Hamann blasts Klopp’s ‘one-dimensional’ Liverpool side

Joe Williams

Jurgen Klopp: His team have been in bad form this year

Liverpool have “got to change” their style of play before results get “a lot worse,” says former midfielder Dietmar Hamann.

The Reds continued their bad form this year with a 3-1 loss to Leicester City on Monday night which means Jurgen Klopp’s side have now only won one Premier League match in 2017.

And Hamann thinks Liverpool’s problem is down to their inability to find another style of play to get results.

“The physicality and intensity is much higher in England than anywhere Jurgen Klopp has been before. You cannot outrun teams in the Premier League, full stop,” Hamann told Paddy Power.

“That’s something the players and the manager have to learn, because they can only play one way. You need to be flexible, variable and overall you must have two or three answers to the questions teams in this league will ask of you.

“At this moment in time, Liverpool under Klopp are one-dimensional, that’s why they find it hard to win when things aren’t going their way.

“Something’s got to change, because if they carry on like this things will get a lot worse.”