Gary Neville out of hiding to begrudgingly compliment Jurgen Klopp

Date published: Wednesday 1st July 2020 1:51 - James Marshment

Gary Neville

Gary Neville has conceded that Liverpool have been the best team in the Premier League this season and admits they are deserving champions.

Klopp is on a high right now after leading Liverpool to their first domestic league title in 30 years. You can see what Klopp had to say about talk of a statue in his honour here.

The German has transformed Liverpool since taking charge in October 2015, leading them to three trophies this season. That came after they won the Champions League last season.

Their success has left Neville feeling sick and suggesting the one signing Manchester United need to dethrone them as champions.

But Neville might not have long to worry, with former Dortmund star Nevan Subotic suggesting Klopp won’t stick around forever. He thinks Klopp needs to help his national side to World Cup success in order to complete his career.

Neville told Sky Sports: “We’ve known it has been coming for some time. The only doubt was coronavirus. Once football returned it was inevitable that Liverpool were going to be champions.

“They have absolutely been the best team this season, what Jurgen Klopp’s done there. I mean he came in four years ago and I at that time never thought Liverpool would never be capable of mounting a league title challenge.

“It just felt all the other clubs had far bigger budgets. Liverpool were in a deep rut over many, many years. Understanding that they’ve got a great fan base, they are a club of history who have had success and you can never write clubs like that off. But to go and win a league title ahead of the investment of Chelsea, of City, of Manchester United, I just didn’t think was possible. What he’s done there over a three or four-year period is absolutely outstanding.

“Everything at the football club comes from the manager, he sets the tone for everybody, the fan base, the ownership, he sets the tone for the players. He has basically galvanised Liverpool over a three-year period, brought everybody with him and put a brilliant team together.”



Neville also had words of praise for their transfer policy.

“The club’s recruitment has been absolutely spot-on, precise, laser-focused,” he added.

“Every single player they have made count. Every single player has fit a mould, every single player fits the principles of Klopp. There’s been no veering away. When [Christian] Benteke was seen as not fitting the profile, he was moved aside.

“He’s got quick, energetic strikers who make the perfect runs. He’s got a defence that is formidable. The goalkeeper too – he is the best in the world at this moment in time.

“In midfield, he’s got reliable, really good personalities in Henderson, Milner, Fabinho and Wijnaldum. None of them individually who you would say are the best in the world in their position. However,  as a collective with that defence, those full-backs and that strikeforce, they actually become almost what would be a rock in the middle of it all.

“It’s a fantastic team, they have been brilliant to watch for three years, painful for me. You’ve seen it coming; when you get to a Champions League final and lose you have a little smirk and think, ‘here we go, it is getting great this, they are getting so near’ but then when they won the Champions League the following year and chased City like they did to the point whereby they were proven worthy champions in that season, it was coming, and they were knocking on the door so hard.


Neville offers Liverpool congratulations

Gary Neville TEAMtalk


Neville admitted seeing their success was hard to take as a Man Utd fan.

“You’ve got to congratulate the champions, it is a great achievement,” he added. “Obviously, it is something that is horrible for every Manchester United fan. For the modern Manchester United fan, a moment they have never seen and for a fan who grew up in the late 70s and 80s. It’s a moment that ultimately we never wanted to see again but we saw a lot in our early years.

“You’ve got to say well done; it is a brilliant achievement with a budget that to be fair. Yes he has spent money on players but generally to work within the sort of net spend. That team has been the perfect combination of great coaching and brilliant recruitment.”

Meanwhile, a RB Salzburg forward has reportedly rejected interest from Liverpool to move to sister club RB Leipzig. Read more here.


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