‘Griezmann can take Man Utd to higher level & win Balon d’Or’

Date published: Monday 6th March 2017 12:05

Man Utd must say bye to Zlatan Ibrahimovic when Antoine Griezmann signs and why are Zlatan and Paul Pogba never dropped or even subbed?

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Griezmann the answer – but this is why United need to end Zlatan’s spell

I’ve just watched the game Atletico v Valencia.
Greizman scored two goals with his left foot, the first one a cracker. OK he missed a couple but at least he did score.
He’s a player who plays all over the field – one minute on the edge of his own penalty area, the next having a shot on goal. With Rashford and Martial up front and Greizman playing behind them UTD should score plenty of goals next season.
Greizman is a player who can take UTD to a higher level and perhaps in the meantime earn himself a Balon d’Or. Yes he’s that good.

I hope Woodward terminates Zlatan’s contract. His presence is hindering the progress of both Rashford and Martial. These two are the future of UTD, not Zlatan.



One top four finish in five years is embarrassing for FSG at Liverpool

Why is Klopp getting the blame for the fact we are now playing with two ageing midfielders in our back four? The owners are to blame for the mess we are in and if they don’t spend this summer then they need to do what they have always intended to do and sell.

The owners are the reason we are shopping in the bargain basement. They won’t pay the fees and more worryingly won’t pay the wages.

FSG were always in this to make money and now they can treble their initial outlay. Whilst we have FSG we will never qualify for the Champions League never mind challenge for the title.

One top four finish in five odd years is embarrassing. There is not one person who can say their ownership has been successful, it hasn’t. Time to sell.


John W Henry: Liverpool owner


Shanksy – Surprised to see you describing Liverpool as in a mess. From what I can see they are anything but. Stadium is looking great, appear to be debt free and top 4 in the Premier League.

I don’t think anyone can expect Liverpool to be automatic title contenders these days (unless you have been in a coma for the past 20 years) I believe Liverpool should be happy with a top 6 finish as there are a lot of teams with a lot of quality and around them.



Should Man Utd target Harry Kane over Griezmann?

Harry Kane: Continued his recent goal haul

Harry Kane would be an ideal Jose Mourinho striker. His finishing is lethal you have to give him the credit. I would certainly like to see him at OT but the tansfer fee will be ridiculous. You know what’s going to happen if Levy and Woodward started negotiating…



Belotti would be a real coup for Chelsea

Chelsea should have gone all out for Belotti when we were linked to him, this guy is something special with another hat-trick in Torino’s 3-1 win on Sunday, the same team that Hart is currently playing for.

Maybe do a double although Hart does not always inspire confidence.

Only Messi has more goals than Belotti in the whole of Europe and the Italian league is more difficult to score in than the Spanish league. Probably all the big clubs will be after him now.



Time to lay off Newcastle’s young guns

I think people need to give Mitro and Mbemba a break, they are both 22 and only there second year in English football

How many 21/22 year olds come into teams and are world beaters! not many unless they are world class players. and given the team/management/ownership they walked into it was hardly a recipe for success at the time! hence the relegation and putting all our expectations on a 21 year old to score 20+ goals in his first season in the premiership

Although they are not in the team, they are probably learning way more under Rafa then they have done under any other coaches. at 22 they still have their best years of football ahead of them and could become Newcastle legends
yes they cost a lot of money but half of that is down to their age and potential, give the lads a chance

2 great wins! another big game on Tuesday! hoping for another 3 points to get the hat-trick




Lukaku goes missing against bigger teams

Romelu Lukaku: Scored four

One of the commentators on the Irish radio station Newstalk was criticising Lukaku on Sunday saying he didn’t produce consistently on the big stage against big teams and that he needed a big performance against Spurs to convince him about Lukaku’s qualities.

I don’t think he saw anything to convince him yesterday, although someone pointed out he scored home and away against Man City but I’m not sure that’s something a good, not necessarily top, striker shouldn’t be doing anyway….



Why is Pogba never dropped, yet Martial regularly is?

Paul Pogba: Is struggling for consistency at United

I agree that Martial isn’t the player he perhaps should be but last season he was arguably one of our best players. This season he has been stripped on the no.9 jersey, split up with his wife (and daughter) and has been given little opportunity by Mourinho to get a decent run in the team. If Martial plays poorly he is dropped. If Pogba plays poorly he still starts the next game. Even when Martial plays well (i.e. Wigan with a goal and an assist) he still gets dropped for the next game. Mourinho’s man management is poor. He has his favourites and if you’re not one of those then you are always going to struggle.

I’m convinced that Pogba and Zlatan have something written into their contract that they have to start every league game and cannot be subbed. Both players have played every minute of the season in the league (aside from suspensions and not having yet signed) no matter how s*** they have been.



I still maintain Pogba will be the player we all expect him to be once Jose gets the CM we all know we need.

For example, I watched the City game yesterday and Silva was the best and most influential player on the park. When have Herrera or Mata ever put in that kind of performance? They are both decent but are just not top players and we paid a fortune for both. Carrick & Bastian are both well past their best then we come to Fellaini! Enough said.



