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Date published: Sunday 27th December 2009 1:50

A ten year journey…up the M1

As we come to the end of the decade known as the Noughties I am required to give my favourite moment of that decade.

Being a Milton Keynes Dons fan I am in a unique position of the team not having even existed until 2004 which only gives me six years of memories to choose from.

I must confess that I was a Wimbledon fan previously and obviously have a soft spot for AFC Wimbledon but the MK Dons are my ongoing concern. There have been some special moments since the club formed and it has always been interesting for a variety of reasons.

The trip to Wembley and winning the League Two championship obviously ride high in the best moments since the new club formed but for sheer unadulterated joy there is only one moment that I could possibly choose.

It is of course that memorable May afternoon at home in the National Hockey Stadium to Tranmere where our survival in League One depended on victory. I was not at the game but have a vivid memory of that Saturday afternoon.


I was studying in Manchester at the time and so settled down in front of the TV with my two housemates, quivering hands and began chain smoking as the game got under way. The game remains a blur until the very end where we all know what happened.

With us seemingly heading out of League One in the dying minutes of the game Jeff Stelling suddenly began uttering about a goal down at the National Hockey Stadium. In his usual way he built it up and up and up without giving a thing away before it cut to the game and there it was staring me in the face, Milton Keynes Dons 2 Tranmere Rovers 1, Edds 90.

I remember very little from that point onwards. I remember being stupidly nervous for injury time just praying that they would hold on and then when the result finally came in that we had won and stayed up, a great wash of elation came over me as my bemused housemates looked on.

Drinks were had, a good nights partying was enjoyed and a smile was cast on my face for days afterwards. Gareth Edds remains a legend at the club for that brace and I think we can all agree that for pure drama that was the moment of the decade.

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