Flat-track Liverpool bully needs dropping; end of the line for two Man Utd stars

Date published: Monday 13th January 2020 2:35

Joel Matip has been backed to return to the Liverpool side to replace Joe Gomez, while Man Utd readers believe two stars have had their day – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Win & 3 points main thing for me

I didn’t expect us to play well as its been a long few weeks & the rest would have made us a bit lethargic.

People saying Gini played really well not for me he held the ball for too long could have moved the ball forward quicker not saying he was poor by any means. Our midfielders in general could have played better.

20 wins!
Another big game next week & I will take another 1-0


Tough, tough game.

And let’s be honest, that was a relatively poor performance from the lads, giving away the ball too often, plus several mistakes.

Main thing is we got the 3 points, and must now look to improve considerably and crush United next week


Gini was MOTM for me today. Mane was superb defensively but looked like he ran out of steam before being subbed. Thought Ox in particular was poor again. Henderson, TAA and Gomez didn’t have good games either in that 2nd half. So much for attacking Mourinho. At home and all they did for 80mins was sit back and try to hit us on the counter.


I always thought Mourinho was gonna sit back and try to frustrate and maybe hit on the break.
Mourinho is a busted flush. Football has moved on.
At one point I forgot Ox was on the pitch, shortly after he was subbed. He didn’t play well.

Another 3 points
Another clean sheet
16 points clear with a game in hand


All about getting the 3 points and we did that. Their tactics were very negative as expected

Massive win. Absolutely huge

Sean the sailor

Gini was probably MOTM, I think Alisson 2nd. Hendo and Gomez were very poor, Robertson was not great either. the amount of passes himself and some other over-cooked… It’s like we were nervy today and I even saw it in Van Dijk at one stage.

the discussion about Gomez on here will likely go nuts. He’s been immense in every game until this …. utter shit. He was truly awful and he will want to respond to this in my opinion. Matip is coming back and it wasn’t until today that I thought he had even a 1% chance of taking his place back. Songman will no doubt be over the moon, well until he thinks about how bloody serious this could be next week.

Mr Makaveli


I wouldnt say Gomez was utter s*** but he was rather dodgy the first 30 min but then he grew into the role.So yeah I agree that this was one of his worst performances this season.

But that being said, I really thought most of the team was very sub-par in this game.



The problem with Gomez is we don’t know how he will fare against top opposition. He’s fine against Sheffield or a below par Leicester but against Son and Alli he looked iffy. Matip on the other hand has looked confident and played with authority these last few months, even against Messi and Suarez.

For me Matip is the superior defender until age catches him. I would like Gomez to get six or seven starts until the end of the season if both are fit so as not to stunt his progress, but against the top dogs Matip should get the nod.

And I’m not happy to be proven right (if at all) alongside Songman in rating the abilities of those two. I guess Klopp will have to solve this conundrum.


What we know from history of how Klopp has been handling the centreback situation previously is that whoever has the shirt at the min and playing well continues to start the majority of games. I don’t see that changing.


captkirk, quite right, just because I think Matip is the better defender, does not mean that I am happy if Gomez performs badly and I’m proven right.

All that matters to me is that Liverpool win, regardless of who plays.

Going forward, Klopp will choose who he thinks is the best defender to partner Van Dijk. And he rarely gets it wrong


Gomez did pretty well against top opposition last season prior to his injury.




Enjoyed that. The way we should be dealing with teams like Norwich. Thought Mata made a difference today. A bit more technical than normal. The way to go against the smaller teams when we cant use pace on the counter


Job done, Norwich are really woeful and already relegated, a top team would have smashed them by 6 or 7 today. Brandon Williams proving with every game just what a useless fat sack of s*** Luke Shaw truly is, big pity he skied that sitter at the back post. If only AWB could adapt his game so he doesn’t look like he’s got his boots on the wrong feet every time he gets in the oppositions final third we might stand a chance of having a decent full back pairing for the first time in about 10 years.


Huge win by Manchester United today. If Liverpool lose in a few hours, United will only be 24 points back. You got this boys.

Piece of cake and that Greenwood boy is something special another homegrown talent to add to the legendary list

Quick give Ole a contract extension we dont want him poached

theMartial Art

Good result and performance today – this game, although against relegation-fodder, should be the final nail in the coffins of Lingard and Shaw in the United first team for the foreseeable future, though all I think it will do is help the club justify not bringing in a creative midfielder / No.10 because “we’ve got Mata”.

