Liverpool fans debate need for a striker; ex-Man Utd man suggested

Date published: Wednesday 20th December 2017 9:51 - Matthew Briggs

Do Liverpool need a striker? Did Man Utd let Wilfried Zaha go too soon? And a £27million man is suggested as Man Utd’s ideal No. 8, all in the forum…

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Courtois to stay

No idea how true the story is but it appears that Real have agreed a 20m fee for the Bilbao keeper and expect this to be concluded in early January

Assuming this is actually the case, the I would suggest that it weakens any case that Courtois agent may have for engineering a move away and considering that Courtois has also indicated he would be happy to sign another contract then I think the odds move more to Courtois staying…? KTBFFH



Chelsea need a No. 2 keeper

1905… a very decent back up is needed… courtouis only looks good when he’s got competition.

If we’re going to compare him then I would say it has to be against Edwin van de sar. he was a giant but never looked as lethargic as our stopper has last six to 8 months.

If he signs then great, but let’s get a young guy in who can push him cause he needs the competition



Morata not the long-term answer

The missing link for mine is that we have had two brutes of strikers more recently in Drogba and then Costa that scored plenty of goals and at the same time put the fear of god into opposition defences and as a result we tended to dominate the opponents not only defensively but also offensively, were much more productive/creative and generally scoring many more goals that we are this season.

Now we have a light weight striker that scores goals (mainly with his head) however does not put the fear of god into opposition defences and as a result providing they are set up well can repel whatever we create.

I guess that Morata is not the long term answer at Stamford Bridge, well not as the no 1 striker anyway.


Morata can become Chelsea kingpin

1967 – Cannot argue that in Drogs and Costa we had 2 players who put the fear of god into defenders but at the same time I do not think that players even like Hazard were at their most effective. We tried to play to the strengths of both these strikers and it worked

However, Conte seems to prefer to a different approach and I for one and more than happy to date with the input and progress made by Morata. Yes, he is still frustrating at times but as he has not played a full season in 2 years before this one, he is still getting used to the physicality and demands of the EPL and of course adjusting to the demands of Conte – I still think he has done well and I expect him to improve

Therefore, for me I do see him as the long term number 1 striker at the Bridge. There are very few strikers like Drogs or Costa and yet teams like City, ManU and Liverpool continue to score and play well so although it is a change from what we are used to seeing, it is not totally alien to the EPL. My opinion, is that we are also now seeing much more from Hazard and Fabregas (when he plays the advanced role) so overall the team is adjusting and adapting

We need to convert the many chances we are creating then see where that takes us but at the end of the day we are still on a very decent run which in any other season would be reeling in the team/s ahead of us..? KTBFFH



Team v Bournemouth

According to Conte he intends to rotate and that a number of the kids will “feature”. Not sure if that means he intends to start them all or bring on a couple as and when the game is secure (note the positivity…!!)

Looks as though Michy and Kenedy will start for sure

If we are being realistic then the EPL has gone and we have a tough ask in the CL so we should look to try and secure a domestic cup on top of a top 3 position in the league. We have a favourable draw tomorrow evening so IMO, we should be looking to make the most of it. The semi’s will be tough but then any semi in a knockout competition will be tough but we are good enough to get there so long as we play a decent team with the right mental approach.

After the weekend, Bournemouth will be wary and knowing that the game could go to penalties on the evening I am not sure how they will approach the game. For the most part, Howe only knows one way to play but assuming he makes changes then clearly man for man we are superior

We must create chances, we must be patient and vigilant and we must convert those chances. If we do – then we will progress. KTBFFH


Do Liverpool need a striker?

Now after a bit of time, we can see how Klopp’s version of Liverpool is developing. I get a little frustrated with the striker issue but the ‘Fab Four’ is starting to make that argument a moot point.

Actually, I have been following Crystal Palaces Wilfred Zaha and really like the look of him. Also, I think if Klopp’s apparent fetish for wingers continues then I would advocate LFC going for him as he would be a great cover for Mane and Salah and he’s definitely the game-changing type player we should be targetting.



Benteke the man 

We should not have sold Benteke, he is the exact type of player we need right now. Can wreak havoc on any defense out there in the last 20 mins.

Its kinda funny that he is still the player that has secured the most points in the last 15 min for Klopp.



A striker please

Results against Everton and West Brom suggest we do. Fab as they are the fearsome foursome can be shut out and there is no plan b when that happens.


No striker required 

Halfway thru the season and Firmino has 13 goals. Well on course for hitting 20.

Salah has just hit his 20th of the season by the halfway point. Would anyone bet against him hitting 30?

Coutinho is currently sitting on 10 for the season so far, well on course to hit more than 15.

Scoring goals is not a problem for us.

We’re the 3rd highest scorers in the league. City obviously on top but Utd are just 1 ahead.



Kovacic a steal for Man Utd

Mateo Kovacic for 27M looks like a steal. Outclasses Herrera in every aspect of the game. A real good number 8. This kid can be a revelation.



Zaha gone too soon

Did we get rid of Zaha too soon?



Zaha couldn’t handle it at United

As for Zaha, I know he’s just one of them players who couldn’t handle playing for United at the time just like countless others who need a step down to work on their game before announcing themselves as top players.

With respect, playing for Manchester United is not the same as playing for Crystal Palace.


Would Zaha have developed at United?

I think the question is, would Zaha developed as much if he sayed at United. Probably not. It was unfortunate for him though as I think he was brought in as a youngster by Fergie then had two diferent managers???

I think the key with players like this is getting good ‘buy back’ and ‘sell on’ clauses when we sell them.

On a different note, it’s interesting to see that the mighty Michael Keane is being kept out of the Everton team by the youngster Mason Holgate.

Don’t get me wrong, Keane is a decent player and if we had a quality CB pairing i’d be more than happy with him as backup. I just don’t like when people say we should spend 30 million on the likes of him or Evans when neither is going to take us to the very top level



Not sure you can develop if you don’t get a kick homerjay. Two managers ignored him and, whilst he’s no world beater, he’s certainly performing more consistently than either Rashford or Martial. Another example of really poor management.


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