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Date published: Sunday 27th December 2009 11:08

Clarets complete decade long journey

As 2010 draws ever closer I would imagine that I have more to reflect on than most fans of other Premier League sides.

This decade started with Burnley in the Third division and ends with us in the Premier League. Along the way I’ve seen us blow ten point leads at the top of the league, nearly go out of business, nearly relegated and beat United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Villa and Spurs over the last two to three years.


One obvious moment stands out for me though, and that is the play-off final at Wembley. I went into that game ridiculously confident that we would be successful and so I wasn’t at all nervous given the magnitude of the game. When Wade Elliot scored what turned out to be the winner I cracked though, tears quickly came and I very nearly dropped to my knees.


That was doubled when the final whistle went and I realised that I would finally see Burnley run out in the top flight and that time I did fall back into my seat and have a good old cry.

I’ve watched Burnley in all four divisions and seen us get tanked four, five, six and seven at home by some godawful sides and been to 80 odd away grounds and only seen us win at about 20 of them. I just didn’t think it would happen for us even two years ago, so to see it happen so fast was amazing.


On the way home I got boatloads of abuse from my mates for acting like a big girl, but ultimately I couldn’t care less. It was a special moment and a special day that will live with me forever.

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