‘If Messi was born in England, I have doubts he’d have made it’

Date published: Thursday 27th July 2017 12:33

Lionel Messi: Stunned Real Madrid with a late winner

Would Messi have been overlooked because of English preconceptions? Is Mourinho being paid to be controversial? Will Liverpool actually sign another player? And is there any point at all in FFP? All discussed on our forums.

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Would Messi have made it if he was born in England?

Unless something drastically changes during the next 4 weeks the best we can hope for is 4th next season.

Blind is a quality technically gifted footballer, but he is not a left back. If you are going to play him he needs to play central midfield for me. I dont understand why Jose is persisting with carrick and fellani – they are clearly sh*** and are not going to improve next season – so why persist?

Why not try TFM or blind in midfield? At least give one of them a go they may surprise you. At least with blind you know he can pass and control the midfield better than carrick and fellani leaving herrara and pogba to drive forward.

The notion is to be a top footballer you need pace strength and built like house – imo thats why england have flopped since 1966 because the emphasis is always on speed and strength rather than technical ability. If messi was born in England i would have serious reservations as to whether he would have made it as a professional footballer.



Not all doom and gloom at United

It all depends on what we are expecting from the team. I’m not expected us to outplay Barca next season. I expect us to challenge for the title by turning a lot of those draws that we had against the mid-table and lower teams into wins.

If we want to win the CL, then yes, we will need more players. But I’d be happy for them to come in next summer as well.

I think we will also re-sign Ibrahimovic when he recovers from his injury – which I hope will not be a step backwards for us and that if we do get him it will be as cover for Lukaku and Rashford and not as a starter.

Shaw is a difficult one for us, as the promise is there but so far he has not delivered – partly due to injuries and partly due to application. He is in the last chance saloon, but he has the talent that warrants a last chance imo. That gives us a dilemma over backup – Rojo and Blind are ok, but not good enough to play for a season if we want to challenge for the title. So do we gamble on Shaw or bring someone in to push Shaw out, or bring someone in who cold cover for a season should Shaw not be up to it. Tierny of Celtic seems a viable choice – but good players from Scotland often struggle in the PL anyway.

We have a couple of youngsters coming through, but they can’t be relied on for the season either.

Three at the back would certainly help Shaw, and that could include Blind who would be able to push into midfield given the opportunity. It would also mean we could pick an attacking player in the midfield three such as Mata or Miki, with the width coming from the wingbacks. If we do that then the other two in midfield would be Pogba and the new signing (should we make one) leaving Herrera on the bench – which would be harsh given how well he played last season. But that would give us strength from the bench.

I don’t agree it is all doom and gloom should we sign the two players it seems we what to.



Positive preseason for City

I know it was only a friendly, but City played really well. Walker seems a vast improvement on our previous backs. Danilo looks handy too and Edersen certainly seems an improvement on Bravo. Sterling was also electric. Admittedly Real Madrid did not have all their first team players but neither did City. The only problem to me has been the form of Jesus, he seems to have developed the falling over disease so often seen others. A good performance against Spurs will be a nice way to end the tour.



Mourinho’s stupid Pogba comments

Jose Mourinho: Not concerned with Pogba fee

Does Mourinho get paid a bonus every time he says something stupid? Particularly in relation to Pogba. We get that he feels the need to protect Pogba after the paid a ludicrously inflated price for him but every time he claims Pogba is world class just makes people cringe. And he just went one better to try and claim Pogba is at the same level as Messi, Neymar and Suarez. If he genuinely believes this then he needs to be assessed for severe mental health problems and delusions.



Iheanacho not up for Spurs challenge?

Kelechi Iheanacho: On scoresheet yet again

I have a feeling he isn’t up for the challenge and would want more regular playing time… that’s pretty much sums up our current predicament and lack of signings. The sort off players who could come in and have a real decent chance of replacing our strongest 11 are either a) 60/70/80 million b) all want to play for more “fashionable” clubs c) already moved this summer.



Liverpool’s summer dragging on?

