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Date published: Sunday 27th December 2009 12:39

Journeymen book their trip to Cardiff

Although my moment of the decade is as predictable as a bar fight in a Steven Seagal film ending with a pool cue being wrapped round the head of one of the bad guys cronies, the promotion season of 03-04 is the one true highlight of the past decade for Huddersfield Town me as fan.

The reason it is my moment of the decade is simply all the events surrounding the promotion, the emotions we all went through, and having a team out on the pitch that the fans all loved.

After the soul destroying events of the previous campaign, that not only ended in relegation but administration, and near extinction for the club the 03-04 promotion was all the sweeter for the previous years suffering.

In my mind the moment promotion was sealed was when Rob Edwards scored in the play off semi against Lincoln, a quite fantastic moment as it looked like we had thrown away a glorious opportunity in that game.


One goal to the good after the first leg we had an absolute disaster in the first half of the second leg, with the whole team looking so lethargic you’d have thought that they had just enjoyed duck with all the trimmings followed by a large helping of trifle.

By half time we were 2-0 down in the tie and things were looking quite staggeringly bad. However the stage was set for something special and Town came roaring back into the game and after Danny Schofield slotted away a decisive penalty, it was law of the play ground time as next goal was bound to win it.

Jon Worthington, last seen at Oldham, got the ball outside the penalty area, turned his defender and played the ball into John McAliskey, last seen at Burger King, who stumbled over the ball, miss-controlled but the ball found its way to the left foot of Rob Edwards, now retired, who caught the ball sweetly and it sailed straight into the onion bag. The euphoria was unbelievable, we’d over-turned the deficit and we were going to Cardiff, where as they say the rest is history.

Peter Jackson took us up with a side made up of journey men and home-grown youngsters and the pride was back in West Yorkshire as Huddersfield were moving on up. It was a glorious season and the game against Lincoln was a typical performance with Town making things difficult before roaring back with late goals on so many occasions.

Although the rest of the decade perhaps didn’t work out how we hoped, we are where we are today because of that night and that team.

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