How much is Man Utd start down to Mourinho?

Date published: Saturday 7th October 2017 1:10

Chelsea fans discuss the impact of signing Alexis Sanchez, while Naby Keita’s role at Liverpool and whether Jose Mourinho’s is getting too much praise is also discussed.



Klopp is not gonna play a traditional holding midfielder at 6, he expects more from that position whether rightly or wrongly which is why I think he believes Kieta could be that player.
Nothing’s written in stone and no one has a crystal ball just guesstimating from what we know of Klopp and Keita.



Keita will likely take that anchor role and whilst he’s better than what we have defensively, you do wonder whether we lose some of that skill going forward.

Still think we need a pure defensive minded mid for some games but not sure Klopp will go down this route from what I’ve seen of him with us.



I’ve always imagined Keita behind Coutinho and Lallana. Mane and Salah out wide with Bobby or possible a new striker up top.

Keita coming in puts pressure on Jordan, I can see him becoming a bit part player soon enough, I wouldn’t count him out though…

notorius bingo



The one standout performer currently in the PL, and who will soon become available, is Alexis Sanchez. He would make a massive difference to Chelsea’s starting 11 – sorry to say it but he is way better than Pedro and Willian, and I’d love the club to get him in January.

Him Hazard and Morata, the would be pretty awesome and would have us challenging in the CL, because as it currently stands we won’t get beyond the quarters.



There are not many world class players in the PL. only a handful of them are in the league. Hazard, Aguero, Sanchez and Kane. I won’t deceive myself to label Willian as world class, but when he is in his game not many defenders can withstand with his movement and dribbling skills.

Until the death of his mother, Willian has been a first choice for us. but once that tragedy happened, and Pedro grabbed the opportunity with his hands, I could understand why Conte was reluctant bring back Willian and disrupt a winning team.

Bbut still he has double figures in goals. the bottom line is that Willian isn’t as bad as some posters are making. we can’t deny his past achievement with Chelsea.



In reference to those saying Mourinho shouldn’t be praised because Man Utd haven’t faced anyone yet…. praise can only refer to the past though right? Jose has been praised for a great start and rightly so. We’re dominated by a world that seeks to conclude and define on a weekly basis and holding back praise until after a big game isn’t inline with the industry standard of game by game analysis.

In reality we should just wait till the end of the season to see what happens and then dish out our summations. But, again, that’s not how the footballing world works.

The problem with waiting for the city game to decide whether or not to offer praise is that we might lose and then no praise is given which isn’t fair because it has been a great start.

Plus the City game is only another chance of 3 points in the view of the season as a whole it’s the same as Crystal Palace at home.

Beat city and, no doubt, praise will be at an all time high. But losing to them shouldn’t take anything away from our good start to the season which Jose deserves praise for.

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defending—man to man…has flaws…if the player being marked is lost then he gets free header…conclusion for defence dont lose your man…attackers…how do we get our two (generally) best players into positions that they can get a free(ish) header and how do we get the ball into the area that they will be at the correct moment…

defending zonal…has flaws..If you give 6ft+ players time and space to run at you and have a player who needs to only pick out an area rather than a man with a cross then his chances increase…defenders…have to know there area and attack the ball when it enters there area…attackers time your run into area and overload areas to hopefully have a free man…make cross runs to divert attention of defender…

Arsenal problem from a coaches persepctive—-player positioning and lack of aggressive players willing to attack the space they are defending results in goals to opposition.

So not surprising that teams with players better suited to aerial duals in the past West Brom/Stoke being prime examples and teams with more aggressive players Chelsea/City/Utd beat us to the punch…other teams in our league that may be more aggressive and also have players better suited to aerial duals have not been as good against us because the individual tasked with delivering the set play is not as gifted so statistically we do not lose as many goals against them

Stats in everything are flawed and if you rely on published stats alone to prove any argument then your argument is flawed…delve deeper into the stats and the most telling aspect will be chances created against us…think someone on this thread has gone down this path…we do give opponents too many chances now in an entire game

With some tweaking to our players positional sense at vital times in games this can be rectified…this however would result in a reduction in our ability to breakaway and score on the counter…its about balance and for a few seasons now we have not had the balance right in matches

Whether that’s down to Wenger’s coaching ability or lack of as some would shout or the players during the game is a mute point for me…the buck in football stops at the manager… that’s why Rodgers was given the bullet at Pool despite statistically speaking at the last count I remember he has a better record than Klopp.


I get we are in top 5 or 6 but as i have said that sonly because we are better thanthe other teams. If you compare the stats agsint the teams above us we are well off! thats just bad defending. Zonal or Man2man it doesnt matter when you have Wenger coaching them.

Regardless of it beings wenger team in the invincibles they did still have players around them who were trained by a tactically astute manager (not wenger) that would and did have a big impact.
I wont dispute it was wengers team but i will 100% disagree with anyone that thinks it was wenger influence that made them so good at defending.

We have conceded 0 goals in last 4 games, 1 look at the oppo, then secondly look at the chances we have given away due to shit defending and a piss poor base to the midfield.

Luck has played a big hand in us not conceding againt these teams. Also we defend the same bad way in all games, more often than not we concede 3+ goals against good quality oppo.

That’s not made up thats just fact. its great we didnt concede but you guys need to look at the bigger picture. We cannot defend the way we do and it not be highlighted regardless of the scoreline.

Thats typical wenger mentality right there, its a huge reason why the muppet is still in charge and why we are BAD at defending.

Andy C


Zonal marking/man-marking, Wenger’s defence/Graham’s defence – all can be debated until the cows come home and, quite frankly, not sure why anyone cares. None of it is relevant to the fact that Wenger is seemingly incapable of organising them properly on a consistent basis.

Al the Gooner



I’m giving up on England. It’s not a team rather a collection of hugely overpaid young men who have no idea what it means to represent a country.

Last night was more than 11 in the box.. it was the way you pressed, chased when needed and sat off the opposition to reorganise. Impressive stuff and a million miles away from an abject England team who kill any joy of watching them.

I’d be dropping the big names and getting journeymen in who would play with passion and tempo and who don’t earn 1 million a month.

Romans dirty pants


Why don’t England do what Germany did in 2010 world Cup? Throw in some youngsters? The ones who won the under 21’s world cup? Fearless, can they do any worse?




Wow, not only is Salah good at attacking, he’s good at working two fidget spinners at the same time and on his pinky fingers!

Rob Fort Worth TX

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