Festive fears

Date published: Friday 18th December 2009 10:55

Don’t blame the players though, says FanZoner William Boye

I can’t seem to work out where we are going to finish at the end of the season. we get good results against the top teams like Leeds and Colchester, but we lose to the Tranmere’s.

Inconsistency is the word… perhaps the only good thing to shout about is that QPR are in the spotlight embarrassing themselves again!

The Leeds game managed to draw in a decent crowd, but when your fans are being out-sung by the away supporters and you welcome your opponents to a mud bath, a draw is probably the best result you could wish for.

That now stretches our home form to seven unbeaten, not bad for a side the BBC classed as ‘struggling’. You would understand their choice of words if you were there to witness the 1-0 embarrassment to the genuinely ‘struggling’ Tranmere Rovers, though.

Scotty says he doesn’t think we’ve not got the results we expected because our players have been too naive; part of me agrees with that and part of thinks maybe it’s you Scotty, who’s being naive.

You can’t say it’s the players because it’s not, with Wojciech Szczesny between the sticks what more can possibly go wrong?

I just hope we don’t embarrass ourselves in the coming weeks because we face a few tough games, including away at MK Dons, who’ll be on a high after their stadium was selected as part of England’s 2018 World Cup bid.

Then it’s Gillingham and despite the threat of Simeon Jackson, we still have the upper hand as we are a point ahead of them in the league. They still brag about going to Wembley and winning the play-offs, but we have the bragging rights as we were the champions.

Perhaps the only good thing kicking off behind the scenes is that we’ve managed to keep John Bostock for an extra month.

Leon Legge also managed to win the Player of the Round award for the FA Cup second round, which is always a confidence boost, but to be honest I don’t hold much hope in the coming weeks.

People may well criticise me for saying that but sometimes when things are not going your way, you just need to accept it.

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