Your Says: Why does the best young talent avoid Liverpool?

Date published: Saturday 1st April 2017 11:23

Liverpool fans question whether the ‘Klopp factor’ is enough to bring in the best players, Arsenal supporters discuss whether Wenger has destroyed his legacy at the club, while it should be an ‘easy’ win for Chelsea at the weekend.


Wenger has ‘ruined his legacy’

[Paul] Merson raised a very good point. AW said that contract talks with Ozil and Sanchez have been shelved till the summer as they can cause a distraction to the team. What about his contract, where he knows what he’s going to do? Merson called it arrogance and he’s right. Whatever decision he makes, the team can’t play any worse than they are now. It can only help.

Year after year of the same mistakes and he still has a dig at the fans saying ‘nothing is good enough for some people.’ As far as I am concerned, he has ruined his legacy. Can’t wait to see the back of him.



All this secrecy can only mean Wenger is staying

I am now entirely convinced of it. My theory is, the club are just waiting for the right time. They have used the international break to try and let the anger and the protesting die down. They have wheeled out as many ex and current players as possible to talk about wanting him to stay and how important he is. They are simply priming themselves for the announcement.

What the board and Wenger want is a win against City. That happens and it will be announced. Otherwise what is there to wait for? If he came out 2 weeks ago and said he would go at the end of the season, everyone would be united behind him. There is no real benefit for him to say nothing and then suddenly step down in May. That wouldn’t help anyone, players or fans.
All this secrecy and waiting can only mean he is staying, but they just want to wait for their opportunity to announce it.

Very very depressing. I can’t even believe the media are running stories about how he will be given mega bucks to spend and rebuild the squad and blah blah blah. Who is still buying this crap? How many times have they conned people with this one?
What in fact will happen is, Sanchez will leave – he is odds on to do so. Ozil will go but who cares to be honest. We will finish outside of the top 4 and spend another 2 years listening to his big book of excuses. Its beyond boring



Predicting an easy Chelsea win over Palace

Palace doing well?  not sure on that. Ok yes three wins lately, but in two of those games I believe they had three shots on target winning both 1.0 and the Watford game was an OG the other Boro who never score anyway from home.
So, as tough as the PL is Palace is one of the easiest games we could play the whole season, apart from breaking them down to score that will be us much of a challenge it should be if we are on our game.
3 or 4 nil, happy days.



Palace fixture is ‘a game for Fabregas’

It’s probably a game for Cesc tomorrow. Very important to get the 3 points I can’t see too many changes maybe Cesc tomorrow and Matic on Wednesday and Willian and Pedro interchanging for both games bar injury.

Seemingly Courtois and Moses remain doubtful? Cross your fingers and toes lads that they recover in time.

nine nine nine


Klopp factor isn’t enough to attract top players

I’ve said many times we are no longer one of the big boys (& copped the usual your just negative responses) & whilst I hoped the Klopp factor would be enough to attract top players, it’s not. That said if we can get C/L as well I think we will be a chance.



The lack of consistent CL football over the years has severely harmed our attractiveness. In the last 10 years how many CL appearances have we made? Even if we make top four this year a player may think what are the chance of LFC making CL over the next three seasons.



Tired of seeing Liverpool miss out on talent to ‘lesser’ clubs

Well it looks like the long-term hipsters favourite for Liverpool’s future midfield Mo Dahoud won’t be signing for us, even with Klopp at the helm, he looks set for Dortmund (surprise surprise!).

I get that Mo probably didn’t want leave Germany anyway and so is a moot point, but really if we had a good enough youth setup and maybe even good negotiators then surely couldn’t we have persuaded and charmed Dahoud to come? But then look at the current young french hope Dembele who was also charmed into signing for Dortmund from France, why cant we do stuff like that more often? But it doesnt stop there even English based talent Ben Chilwell decided that even with our lack of left backs that it wasn’t worth coming to Liverpool. Those are just three players that we could do with in our team and probably have inquired about. Yes Yes we have Origi and Gomez but both player have had a about 5 starts this season between the two of them… Are we not good enough for the best young talent?

So what is the issue? Is it the negotiating team at Liverpool are they not good enough? Is it the academy? Or is it the fact that Gerrard is still sleeping and tired from having to carry the club? ? Sorry for a little rant but its getting a little tiring seeing good talent chose ‘lesser’ clubs if you know what I mean.



Big money seems to make United’s scouting department ‘lazy’

Clubs like Celtic and Southampton have to find gems because they don’t have the money to go out and buy whoever they want. They are also forced to play these players when they buy them because they can’t afford to spend £10m on a player and then not play him or send him out on loan.

Having the money that Man Utd does has seemed to make our scouting department, and approach to transfers in general, fairly lazy. We seemed to look at good players in other clubs and say, ‘Okay, lets have him.’ Only since Mourinho came in this year have we seen a change in approach and to be fair, apart from Pogba most of our signings have been relatively cheap but of good quality, Bailly for instance.

The recent shake-up of the scouting network bodes well for the future, that maybe we can unearth gems as well. However, there is a note of caution here in that if we can’t give these young players first team football then they’re unlikely to want to come to us to sit on the bench.

If they are being brought into the academy then there has to be a clear route to the first team so it is important to see the like of Tim Fosu Mensah and Tahith Chong breaking through in the next few seasons.



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