Former Chelsea defender backs ‘wise’ Griezmann over Man Utd snub

Date published: Thursday 15th June 2017 3:56

Former Chelsea defender Franck Leboeuf believes Antoine Griezmann made the correct choice staying at Atletico Madrid and ‘rejecting’ the chance to join Manchester United.

The France forward was expected to sign for United this summer for a world-record £84million deal, until Jose Mourinho’s side pulled the plug on the deal and decided instead they wanted to sign a central striker.

However, some theories suggest it was actually Griezmann who rejected the chance to join United and Leboeuf has had his say on the saga.

“I don’t know, I guess we’ll see (if it was a mistake to reject United),” the former Chelsea defender said on ESPN.

“It seemed to me Atletico Madrid is looking for it’s second breath and they struggled this season not being able to win La Liga but also the Champions League.

“They seemed to be less ambitious in a way comparing to the other years.

“Now Griezmann had the chance of going to Manchester United but is Manchester United the Manchester United that we used to see with a team being able to win the Champions League, when they just won the Europa League this season?

“I’m not sure, I think they are building a new generation at Manchester.

“Manchester is still a big club, a fantastic club, but they’re not in the position of winning the Champions League very soon.

“So I guess it was a wise decision for Griezmann to stay at Atletico Madrid.

“As I’ve said before, try to win with the club who made you a star, maybe trying to win the Champions League.”

Griezmann was rewarded for his loyalty to the club by signing a new deal to tie him to the club until 2022.

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