Fans think it’s D-Day for Solskjaer; Chelsea interim boss discussed

Date published: Tuesday 12th February 2019 1:56

Man Utd fans look ahead to tonight’s clash with PSG, Liverpool fans talk about that trip to Old Trafford and Chelsea fans discuss who could take over as caretaker if Maurizio Sarri is axed, all in our forum.

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Sarri needs to make ‘tweaks’

I could well be very wrong here, but by judging everyones post, everyone would be happy with Sarri if he would make tactical tweaks in big games, such as dropping Jorginho for Kante against Man City. That 1 change would make the world of difference. I’d have Kovacic and RLC as the other CMs. They are pretty powerful, though their passing isn’t great. This is one of our flaws for Sarriball. Lack of controlling games through the centre of the pitch, something we have to look at and consider in the next transfer window



Zola in as interim boss?

Sarri Zola TEAMtalk

Mounting speculation that Chelsea are considering sacking Sarri and appointing Zola until the end of the season which would be logical if Sarri went.

nine nine nine


I love Franco to bits and worship him for his time as our magical no.25.

But, I don’t rate him as a manager. Groundhog day for us if this happens lads. A managerial appointment goes wrong, we push the ejector button, and another season is lost.




Lol nine, by the way sarri talks about “my football” it seems he disagrees with you there

The predictable team selection is forgivable like I said due to lack of options (ehm forget CHO for a min) but we all know very well we can change things around quite a bit with what we already have and like we all agree we could probably do better in some games through slight adjustments of what we already have.

Why have we never once seen kante deep with jorginho in big games? Why have we not once seen kante holding alone with kovacic and barkley ahead? It is sarri’ s duty imo to try these things to allow us to gain some flexibility as teams work us out and without being too dramatic I think it gross negligence that he hasnt already done so. I get the feeling he would rather fail but stick to “my football” than to adapt in the slightest and succeed. I will always hope I am wrong when think negatively about chelsea but I think we have a problem with sarri.



“His football” has never been successful. Looks sexy once implemented with the right players, but again whats the point if it doesn’t bring home the silverware?!

If you ask any fan across the world what is more important/entertaining to you as a fan of your club: Your team getting wins? or your team playing entertaining expansive football? Both together is rare so I take the winning as its so much more enjoyable.



Why not back Conte?

What I cannot get my head around, and many have eluded to it here … Why did the club not back Conte?

In his first season he delivered. The football was good to watch and he had a passion for the game.

Yes in the second season he let himself down in the way he reacted, but by fuck he was provoked and the club again behaved appallingly as did some of the players. But he still delivered an FA Cup in a dreadful season.

I am a massive fan of William, who was one of Contes biggest critics, but maybe, just maybe we are seeing this season what Conte was seeing on the training pitch day in day out because even his biggest fans have to admit he has been poor more often than good this season.

We all love Hazard, but not one of us can say he has delivered consistently season after season ….

Sometimes clubs have to show the playing staff who is boss, Ferguson raised eyebrows getting shot of big names during his successful years, Barca got shot of Neymar, Liverpool got shot of Goofy …. all of the players, trouble makers, who were let leave the club learnt lessons, some for the better, some not …. but not one of those clubs suffered as a result.

Chelsea for too long have kowtowed to too many petulant brats and are paying the price! IN MY OPINION.



Agree the senior management should have backed Conte from day one and allowed him to create the winning team then maintain and develop it from there providing him with the allowable warchest to do as such. They failed him, he felt isolated ad expressed himself publicly and effectively got himself the sack.

Question one – why didn’t they do that? Question two – no player is bigger than the club or its coach – Sir Alex managed with an Iron Fist and was successful – player power was never allowed to exist, the player concerned was moved on. How many players actually had fallen out with Conte or were not playing for him.

I know Willian had issues, I know Costa was basically given the flick but was it way deeper than those two? Shouldn’t senior management have become more visible showing their support in numerous ways and backed Conte to the hilt no matter what.

Sold the rebels and purchased players that wanted to be there. I was certainly stunned with goings on there. May be wrong but I believe the majority of supporters feel the same way. Costa is the interesting one as he is an extremely strong personality BUT was he forced out or forced himself out? Is Conte the villian? Wasn’t the text simply confirmation of what had been agreed in that January anyway? Refresh my memory re all of that if one could please.



67, re your question as to why the club didn’t give Conte the power he asked for, imho it’s the same regardless of manager at Chelsea.

Our club is Abramovich’s personal play thing. No different to his portfolio of property, mega yacht or other business interests. He decides what happens and when, and he’s not handing over the final say to anyone else. If Johan Cruyff was reincarnated and hired by Chelsea he wouldn’t have any better luck than Conte.

It’s Abramovich’s subbuteo set and only he will flick the players in whichever direction he wants (via his minions of course).