Rashford is becoming class though – finally finding goals to put on his CV.

Sympathy for the Devils


Yes it was bottom-placed Norwich but this is precisely the type of teams that we have struggled against so far this season. We have an excellent record against the top six, it’s the other teams where we have dropped points.

Great performance and great result.

To me performances like this is clear proof that Ole is onto something. Whatever that is remains to be seen but IMO both the highs and lows under Ole are more enjoyable than the highs and lows during the previous 6 years. When we won the EL for instance, I was hardly even bothered.

Until we can get a run together consistency remains the main issue, however. But maybe the transfer window can help with that.



@sympathy, maybe Bruno is coming in as replacement for Lingard and Pogba 😉
As for Shaw, the ball is now in his court – and with Dalot coming back we should finally have competition for both full back spots
It never sat well with me that Shaw rejected the no. 3 shirt. It definitely shouldn’t be on Bailly’s back so maybe if Williams keeps improving he can make it his own


It was a great result but let’s be honest, that Norwich side is s****, especially when Pukki isn’t playing. Idah will probably be a very good player when he matures but he’s not there yet. Now, as stated, it’s a positive result in these are the kinds of teams we struggle against normally and it definitely shows that no matta what you think of Mata, he’s a better option in the centre than Lingard ever is or could be. Hopefully Raiola will do us a solid a get him a new club. Usually Raiola’s idea of doing us a solid is shitting all over us but he might actually be useful now. Can’t believe Williams missed that sitter but at least he was in that position, more than you could say for Shaw. I think he’s afraid of the 6 yard box since he broke his leg. Lingard and Shaw have to be squad players at best, until we get a new No. 10, then Mata has to play there. It’s his best position anyway and we’ve never really played him there so it might be interesting to see how he’d do even if his days are numbered.




Am I missing something or am I the only one who rates Lacazette? Battles like an ox and links the front play well, as shown for the first goal. I get he’s not scoring at the moment which is fundamentally what he’s there for but he does put in so many yards and brings more to our play than Auba although you can’t argue when he scores.

Thought that was a game for the taking especially in the first half, that’s the first time in ages apart from United where we looked like we are taking the game to the opponent but you can see we’re more structured in our game plan already (I.E pushing up the half way line). This season is a write off and until Arteta has the players he wants, we can’t expect miracles.

the bsm walk

Lacazette is very slow to cover back, watch him when he loses the ball. He is always the one to commit stupid fouls (excluding Xhaka). A whiner to the Referee, that gets his back up. If he concentrated on playing, he could be really good. I will say he can hold a ball up, but for all the hype on him, he has never really made an impact. He should do a Bergkamp, and work on his game, especially finishing. That there’s talent, I don’t deny. It’s application and commitment that’s missing.


I don’t know why people are having a go at Lacazette when he works his socks off. He was the main reason we beat Leeds and he played well yesterday, he is our most advanced player and presses opposition defenders and he holds thee ball up well, he shouldn’t repeatedly have to track back to cover the useless Xhaka who doesn’t bother and is too slow to do it anyway. We should have won yesterday, we dominated in the first half but acted and played as if we only needed one goal, very few attempts on target after we scored. How we think one goal is ever enough I don’t know. Once again our useless defence let us down, sloppy midfield play, poor defending, lack of concentration, switched off and then we had to hang on. Abameyang’s tackle wasn’t malicious but it was a sending off, can’t argue with that. So we ended up nearly losing a game we should have won comfortably. Maybe we will end up with Nketiah and Martinelli up front against Sheffield Utd.

The Oracle


With you there Oracle, cannot for life of me understand anyone slating Lacazette performances of recent. I get taht he missed a couple chances in a few games recently, but his overall work has been terrific. He fights for every ball, holds it up brilliantly, brings many players into the bigger picture. those types of players are worth their weight in gold. Energy, desire, workrate 10/10 again.

Is it his role on the picth that everyone thinks he should just score goals and thats it. Has anyone watched liverpool last 3 years, they have a striker he doesnt score alot but his overall contribution helps the TEAM, excactly what we need in in Arties vison of how we play.
some players need winding up, they will go out to get wound up. Roy Keane was always better when he got wound up, so was Henry, shearer, rooney just to name a few.

Maybe its just because some of our ‘fans’ need to have something to moan about and someone to pick on. Even Xhaka has played well of recent (leeds game aside) whos next? shall we start picking apart Saliba even though he hasnt played a game for us!