I get that these kind of transfers take a long time, but there’s been no progress at all, neither RB/Southampton have softened their stance and have made it clear in about a million ways that they are not going to sell, I think there’s very little chance that either of these transfers will happen… VVD a bit more likely since he’s made his intentions clear and Southampton may find a 70milliom + bid irresistible
I am not that bothered even if we don’t get these two, I just can’t wait for the season to start and put all this business to bed once and for all



Liverpool can go toe to toe with Barca over Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho: Attacker in action against Barcelona

“as for getting Liverpool’s permission, after all we’ve been through in the VVD saga are you really saying they wouldn’t have talked to him without our permission”

To have a deal agreed, yes. Because having anything actually agreed with the player is proof of tapping up. But that isn’t the point for me, I use this “agreed” nonsense to write off bullshit articles.

barca can turn pretty much anyones head if they try hard enough, or at least they could but if you look at us this season, we can do the same. We have huge pulling power right now as a PL club but much more so as Klopp’s current ‘on the up’ club. He has huge draw and a good PL club has a lot of financial pull (or in this case, stay). They can afford to pay £150m for a player because they are selling someone for over 200 (so they say). . But if we really needed to, we could pay for a £150m player right now and won’t only have to sell the few who we’re trying to sell already.

I’m not saying that our club is as rich as Barca’s but we can much more go toe to toe with them before. A few season ago their draw on our players would be too much for us but as things stand now, I’m not in the slightest bit concerned that they will turn Coutinho’s head, this summer.



Why would Neymar go to PSG?

As Tim Vickery said on the radio yesterday, Coutinho leaving Liverpool depends on whether Neymar goes to PSG or not. If he does, I reckon Couts is off, as they will simply throw so much money at us. But if Neymar does go to PSG, it begs the question as to why. I can’t believe a player of his class, truly one of the world’s best would want to play in the French league. Sure, he’ll get paid truck loads of cash, but Ligue Un…really? You’re effectively playing just for 10 0r 12 Champions League matches a season. I know Monaco won it last year, but look what has happened to their team over the summer.

I think we just need to watch what happens in that saga, because that will dictate what happens to Phil, I’m afraid. Much as he loves Liverpool, we all know the pull of the Spanish clubs for South American players

 Hightown hope


Get Sakho!


I think it is time to splash the cash and get Sakho for €30mill. Why the change? We have now signed 2 players with Adrian a possibility and as long as we don’t lose anyone (players of the Cabaye ilk) we really do not need any more as it looks like Frank will play our youngsters, with both Bacary Sakho and Jordan Mutch seeming to be having a new lease of life. This along with both Souare and Wickham back from injury really gives us 2 new players. I am thinking that maybe this whole exercise has been about getting Liverpool to drop their price but as this is not happening let’s get Sakho who is a proven performer with us rather than 2 or 3 defenders who would cost the same combined and may not prove to be any good. Then again Sakho in my opinion is worth 2 defenders and a keeper, he made Henessey look decent when he played along side him. Get Sakho!!



Not a fan of FFP

Biggest pile of s**** to ever descend on football. All it has done is make the likes of Salford Utd, Real, PSG and Barca stronger. That’s exactly why it was brought in. Has it stopped the big spenders spending? Has it f*** it has helped them spend more whilst limited the smaller clubs. Yet more corrupt b******t from that slim bag Platini. it’s the same as this global warming h*******t that has governments stealing from us with lies and s**** about our planet dying. Trump has it sussed and knows it’s crap. Now we are getting rid of diesel ffs. Just as bad as FFP. Stands for f*** f*** p*** as far as I’m concerned.



Smalling + Gibbs > Gibson

Why would we rather pay 25m+ for Gibson, than pay a total of 20-25m for both Smalling and Gibbs?? Doesn’t make sense to me. Also, I am worried we are only really getting linked with more and more defenders. Wheres the creative midfielder, and additional striker?? Do we have more money to spend than we know about, because if we blow 25m+ on Gibson that can’t leave a lot left in the kitty surely??


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