Fans want to see the back of Liverpool skipper; January signing plans discussed

Date published: Thursday 30th November 2017 1:18

Liverpool fans want to see the back of Jordan Henderson, will Jurgen Klopp strengthen in January? And Arsenal fans are in good spirits in our forum…


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What did you guys make of Solanke? Hard to judge him on bit parts but I thought he did a good somewhat steady job.

In fact, at times it was like having to Firminios, which isn’t a bad thing but I felt he didn’t actually get the chance to show his striker side of him (even though he was involved in the first goal). Not a criticism more just my constructive opinion of what I saw.


He was steady but I think he struggled to impose himself in the second half and that’s when he was replaced. Hope to see more of him.



‘Can over Henderson every game’


Haven’t posted on here for a while, but just wanted to say how great the win was today. Can should be playing over Henderson every game.

He gets stuck in and is less predictable on the ball which are two things we need in midfield at the moment. It’d be a real shame if/when we lose him next summer. And no words for Salah. Best player in the league at the moment in my opinion.



Impressed with Klopp’s rotation

Mwake I thought Solanke was solid & done the job asked of him, I like him & think he will be a good player for us. He has size, strength & is intelligent.

On the game yes we rode our luck at times but in the end I think we got what we deserved. Stoke are truly a terrible side to watch, Hughes is a joke of a manager & their football got what it deserved. I expected a tight close game & my concern was how we’d deal with Crouch & their route 1 football but I thought our D handled them pretty well most of the game so credit where it’s due.

I’m also impressed how Klopp is changing it up a bit & using the squad, I was concerned SAlah & Firmino in particular were getting worn out & needed a rest, even for half a game so credit where it’s due again.

I’d have taken any win but 0-3 away from home is an excellent result against a very difficult opponent that has already taken points from a couple of top teams. Cheers 🍻 to another win in a few days, happy days for now. Yeeehaaa.



‘Can a better option than Henderson’

Redrob, I agree about can. Our best two midfielders in my opinion are can and winji. We keep the balk better with winji. He doesn’t get knocked off the ball easily. He keeps us moving. I find hard to understand that some people don’t know what he brings to the team

Can is much better then Henderson sitting. he pushed back to help the defence deal with crouch and the long balls.

Another good game for Moreno even though he missed two balls in the 1st half. Firmino hadn’t a great game but he is so important for our pressing game. Solanke had a very good 1st half.

Solid again from Gomez. Rob, totally agree. Great to keep a clean sheet

Two massive games coming up

Sean the Sailor


Squad depth impressive

Many of us pointed out that the squad beyond the defence has depth & last night showed just that.

Going in to December & January we should be much more competitive then last year players should be more fresh. Also has anyone noticed we have not pressed in the same crazy way we did for the first 3 months of last year? Has Klopp observed the link between over pressing = fatigue = injuries ?



Salah, Mane and Keita!

Moonster, I’m with you totally on this one, I never thought a player would come in and eclipse Mane to such an extent. This is not a criticism of Mane though, who I think is the best winger in the Premiership, and still possibly the most influential player at Liverpool – remember how we missed him at Spurs?

Don’t jump the gun though, Keita is on his way, and could prove to be even more important than both Salah and Mane, mainly because he plays in an area that requires serious strengthening. He could even be the next Gerrard, let’s wait and see



Which positions will Klopp strengthen in January?

With 5-6 weeks to go before the January window opens I thought I’d start this new topic thread.

Realistically, who do you think will come in or what positions will Jurgen look to fill (if you can’t think or want to commit to any names)?

For fun, I’ve put some odds in there too:

2/1F Obvious position/player one is centre back and Van Dijk and I honestly believe we’ll go in for him right off the bat. We cannot persevere another 5 months and risk CL qualification with what we have at the back. Up front will get us CL qualification but that balloon will get popped with what’s behind which could be massively detrimental to the immediate and long term future of this club. We got CL this year and now we need to keep it!
6/1 – Will Jurgen go for another winger back-up (to enable rest for Salah/cover for Mane’s continuing absences)?
16/1 – Will Jurgen go for a new left back? Doubt it.
10/1 – Will Jurgen go for a new central mid? All depends I think if he lets Can go. We’d all like to see a proper defensive mid but Jurgen doesn’t seem bothered about covering that position per se. ‘The system’ covers that spot.
20/1 – Will Jurgen go for a centre forward? Love to see Auba here. A natural finisher if there ever is one.
– 100/1 shot – new keeper? Least of his worries I think. He seems OK with the choices and rotation he has now but this spot may move ‘up the charts’ come the summer.
– 150/1 – Will he sign no-one? Wouldn’t surprise me but doubt it very much. The team is 6th for and 14 points behind City after just a third of the campaign for a reason. The squad isn’t good enough.

Your input?

Rob Fort Worth TX



From now up to the start of the window we don’t have games against the top sides. Naturally we’ll look better defensively against sides that will inevitably park the bus against us. Based on this Klopp will continue to think the players weighing us down can put in good shifts consistently.

Long story short we won’t be signing anyone and at the end of the season we’ll all be reflecting on another season that could have been if our manager had the balls to remove the cancers that have plagued this side for years. At the end of the window we’ll receive another statement that Clyne and Lallana are our new signings and that what we have is good enough even though the whole world can see that they’re not.



No ‘nightmare November’ for Arsenal

Didn’t want to jinx it after the Spud game but our usual “Nightmare November” actually turned out pretty well!

There was a shaky 20-25 mins after the break last night but otherwise, what a great performance. Ozil has been outstanding in his last couple of games and I know some will say he’s playing for his next manager but damn I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts. Rambo is also returning to his best, another goal for Lacazette, two for our super-sub and does anything need to be said about Sanchez?

I was really worried that Wenger would rest players, with Man U in mind but credit where it’s due, he put out our strongest side and they then put in a performance that will hopefully take them into Saturday with their tails up. I’m really looking forward to taking on the Mancs now and win, lose or draw, if we play like we did yesterday and against the Totts, I’ll have no complaints.


Al The Gooner


Defence looking solid

Another clean sheet as well. When Monreal, Kos and Mustafi play together the defence looks really solid – that’s 6 games without conceding a goal when they’ve been together, Mustafi looks like a 30m player! also I think Cech has looked back to his best.

The only downside was the injury to Lacazette who I think will be a big miss against Manu



Lacazette blow

Didn’t realise Lacazette’s injury was that serious – that’s a big loss. His scoring record is phenomenal, especially considering the league he came from and he’s not just a goalscorer either. I’m hoping against hope that it’s a bit of kidology on Wenger’s part and that he’ll suddenly be fit for Man U.

Completely agree about Mustafi – he’s finally looking like a top defender. As for Cech, this has got to be the best form he’s been in, not just since he came to us but including his last couple of seasons at Chelski. Apparently, it’s all down to a bit of weight loss.

Something else to mention – there aren’t many teams that have players of the quality of Giroud, Welbeck and Wilshere to bring on from the bench.

I’m starting to enjoy being an Arsenal fan again!

Al The Gooner

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