. Missed 11 league games already this season. Enough said. It’s another howling signing.

So big bad Southgate is to blame for the clubs flat out refusal to use youngsters is he? For telling a young English player he needs to be playing league football regularly? I’d have thought it just confirmed what the player was thinking about signing a contract with the club. Fair enough… Perhaps you should blame Southgate for Conte signing injured Drinkwater and Bakayoko who cant pass a ball five yards to a team mate rather than give assurances he’d play in a side that was crying out for his ball retention and passing ability…. That cost the club roughly 80 million pounds. We are now signing Barkely (im positive about this move if his injury has cleared) and now Carroll – see notes above about getting any game time out of him.

Conte has caused Diego to leave, not signed a replacement for Bats or uses him when we’re crying out for a goal, has told David Luiz get to the bench and cant get our top performers to perform, ie stick the ball in the net… Im actually amazed we are still in the top four given we’ve been beaten comfortably by relegation fodder.

To top it all off, Conte looks like a miserable sad sack of shit when he’s earning 10 million quid a year, spouting off to those who will listen about the club not signing his targets….

Underwhelming. that’s what it feels like at the minute.



Problems with modern football

Mino Raiola: Challenges Arsenal to spend

I make no secret of the fact that without the inbred love of Manchester United, the current trends in football would be persuading me to abandon football as my favourite sport.
I hate transfer fees and wages which are totally unrepresentative of the talent and performance of the player.
I hate agents, without whom the Club and Player could develop a better relationship.
I hate players who sign and then fail to play in the long term interests of the team.

How do you recognise a mercenary before you sign him? I don’t know the answer.
Three players who in the past years have infuriated me, Depay, Van Persie and Mikitaryan, each flattered to deceive and ultimately became millstones.
Rooney reached a stage before the end of the SAF era when his performances no way justified the enormous salary negotiated by his agent.

The big danger of having superstars is that their presence can ultimately destroy the team spirit particularly when they don’t perform. Stories coming out of Europe describe top players dictating who and who not should be signed. CR7 has been one of those implicated and he apparently wants to come home.

Big K

I don’t think I am, Raiola is saying the Sanchez deal won’t go ahead unless Miki agrees to join the Gooners, but United have said that they’re willing to do a cash only deal if Miki doesn’t move. The other option for Raiola then is to pawn him back to Dortmund who can’t pay him even close to the fees that Arsenal would, so I don’t see why he would want to scupper the deal?
I agree that Raiola is a scumbag, his sort need to be ejected from the game, or at the very least FIFA need to cap the fees paid to agents as a percentage of the transfer fee, 5% or something so that men like Raiola will go elsewhere.
From Raiola’s point of view, his job is to make sure that his client is happy, doing what he wants to do and getting paid the maximum that Raiola can negotiate for him. You can’t blame him for that, it’s the agents fees that are exorbitant and are ripping clubs off. How can you ask for £40m just for negotiating a contract? That’s the crux of the issue for most people. What do the agents actually do that justifies the sickening amounts of money that they get from each transfer?



VAR debate

So last night proved VAR can work, but what would have happened if Iheanacho had been a bit further out and stopped once the flag had gone up and the referee had blown his whistle? Its actually a bookable offence to carry on and put the ball in the net after the referees whistle has blown






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