Has Liverpool skipper got just two years left? Forget Memphis, Man Utd fans want star duo

Date published: Wednesday 13th November 2019 2:27

Jordan Henderson TEAMtalk

The debate surrounding Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson rages on, while Man Utd fans target star duo, rather than a move to re-sign Memphis Depay, all in the forum.


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Willian is world class

Well I reckon Willian, on current form, is world class. So is Kante and for a central midfield playmaker…so is Jorg. The likes of CHO, RLC, Reece James, Mount, Tomori, Kepa and Pulisic have the potential to be.

We dont a team of ready made world class players. That alone can cause mayhem in the dressing room and is a nightmare scenario for managers to handle. Also..it doesnt guarantee titles or trophies.

We have the likes of Kante, Azi, Jorg and Kovacic who provide the experience and leadership necessary to harness the very talented young guns that we have. I’m very excited as to how far this team under Frank can progress.



World Class is a convenient handle imo and again imo there are only a handful of truly world class players in football.

William though has been playing very well in recent games.

nine nine nine


Amz…in my opinion yes he is. Willian has absolutely everything in his locker. And when it all works he’s a special player. Real and Barca have both enquired about him in recent times.

They’re arguably the worlds most prestigious clubs. What else makes Willian so great is his loyalty to the club, his work ethic, his attitude when having to do the dirty work…thus tracking back, being defensive, being willing to play whatever role is asked of him and he also seems a model professional…both on and off the field.



Stuilse you are right, he is a model professional and he works his socks off, but that doesn’t make him world class. Just because Real and Barca wanted him also doesn’t make him world class. What makes a player world class is consistent high quality performances making match winning contributions. If Willian was world class why did he only score 3 goals and 6 assists in 32 appearances last season? The season before he scored 6 goals and 7 assists in 36 appearances.

That is not world class my friend.

If you want Chelsea to win the Premier League and Champions League then we need a couple of World Class players added.

We have to catch Liverpool and Man City who have got VVD, Fabinho, Salah, Mane, Firmino Laporte, KDB, Bernardo, Sterling and Aguero.

The only player we have in that bracket is Kante (Jorginho borderline). We have good experienced players (but not great) such as Rudiger, Emerson, Azpi (he was amazing but has slowly declined), Kovacic, Willian, Kepa and high quality youngsters coming through.



World class is an extremely subjective phrase, almost as bad as ‘best’.

Imho Kovacic and Willian are both ‘world class’ using my own definition, being that they are currently playing to a standard where they’d make a case for inclusion in most top sides.

I personally don’t want us to make any crazy signings in Jan, assuming we are even allowed to. Athough if we can tie up Jadon Sancho I’d be happy 🙂



Henderson ‘about two years left’ at the top level

Jordan Henderson TEAMtalk

Davinci>> Well, let’s just leave it then that you keep bitching on your Whatsapp group during games about our captain with like-minded individuals and the rest of us bona fide supporters will continue to gain pleasure from witnessing one of the most successful streaks of results in our club’s history where everyone is contributing brilliantly to the overall team’s cause and, not least, Henderson.

You just make sure that you get every ounce of pleasure from you and your Whatsapp mates slaughtering him like you do because, let’s face it, as he approaches 30, JH may only have about 2 years left in this Liverpool team before his performance levels really do begin to dip and he drifts into mediocrity. Then what will you do? Disappear without trace on here like VA (Beckenham) did when Steven Gerrard’s career came to an end?

Look, I think most fans will have their favoured and less-favoured players over the years even if that goes against what the management, and maybe many of the fans, thinks.

For example, I’d prefer Emylyn Hughes to Tommy Smith (when they were competing for same position, Jimmy Case over Sammy Lee, Robbie Fowler over Emile Heskey, Jamie Redknapp over Danny Murphy, Milan Baros over Peter Crouch….and many more if I cared to think longer. However, for all of these (maybe not the first one), it was my less-favoured player that prevailed over the other in the Manager’s opinion. So, I’m the first to admit that there are some players that you just don’t immediately take to – and there’s nothing logical about it – it’s more emotive for reasons that you’d be pushed to explain.

However, it’s not a weakness to admit that you were wrong and, if you support the badge and not just the individuals that wear the badge, then you soon start seeing why the Manager was right and realising what they do in the overall team set-up. In fact, Murphy and Crouchy went up enormously in my estimation (Murphy’s goals against Man Utd may have helped a lot in this regard) the longer they played.

But I guess with you, you’ve now painted yourself into such a small corner with a huge expanse of wet paint to get through, you’re pretty well stuck there now. Enjoy.

Red Herring


Red… I really doubt that Henderson only has 2 years left on the top, just look at the vice-captain who is a very similar player to Jordan, both seasoned professionals and they have been like that before they hit puberty. They are both athletes that take their careers very serious, they take proper care and even when their numbers start dropping a bit, like Milner is doing now he is still invaluable to the squad.

Right now Robertson is a doubt for the Crystal Palace game and we have Milner ready to step in, he got all the time in the world to prep for the game as he is not on international duty. If Jordan does the same when the time comes he will prolong his career here at Anfield for quite a while. I can honestly see him hanging around the squad until he turns 35-36 years old.

I think Trent will take over from him as captain in about 3-4 years, Trent might even remain vice-captain until Jordan leaves the club but we will see if I am right about that when the contract situation with Milner clears up. Who ever will take over the vice-captaincy is a shoe in for the captaincy when the time comes and out of everyone at the club it has to be Trent that takes over.

