‘Gerrard the best since Gazza’, Zlatan renewal debate

Date published: Thursday 24th November 2016 1:12

TEAMtalk readers pay tribute to Steven Gerrard upon his retirement, while Man Utd fans are split on Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s future.

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Gerrard tribute

The best English midfielder since Gascoigne, although points are taken off because of him being a fan of Phil Collins. When you look at England’s current midfield, what would a 21-year-old Gerrard be worth now.

Johnny Utah

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Annoyed at Arsenal 

So useless in the final third in our last three games it’s almost unbelievable with the quality we have in our team.I literally cannot remember the opposition keeper making a good save in our last three games.This is poor, and dosen’t give me any hope for this season.

What does Ox need to do to start? Our defence has also been so poor. PSG should have easily won with the chances they had.

Just one main criticism from today, our ability to fight for our team-mates is shameful. Nothing compared to the invincible era. I mean are you literally telling me we let an opposition player get away with punching one of our teammates in the face. Cavani should’ve seen red at the least we should be going berserk appealing to the referee. Giroud the only one who stood up for Ramsey. Our other team-mates were actually trying to calm down that attention-seeking, hercules-looking scum.

We’ll always be pretenders under this manager, the only question is whether the majority are happy with it and to be honest that question has already seemed to be answered!

the specialone


Unfair on Ramsey 

The criticism of him from some of our fans in yesterday’s game has confirmed my opinion of him being made into a scapegoat like certain others have been over the years.

You say whatever you want, but to single him out for yesterday’s game.I can’t single out one player who had a good game, but statistically Ramsey had the most touches, interceptions and tackles of any Arsenal player. He was played in his preferred position for a long time, after being made to sacrifice his role playing on either side!

For all the people who doubt his talent, let me just bring to your attention that whilst apparently being s**t for our club he was one of the players of the tournament with his national team at the Euros.

the specialone


Zlatan debate

To be honest I don’t see any problem with keeping Ibrahimovic on for another year.

Yes he has missed some sitters but he’s also been by far and away our top goal scorer so far this year (double what anyone else has scored). Yes he’s been our main striker for most of the time but with the service our midfield has provided it’s no shock that his goals have dried up – if we had to have more natural wingers who could cross the ball decently and regularly I’m sure he’d be banging them in left, right and centre since he’s so good in the air.

Furthermore, Ibrahimovic’s game does not rely on pace so he can continue to play for longer without needing to adapt.

Sympathy for the Devils

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Sell him!

Zlatan is our top goalscorer because his is a lone striker who plays nearly every week! FFS it’s not rocket science.

Many have said that the Arsenal performance was one of the best of the season so far. Guess who wasn’t playing and slowing things down upfront for us?!

Zlatan started well but has faded very quickly IMO. He has done nothing to justify a contract extension.

I fear for Rashford now. It could be two seasons of playing out wide which will ruin him. He needs to go out on loan to save his career.


Vardy Leicester

Captain Dave

As Terry and Brana are heading towards the end of their careers I would love to see Azpi as captain. Thoughts?


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