Four Prem stars Liverpool should sign and four the fans want to leave

Date published: Wednesday 15th May 2019 2:08

Issa Diop TEAMtalk

Liverpool fans suggest four Premier League players Jurgen Klopp should look to sign and four that should leave, while one Arsenal fan is desperate for Mesut Ozil to leave, all in our forum.


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Three Premier League stars fancied at Anfield

Wilfried Zaha TEAMtalk

With the domestic transfer window opening this Thursday I’d thought I’d kick off a thread for all summer transfer gossip, departures and arrivals.

Domestically I do think someone like Wilfried Zaha could add a little extra something. I also like the look of James Maddison at Leicester. Both players have the potential of elevating their game at a bigger club. Not saying we sign ’em; just a couple of players I like.

The international windows opens June 9th and our window shuts August 9th. We can still sign players after this deadline in relation to their ‘respective windows.’ For eg, Italy’s window shuts Aug 18th and France, Spain and Germany theirs shuts Aug 31st.

Areas for me requiring consistency/back up are:

Centre Back – Matip has made his partnership with Virgil his own and pleased for him. I’m actually more comfortable with him atm than any of our CB’s. I do think we have offload someone and bring in another top class CB. Imagine if we lost Virgil for a length of time? Would you be happy with what we have? I wouldn’t. Gomez seems to suffer a major blow every year and misses chunks of the season, Lovren has either a permanent niggle or a cold and Matip doesn’t seem to last more than 2 months before something strikes so before you say we are OK in that dept. read this sentence again.

Centre Mid – a top class number 10, a link player and before you say well, we finished a close second and in the CL Final so that’s not a priority, it is, we need one, we do. No guarantees with Keita (altho shown what he can do), Ox has returned, thankfully, but he and Naby are similar in that they are ‘driving attacking mids’ rather than cultured attacking mids and I’d like to see the latter join our ranks.

Centre Forward/Outside Mid – lumping these two together as I think Klopp will either get a forward or a quality addition to the roles played by Mo and Mane. Internationally, Werner and Insigne (whom I like) have been linked. I’ll tell you who I do like is Rondon at Newcastle. Big, burly, strong and technically adept. A useful option.

Other areas Jurgen may add bulk is full back. Milner can fill in for either but Clyne and Moreno will be gone, I’ve never been comfortable with Gomez at RB (that was an error by Klopp in the SF 1st leg), compounded by the fact that we haven’t seen Joe since. He’s a centre back, end of.

The two areas we are OK in are GK (if Simon stays which I do think he will), Def Mid (Hendo, Fab, Wij, Milner – we are OK there).

Would welcome your thoughts and arguments.

Rob Fort Worth TX


Quartet must leave

Dejan Lovren TEAMtalk

IMO Lovren, Moreno, Sturridge, Lallana must leave.

Tierney, Forrest, Berardi and Jimenez must come.

A new CB and a creative midfielder like Asensio. We have to spend for these 2 players!!

Wilson must stay contrary το Kent and Woodburn who must be loaned and probably Clyne.

Since we can mot make big signings must act wisely.



Keita hope

You were almost sensing Keita was just starting to really settle into the team before he picked up that injury in the Nou Camp, and he was starting to get on the scoresheet more. Hopefully he can start banging more in next season; we certainly need more goals from midfield.

But we definitely need a bit more up top – that’s not a criticism of our top 3, who have that natural chemistry between them. And I understand that this is not a straightforward answer to eek more goals out this team. But we could do with another match winner here. As I said on the other thread, I think Aguero is what helped eek City over the line because he’s a big game player that always always delivers and can turn a rabbit out the hat when needed.

An Mbappe type figure would be ideal (yes I know he’s out our price bracket) but that kind of player would fit right in. Just someone to give us that extra bang.



Reds should target Diop at West Ham 

Although DeLigt would be perfect for us, i think if we cannot get him we should seriously consider Diop of west ham. Big, strong, fast, athletic, great header, can pick a pass out and bring the ball out of defence too. Sound like someone we already have?? 😉 he bossed spurs recently in their win over them.

Also we need a creative attacking mid. Someone with the balance of hazard. We havent got a player who has that balance at pace with the ball. And someone with the vision of a david silva. Cant think of anyone obvious. Any suggestions?



Gomez worry

An interesting opinion piece written by a doctor about Gomez’s injury. I haven’t lost faith in Gomez, since his ACL rupture in 2015, all of his injury are contact injuries (could be wrong). We need backups if Lovren decides to leave, but I personally wouldn’t spend big money to displace Gomez, though I have to admit I am biased when it comes to Gomez cause I really really like the lad, and I think he can be one of our main CB for the next decade.

Joe Gomez’s injury record: What to make of his latest surgery & return for Liverpool FC



Arsenal have to get rid of Ozil

Ozil Mkhitaryan Arsenal

n all my years of supporting this club,I’ve never come across a player at the club who’s been as overrated by the fans,and so protected by the fans.Even though there is simply no defense for what he offers.

The highest paid player at the club on a bizzare 350k a week(Thanks wenger),all he has to show this season is 6 goals and 3 assists in all competeions.If this was a couple of years ago,people would most certainly have blamed Giroud for not converting these “chances”.Yet in the past two years,we’ve had a world class striker in Aubameyang and a top class striker in lacazette and Ozil has gotten considerably worse in both goals+assists.
I am curious,all those fans who blamed Giroud all those years,do you have any defense for ozil now…

Chances created?This is the most overrated stat ever and Ozil proves that.Do you know mesut ozil swinging in a free kick or corner and it reaching an Arsenal player is classified as a chance created.What I’m concerned with is how many times he puts players through on goal and they have a genuine chance of scoring.

I’ve seen him Live many times,and yes i don’t deny he has that god gifted talent.The point i make is he dosen’t showcase it consistently enough.He needs to be afforded time and space which lower sides afford him.But against top sides he goes missing.Infact,espescially this season I feel he offers from little to nothing.That defense splitting pass comes once every 6-7 games.And for that one pass fans ejaculate in their pants and tell me see what a talent there is.hence,the most overprotected player.When he’s on the ball,I have no confidence in him to make things happen.Emery has no confidence in him,and clearly wants to sell him.However his agent and him both have said he’ll stay at the club for two more seasons.Why?Because no top club has ever wanted him while he’s been at Arsenal,and today no one will be willing to pay his wages even if we let him go on a free.

Even Iwobi and Miki have better goals+assists ratio than him this season.All this on 350k a week,when in reality he shouldn’t be worth more than 100k a week.
This club simple have to get rid of those obscene wages,it’s as simple as that.

the specialone


Chelsea’s transfer ban

Most wiser Chelsea fans are not too worried about the transfer ban, if you look at the new talent available and at no fee, Abraham, Tomori, Caulter, Reece, Mason and more even better than these but still a bit young plus Pulsic and what we already have as regulars, obviously some players will have to released or sold. You allowed to sell in the ban window just not able to buy.



While I am quite sure that some of the loanees will be given a chance I am far from convinced that there will be a lot of radical changes and some of the older experienced loanees, such as Zouma, are equally as likely to be bought into the first team squad. KTBFFH



Think you’re right 1905 but whoever comes into the squad depends on whether the ban sticks or not.

The Club you would hope will have a Plan A for rejuvenating the squad with no ban which might also include loanees and young players and a Plan B for doing the same but just with loanees and young players if the ban sticks.

nine nine nine

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