Andy C

should have won, we didnt, so much posession but not enough talent or belief on the day, we didnt create enough for all that possession

as for laca, for me he links well, battles well and is just short on form for scoring, one will go in then a load more will, ive no issue with his work ethic and frankly that through ball was difficult and very well executed by him, geat bit of skill

like the rest of the team tho he needs a bit of luck and some confidence, its slowly coming, this year is yet another tight off but hopefully less so as it gives arteta loads of time to instillhis philosphy and get the right players in ready for next year, we will be a different beast next year


We saw against Palace again another glaring example of why Ozil simply can’t be trusted to play in the team much less to build a team around.He was good against Chelsea and Man utd,average against Leeds and anonymous against Palace.We had one shot on target till the 60th minute which was the goal.We went down a man,and ozil got replaced with Martinelli and we actually played much much better when that happened,much better.Ozil can’t take high intensity games/away games.He’s useless in those.He has to go.

the specialone



Clean sheet, comfortable win. Tammy back among the goals. Barkley played a blinder. CHO showing some of his earlier great form…plus a goal. And Reece James, my Lord what a player. My man of the match and hes only 20. Should be a shoe in for the England Euros squad.


So many fans want Barkley out but for me his a must stay. He brings something extra to that midfield. We played well in patches and thankfully var also favored us. Important win as many teams are in the running for those CL places. Pity about those points we dropped at home.


Reece James was outstanding for Chelsea again yesterday and formed a very strong right hand side partnership with Hudson Odoi who is getting back to his true potential scoring his first PL goal yesterday whilst Tammy Abraham scored his 15th goal of the season and looks on target to match his 26 goals for Villa in the Championship with many believing that he wouldn’t be able to match that scoring record at Chelsea.

Yesterday saw 5 Academy players start for Chelsea with another one on the bench, Tariq Lamperty has reportedly just agreed a new contract with the Club and Loftus Cheek is almost ready to join in first team training. #thefuturesbrightthefuturesblue. 😊

nine nine nine

It was a good match for us. For the first time for a very long time, Barkley showed his ability. We shall still see if this is a fluke or if this is his real self. Callum Hudson-Odoi performed as before he was injured. I hope this will be his starting point on his career with Chelsea and everything will go forward for him from now on. Look at our team, for the first time since long time we have this many English players starting (James,Barkley,CHO,Abraham,Mount) and one Homegrown (Christensen).

A bit lucky though with our opening penalty as Willian was looking for it. The defender pulled his leg but Willian fell anyway. For me it was not a penalty. And our 2nd goal was again a fluke as the GK should have been able to save it. Tammy missed some good chances and nobody was able to shoot from outside the box either except James who tried. He was easily the MoM yesterday. We need to be more clinical in front of goal, seriously.

But it’s encouraging as so many times lately we weren’t able to win at home against lesser teams. Hopefully this victory broke the hoodoo and we will win again against Newcastle next weekend.



My first visit to the Bridge in 10 years on Saturday!!

Good game, great result. James had a great game as did CHO. I also thought Chritensen was good and Barkley excellent!

Mount was quiet, but that is maybe because Barkley is a different type of midfield partner. Kepa certainly does not inspire when it comes to dealing with crosses and set pieces.

1967 you mention our struggles to beat lesser teams, and to be honest I thought Burnley were another one of those teams who would nick a point if not all 3 if I am honest.

The difference I think in this game was the forced team selection …. no Kante.

Barkley offered that physical presence in the middle of the park that Kante doesn’t.

Barkley or a RLC have the ability to intimidate in the opposition half either when attacking or preventing the opposition attacking. Kante does not have that in his locker. He is the best in the world at breaking up play in the defensive half but not in the attacking part.

Burnley are team that can bully, intimidate and frustrate the footballing sides, but not on Saturday.

I have called it before and have not changed my mind, either play Kante to his strengths or cash in and allow Barkley, RLC (when fit) and the likes get used to playing together.

NI Blue

Barkley is offensively stronger than Kante but overall I would say that Kante is the better and more complete player which is presumably why Frank keeps selecting him.

I wouldn’t want to see us sell Kante even for £100m plus and I suspect neither would Frank.

Having said that I thought Barkley played very well on Saturday if he can do that consistently and cut out the off field issues we will have a real player.

nine nine nine


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