Which leads me to the player power thing.

When the guy who’s supposed to be in charge obviously isn’t, is it any wonder that a lack of respect develops? To me it’s totally logical that what we see at Chelsea, where players end up bypassing the manager at times in order to negotiate with what they’ve learned is the real power at the club, is in fact a product of the system dictated from the top, and not because somehow Chelsea have a bunch of unusually stroppy players.

I suspect that the various players who’ve been accused of being difficult over the years at Chelsea would be model professionals at City under Guardiola or at Utd under SAF. And conversely, if model players from those clubs came to Chelsea many of them would end up questioning the system, because it’s not unified.

At both Manchester clubs there’s a clear backing for the manager. No mixed messages.

Even with Utd’s recent manager merry-go-round, when a manager is in situ he’s backed, unequivocally.

At City the owners brought in management from Barca, and went all out to create an environment where their chosen gaffer would have effective control over all playing matters. They understood from the outset the critical importance of putting the manager at the top of the playing staff pyramid in otder to build something great.

Meanwhile, when Conte came to Chelsea he’d won Serie A three times on the trot, but is still told he can’t have control of the academy!

Until Abramovich sells Chelsea and we (hopefully) have a less narcissistic owner, things won’t change for the better imho.



Ash, a pretty brilliant assessment. Having said all the above, just one question comes to mind.

What happens to United and City when Pep or Ole goes? Is their off field structure as robust as Chelsea’s which despite the owner investing less and less each year continues to win and be successful. That’s when to judge the success of their operations off the pitch imo.

Despite all the criticism of Sarri, we’re in the league cup final, progressing in both the FA cup and Europa, and are in with a strong shout for a fourth spot. Id have taken todays league and cup positions at the start of the season. We’re still competing on a number of fronts and so talk of sacking Sarri is way too premature and he should be given the rest of the season to see if he can walk away with a prize and we can end this silly hasnt won anything comment that seems to be circulating.



United game crucial for Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp TEAMtalk

If we win against Utd, the title will almost certainly end up at Anfield. Utd are going to throw everything at us amd i seriously doubt they want to see the title at Anfield. If we withstaand that assault we can withstand anything thrown at us in thr league.

A draw would mean a prolonged punching match with City until the end of the season and a loss might just unsettle our rythm too much… Still the lads respond every time after a loss… Not all would be lost.


Totally agree NB mate, United will throw the kitchen sink at least we can predict that. Attacking wise this season we have been very good but the one aspect of our play that is missing is long shots… The only time I can remember a sustained period long shots was against Everton, United at Anfield and Sturridge goal against Chelsea.

I wish we had people confident to try the odd long ranger, that’s what Coutinho and to a lesser extent Emre Can gave to our team dynamically wise. Sometimes we seem intent on always walking it into the net like the beautiful goal we scored against Bournemouth.



Huge test for Solskjaer

Huge test of Ole’s credentials this. When he took over I questioned how it would be possible for him to have a better chance of winning this game than Mourinho. But, 11 games later, it’s safe to say we have a much better chance of beating PSG now with Ole than we did with Jose.
That’s quite incredible.



Not just a huge test for Ole but the players. They have been rightly praised in recent weeks and now it’s up to them to show how good they are. I suspect we’ll go with Martial and Rashford up top with Lingard as a false nine where he’ll be instructed to stay close to Verratti when we defend and try to disrupt his passing game.

Herrera will also play a key role in helping the defense deal with Mbappe and try to get him riled up. With Cavani and Neymar out, PSG will constantly look for Mbappe but Di Maria will be eager to impress as well. Ex-United players usually get a warm welcome but I wouldn’t give Di Maria the time of the day. There have been many worse than him but no one as disinterested.



Agreed Roygbiv – wonder if this is the game we finally see the players looking at each other in disbelief as we’re carved open again and again? Hope not! Although the likes of Lindelof, Herrera and Matic have come a long way in recent weeks, hope they stand the test of a top quality European side.
Feels like a game made for Pogba…



It’s been a long time since we played a very good side during the knockout stages. Hopefully we put in a decent performance and score a few goals.



Big game big night based on the recent results I have to be optimistic but having said that we lack quality in some crucial areas and I hope we don’t get exposed.



Even with Neymar and Cavani out it’s a big test. Did I read somewhere Veratti is out too? Or was that imagined in hope? Mbappe on his own can destroy teams, we’ll defend deeper than normal to nullify his pace which will not make life easy on us.

Having said that we have pace in abundance with Martial, Rashford and Lingard. Sanchez is also quick, it could be a good game for him if he gets a chance even though he probably doesn’t deserve it. As I said before it’s an iffy tie. A goal either way will decide it and DDG will have to be on top form too. It’ll 2-1 or 1-0 but not sure who will win.



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