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Misfiring Man Utd continue to frustrate

This season has been a case of ‘so close, yet so far’ whereas the last few were ‘not even close’.

We’ve been so wasteful this season and instead of sitting behind Chelsea in second place we’re still stuck in sixth. The side has (some) ability but not the attitude. Of course we’ll need to improve the overall quality of the squad but, for me, out biggest problem is how we approach games like Saturday’s mentally.

Whether it’s down to a lack of confidence or too much of it, I don’t know but the table doesn’t lie. Too many players are refusing to take responsibility and Mourinho must bring in more quality and players who want to win AND know how in the summer. If not we’re in for another season of some promise but ultimately very little substance.



Leeds frustrate – but at least get the job done

Chris Wood: Bagged a brace as Leeds beat Birmingham

Watching the match and have to say that was a great opening goal from Wood, also was one of my bets for him to score first!!

Classy goal but apart from the odd other move it has been a mediocre 1st half, hoping for a great 2nd half from Leeds and for us to win 3-1… MOT!



I am obviously relieved that we returned home with another three priceless points and without the customary yellow cards. I spent the majority of the game tugging my hair in frustration at a performance that belied our top-four position. It was only after the introduction of Phillips that we started to look like a team with any attacking potential. That was when the nerves began to settle.

I guess everything moves in stages. For the last few years we were, week-after-week, serving up mediocre performances matched by dismal results and lowly positions on the log. This season, we’re continuing to serve up mediocre performances (although with less frequency) but we ARE getting the results and are handsomely placed. Coming from where we have been, I guess we have to be grateful to Monk and his coaching staff for the great turn-around.

Bridcutt (with his tendency to backtrack), Doukara, Dallas, O’Kane and Hernandez were weak on Friday night. Once again it was Bartley, Pontus and Ayling who carried the donkey load. Full credit to Monk for resting Vieira and re-introducing Phillips (whose break from first team action showed in a most positive way). The lad oozed confidence when he came on and made match-winning contributions. Hoping that this is the start of a purple-patch for the lad.

So it’s on to Tuesday. Fulham’s stock is on the rise but they can be beaten. Hoping that there’s an all round improvement with both Phillips and Pedraza included in the starting line up.


Bad weekend for refs shows why Video Technology is needed

I think we have to accept that Referee’s and linesman are only human and get things wrong and that handball in the penalty area is not a clear cut decision ball to hand and distance comes into it.

A simple way to solve that is to make any handball deliberate or not an offence personally I’m not sure about that.

Whether Ibrahimovic played for United or Watford would make no difference if the Referee doesn’t see the incident as seemingly Friend didn’t on Saturday.

Video Assistants would be a great help in both such incidents but we have to be careful not to try and make Video Assistants a solution for every problem.

nine nine nine


The ref must have seen Ibrahimovic as he booked him. The ref was poor throughout the match – for both sides but he was also inconsistent within the match.

He gave no foul for a barge on Jones early on in the first half, but booked Rashford for exactly the same thing late on in the second half.

The Utd penalty was handball, the defender started off with his hand out stretched and then brought it towards the ball and swiped the ball away. Deliberate handball and a clear pen.



Wenger and Rooney tarnishing their legacy by sticking around too long

i think both of these are in a very similiar situation at the minute. Ive read that fans have said their legacy will be tarnished if they don’t leave now.In no way will their legacy be tarnished no matter what happens in the next few months. I read utd fans calling rooney fat boy and fat rooney etc. All fans are fickle. Do people never rememeber what these men have done for their clubs?

Most sane liverpool fans can see what kenny did for us when he came back in 2011/12. He is still an absolutle legend at the cluba dn idiolised by all fans. I was disgusted when we sacked him in 2012.

Wenger will go out as one of aresnals best ever managers. He is making things really difficult for himself at the miniute though. Rooney is not the player he was and should go back to everton and finish his days there. My point is, in years tp come people will look back on both their careers at utd and aresnal and say what legends they have been.
Aresnal fans want wenger out but he really is getting some stick. same with Rooney. I just think its a tad overboard.

sean the sailor


The irony of this is most fans on other clubs giving it a bit of verbals (myself included), would have loved to have both Rooney and Wenger at their respective clubs, but I think the longer both stick around the more tarnished their legacy will become.

For me, with regards to Looney Rooney, I can’t help thinking he could have been even better if he had the same attitude as RonnyII for example, still had a stellar career, but I think it could have been even better (certainly when it mattered on an international level).

And for Wenger, again, the first half of his Arsenal career was helped with the GG back for, along with He-Who-Cant-Be-Named, defensively he’s unfortunately got more questions than answers.

They’re going to be big loses to both clubs…that’s for sure.



Fans lament BT Sports’ new Champions League deal

Looks like my BT package price is going to go up. Pointless as I probably only watch it once or twice a month, watch UFC when it has a good card. More than happy to listen to CL and EL games on the radio, probably get more enjoyment than listen to Michael Owens.



Disgusting what were UEFA thinking of? I thought the CL sponsors were already up in arms with the poor viewing figures that BT achieve.

nine nine nine

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