Fletcher doubts Liverpool’s title chances, explains weaknesses

Rob Conlon
Darren Fletcher: Midfielder not taken by Liverpool

Darren Fletcher: Midfielder unsure on Liverpool

Darren Fletcher has cast doubts on Liverpool’s title chances – and suggests there is a way to trouble Jurgen Klopp’s men.

The Reds, who beat West Brom 2-1 on Saturday, have now taken 17 of the last 21 points on offer and have established themselves among the Premier League pace-setters.

But one man who knows plenty about lifting trophies, West Brom’s former Manchester United midfielder Fletcher, poured a dash of cold water on title talk.

“I think they’ll be one of the teams…they’re doing alright,” was the low-key assessment of the former Red Devil.

“Whether they can go and win the league remains to be seen. Obviously they’ve started the season well but there’s a long way to go. Leagues aren’t won in October and November, they’re won March to May. There’s a long, long way to go.”

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Fletcher went on to suggest there was a method to overcome Klopp’s favoured high press, and bemoaned the fact the Baggies did not adopt it earlier.

“(The press) is hard but you know it’s coming. You can get success if you can play out and miss that press,” said the Scot.

“Once you play it square two or three times it’s suicidal because as soon as they lose it they bunch together in fives and sixes.

“Can you get to break the line? If you do you almost bypass five or six of them.

“We did that better in the second half. From 2-0 down, some teams might roll over here but we stuck to the task.”