We got a few candidates for the captaincy… Van Dijk is impressive, so is Gini, Robertson, Bobby, Salah and Mane could even wear the armband but in the long run it has to be Trent, he is destined for the role. I talk a big game about the leadership qualities I see in Henderson and I see a lot of the same in Trent, except Trent will never have to deal with the doubters like Henderson. He would be the 2nd generation of a really great team, natural continuity for the captaincy… Just perfect for the role in a few years.



Bingo >> Yes, good point, but I was only giving 2 years as a worse case scenario and give the Bashers some perspective on how much longer we’ve got to debate this. As sure as a stopped clock is correct twice a day, there will come a time when Henderson can be legitimately described as average.

Red Herring


Henderson stats under the microscope

Once again, the goal posts have been moved and the Hendo-Lovegroup is off-thread. LOL.
For the record, I’m very happy for Henderson to lift up the trophy of each and every cup we go for this season. If he does, it mean LIVERPOOL has won.

But whether he does or doesn’t, that won’t make him a top quality player and THAT is what THIS thread is about. This foolish idea about appearances seems to forget how average as a team we were until a few seasons ago. Back then Henderson was still average (maybe even poor – average) but there were a lot more average players around him.

Also, this idea that because Klopp plays him somehow proves he’s top quality.
Unlike someone like Pep who insists his teams play a more pass and move style football (remember when that used to be the Liverpool way?), Klopp isn’t really interested in that. Klopp wants to press and suffocate teams into giving up possession high up the pitch and then punishing them.

Most of our players aren’t comfortable on the ball to a high level. But it doesn’t really matter because Klopp isn’t trying to ‘out-football’ his opponents. Personally, I’m more a fan of the pass and move brand of football but I can’t argue with the demolition style football that is racking up the points for us.
I’m not sure if Klopp has developed a style to fit the players ‘abilities’ or if this is his preferred style of play. Sometimes I hear him say we should or could have played more ‘football’. But that isn’t going to be possible unless he buys more ‘footballers’ ie players with better touch/passing and manipulation of the ball.

Just check the Whoscored.com stats for the Prem.

Henderson has a 6.85 rating
De Bruyne 7.85
B Silva 7.57
D silva 7.29
Rodri 7.47

Our only midfielder we have with a 7+ rating is Fabinho with 7.07

Last season Henderson got a 6.67 rating. These are not stats of a top quality player. These are the stats of an also-ran player that is nothing special. And I’m not even a fan of stats.

Watch the first half v City again. The game passes him by. He’s basically a by-stander. Credit to him for the cross that led to the 3rd goal – in the 2nd half. But to be honest, there wasn’t much else in his toolbox to do apart from running down the line and crossing it in. His skillset was too limited to do anything else.

But hey, I must say it is funny watching you guys get all excited cos of one decent cross LOL….Peace



Davinci we can play a number of ways. That’s one of the great things about this team

We can dominate the ball and pass and move , we can play on the counter and we can play the high pressing game which you have mentioned there.

I love watching us play chum but city are on another level for teams that can keep the ball. Their movement is unreal but I love the way we mix it up

Sean the sailor


Last time I checked our ‘possession’ stats are usually very high and more than the other team. That’s not all gegenpressing and punishment. Like Sean said we can play a number of different ways depending on other factors such as opposition formation, tactics, strategy, how the game is unfolding. That’s where this team has matured; the fact that it is adjusting. European Champs and top of the league by 8 points already – wallop!

Rob Fort Worth TX


Imagine watching this sport for 30 years, and still having no concept of the physical side of the game, or what’s happening off the ball.

j c


Davinci… why are you comparing him to the most creative players in the league? And why are you going by a whoscored rating? Who heavily empathize creative players instead of workhorses? Might it be because you dont know the difference?



If Carlsberg did delusion – “Watch the first half v City again. The game passes him by. He’s basically a by-stander”

So in the biggest game of the league, against our toughest opponents, Davinci thinks Henderson basically took it easy for one half, and Klopp was happy with him on the touchline???

Come on, at this very highest level of football, if you do not perform, you will be found out fairly quickly, and replaced at half-time or even earlier.

Look at his match ratings from numerous sources on this game, they are mostly positive, and not one of them spouted the absolute crap you are failing to get away with over here



Funny thing is that who scored.com gave this bystander a rating of 7.37, higher than most City players. I Guess whoscored.com ratings must be crap given that Davinci knows best.




Memphis back at United?

Anybody seen enough of Memphis Depay? Would it be worthwhile trying to re-sign him as we have first option?



I think it suits Depay to a big fish in a smaller pond (in terms of attention). The limelight and pressure that comes with playing for United seemed to bring the worst in him. He’s definitely playing better but I doubt he’s grown up that much and we really don’t need another flashy instagram poser at United.



Not sure that Memphis is a player that we really need. Pretty sure his best position is on the left wing or maybe upfront. We already have Martial, Rashford, Greenwood and James that can play in one or both of those positions. Don’t think Memphis would be an upgrade tbh.



Memphis a bad egg

If Chong is off to Juve then it’s about money and only money. Regarding Depay, i wouldn’t have him back even on a free. Terrible attitude that will only cause sh*t long term. The one thing i definitely agree with when it comes to Ole’s approach is getting players in with the proper attitude and ego.

I think the two forward players we are going to go hard after are Sancho and Maddison. No doubt they will improve us but don’t think they are worth the money personally.



Nixer-I agree on all 3 points,stay well clear of Depay even on a free,and Sancho & Maddison are not worth £150m & £100m,respecively,not yet anyway.Both very young,English,extremely talented,and would improve us immensely,but I have my reservations and doubts about their price.Same goes for Longstaff & D.Rice.



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