Hiddink jokes at Petr Cech glove sabotage

Petr Cech: Arsenal goalkeeper could return against Crystal Palace

Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink has joked that he tried to sabotage Petr Cech’s goalkeeping gloves after they were delivered to Cobham this week.

Arsenal keeper Cech had to pay an unexpected visit to his former club Chelsea after a mistake by sponsors Adidas.

They inadvertently sent the 33-year-old’s new gloves to Chelsea’s training ground after forgetting about Cech’s £10million move across London to Arsenal in the summer.

Cech, who will face his former club at The Emirates on Sunday, was only too happy to return to Cobham and catch up with interim boss Hiddink, who he played for at Stamford Bridge in 2009.

Hiddink said: “I was here when Petr showed up. It was nice to see him.

“We had a chat. Almost everyone was gone. We tried to hide them, also we tried to make them slippery but he discovered that.

“They were sent here and we gave them back. That’s the story.”

Wehen Arsene Wenger was asked on Thursday whether he would inspect Cech’s gloves for signs of sabotage, he said: “He’s big enough to check his own gloves.

“I think he has enough gloves. These kind of mistakes can happen. I consider him now as a real Arsenal player who looks to me as if he’s been here forever.”