Gotze’s father speaks out about his son’s future

Mario Gotze: Tottenham link

Mario Gotze: Tottenham link

Bayern Munich forward Mario Gotze’s new manager and father has reaffirmed that his son will be staying in Bavaria.

The 23-year-old Germany international has been heavily linked with a move to Liverpool to be reunited with Jurgen Klopp, but the player yesterday admitted he was staying with the Bundesliga side and “looking forward to the new season in Munich”.

And now his father, who will now represent Gotze, has admitted that his son will not be moving clubs this summer. Speaking to Suddeutsche Zeitung, Jurgen Gotze said: “I don’t know anything about an alleged imminent transfer to Liverpool.

“Mario is my son, we talk to each other. I would know about it.”

Gotze confirmed last week that he held talks with incoming Bayern coach Carlo Ancelotti, and speaking to Bild he dismissed talk that Ancelotti had advised him to look for another club.

“Despite contrary reports, I had a very good phone call with Ancelotti,” said Gotze. “And I am looking forward to working with him.”

The German tabloid claimed that Gotze personally informed Klopp about his decision to not join Liverpool, and also told Dortmund he would not be rejoining them this summer.

Mario Gotze

On Monday, Gotze ended his partnership with the Sports Total agency and announced on Facebook that he will be managed by his family.

According to Kicker and Suddeutsche Gotze, who is under contract until 2017, will also be represented by Munich-based Prof. Dr. Peter Duvinage during future contract talks.

Meanwhile, former Bayern Munich boss Ottmar Hitzfeld believes it would be a “win-win” situation if Gotze was reunited with Klopp.

Hitzfeld told Omnisport: “When I heard that Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp might be interested I thought that was a good idea, because Gotze is a very good player, who could help Liverpool.”