‘Harry Kane will struggle for England against better opposition’

Date published: Friday 6th July 2018 11:12

England fans continue to worry ahead of Saturday’s quarter-final, Liverpool supporters try predict their line-up next season and Man Utd’s transfer failings are dissected in Your Says of the Day.


England’s worries grow

Besides Kane we don’t have any real above average player. So they going to have it everything for the semifinal as I sure we will get past Sweden who themselves have had a good deal of luck. Remember they ko Italy in the qualifiers no mean task.


Probably the most I have seen of Kane in this World Cup. He doesn’t have the flair of the other worldies, but defo has a worldy brain, always makes the right decision and great technique in what he does. Fair play to him, still wouldn’t swap him with Salah!


Kane will struggle against better opposition, if England don’t have much of the ball or not providing service then his game suffers.


Kane has the ability to dominate any defense out there and he only needs a shot or two to score a goal. England can go quite far this summer, Southgate is doing a lot of good work, gone in with a plan and the press is not even waiting to tear your lads down like they normally do after hyping them up.



What if?

What if Liverpool don’t sign another player? Would our team look like this?





Subs: Another keeper, Gomez, Clyne, Lallana, Wij, Milner, Moreno, Klavan (to be sold), Solanke, Ox, Origi, Matip (missed one I’m sure).

Not a bad team by any means but is it Premier League winning caliber? I don’t think so. We will still be prone to errors especially on the right side of our defence and of course with our keeper but if you’re like me it’s either Henderson or Fabinho as the starting 6.

We need a 10 no question and think we’ll get one. Shaqiri also I feel will be with us but would not be surprised if that would be the end of our buys for the summer. Two more players.


Rob Fort Worth TX

Fekir is still coming.

And surely a new keeper!

hightown hope

hightown, are you confident on fekir?

really don’t think we are signing a keeper now

we still need a few players bigtime

we need cover for the front 3.
we need another centre back
we need a number 10
we need a kepper

Sean the sailor

I don’t think another keeper will be signed either, it’s the way the concussion was leaked and the little comments and articles here and there. I really believe that those two mistakes in the final have really messed with klopps transfer plans and I do think we have been looking however we all know that if klopp can’t get what he wants then he will work with what he has. I’m convinced a new keeper was not in the budget (Not a first teamer anyway) before the cl final and unfortunately it will cost a small fortune to replace it.

It comes down to priority for me, as much as we may have £150m to spend, let’s be honest that will get us two quality players in the market today. Sean I agree with what we need but being practical I believe we will be in for fekir or similar and maybe another winger and that will be all this summer. Perhaps one squad player to, maybe someone young out of left field, we all know klopp loves to bring an unknown or two.

I’m not saying it’s the correct approach but it’s how klopp likes to work, that can be seen from the last couple of windows. We deffo need a a player than can cover mane/salah and even play at the point in midfield for when we play against those stubborn teams that want to sit back.



United’s recruitment issues

To be fair it’s nothing new that some top class midfielders or strikers from the top clubs don’t want to sign for us. There’s been the odd one like Veron but even at the height of Fergies powers we didn’t get players like Salas, Batistuta, Varane, Ronaldinho, even domestically for one reason or another Gascoigne and Shearer. Surely Mourinho is only going after players that fit into his philosophy of playing style. There will be some players who Mourinho identifies that don’t want to move to Utd for one reason or another but so what, they will always exist.

As for the money invested into a transfer, we spend and pay like we are one of the wealthiest and biggest football clubs in the world. That in itself is fair enough, it’s our relationship with failure that’s more of a problem. Once it’s clear someone isn’t working out they should be dispensed with, contracts paid, door shown, cheerio. None of this hanging on to someone for 5 years in the vain hope they become good. 2 maybe 3 seasons then done, get a replacement in.



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