How Arsenal can stop Liverpool; what does Hudson-Odoi want?

Date published: Wednesday 21st August 2019 2:12

Liverpool TEAMtalk

Arsenal fans talk about Josh Kroenke’s statement of intent, Liverpool fans look ahead to the Arsenal game and Chelsea supporters discuss Antonio Rudiger and Callum Hudson-Odoi, all in our forum.


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Arsenal fans still not convinced by Kroenke

Axctually an interesting article and there are not many from our club…..



steve.i’m still not convinced by the kroenke family and their true intentions but i’ll remain open minded for now.i think josh summed it all up himself,for me,when he said that TRUST must be earned in these coming years.for me it will mean absolutely nothing if we don’t get targets a lot of fans still think we need at the club.

most fans would still say we need that top quality centre back and central midfield player.i still think we need another right back as niles is a midfield player just filling a stop gap till bellerin returns.i’m sure we are all happy with this summers transfer business and none of could expect the huge turnaround in players in just one transfer window,but the club must not stop untill we are competing for the prem lge and champs lge.

this club with it’s huge fan base deserves to challenge for the top trophies and that’s the reason we moved from highbury to the emirates.if kroenke backs emery in the transfer market and gets us competing then i’ll be the first to say well done to them.if they can walk the walk like they talk the talk then i’m sure every afc fan the world over will give them the credit they will no doubt deserve.



Hi Steve,

I agree also as im sure most fans will. Although im still not convinced it is unusual to hear this kind of thing from the club and it does at least help explain certain things which helped me and their vision for the future which we can now hold them to.

An oppo poster elsewhere posted this to me as part of a reply over this which i also found interesting….

“Only thing I’d say for Arsenal – as good as some of their business looks, I’ve just had a quick look at your squad profile and how long they’ve generally been at the club. Bar Özil (who may leave soon), Bellerin and Monreal most of the squad have only been at Arsenal for about 2 years”

Now to me this is a very good thing, it shows we have moved players and deadwood on and we are close to fully moving on from AW influence, we have always had a weak mentality so to me having players here for a short term at least gives Emery the chance to instil a new ethos and mentality rather with players ingrained in a weaker way and feeling safe picking up a pay check….

Many things still wrong and need working on throught the club and playing team but for the first time in many years i feel like we are actually heading in the right direction with a defined plan and we are slowly starting to see that taking shape….



What does Hudson-Odoi want?


Seriously I am not sure what CHO (or his entourage?) wants. Chelsea seem to have done their best effort to try to keep him. Bayern got their man in Coutinho, at least for this year. CHO is doing Eriksen or Hazard. The difference is Hazard and Eriksen are well established players while CHO is just a debutant.



Rudiger is the man 

Antonio Rudiger TEAMtalk


Regarding Rudiger…

I actually think our back 4 did an outstanding job at the weekend to keep it 1-1 the problem was Jorginho, Kante, Mount, Pulisic and Pedro did little in the defensive phase.

Chelsea’s issue right now is shape defensively. The Defence, Midfield and Attack is disconnected. We are too spread out, too much space between each area. The way Leicesters front 3 always seemed to have a straight run at our backline second half. They were left acres.

So to conclude I’m not sure Rudiger affects anything. Reece James may add a bit of dynamism to the full back position, but we need fix our shape in the defensive phase and become more compact and rigid.



Yeah agree with all that bort but Rudiger is still probably our best Central defender imo and the earlier he can return to match fitness has to be to the overall benefit of the Club imo.

nine nine nine 


I think we need Rudiger. While I agree with bort and 999 that defensively we looked good against Leicester: Christensen and Zouma offer very little in attack. Rudiger on the contrary has always been dangerous on corners. As well he can shoot, remember the shot against de Gea that was finished by Alonso last season?

And our defense so far from pre-season until vs Man Utd were not solid. We rarely had clean sheet, probably we even have not registerer one this summer. Rudiger will bring leadership, toughness in our defense. We already played with Kanté, Jorg and Kovacic, 3 DM, what could we expect to be more defensive here? I even suggest that we have to somehow try to play with Kanté as the only DM plus Barkley + Mount together. Of course the latter 2 must take more duty defensively. But I can see this formation may work well in our attack, help our attackers to score goals.



I think getting Rudiger back will organize the defence and drag players in to shape, however, what I don’t feel comfortable is the ease at which attackers reach our defence. and personally, our midfield combination is the problem here and not our defence. we should either play two defence-minded midfield, one those is said to be Kante, but who will partner him is an issue. on Sunday Jorginho played alongside him.

And I have to admit that I wasn’t comfortable with that partnership. and then there is the Kante Kovacic Partnership, I’m sure if that is the perfect one. but for now, it’s a bit better than that of Jorginho and Kante. I would even consider testing Kante and Bakayoko partnership once again to see if that could really work this time.



Liverpool v Arsenal

I’ll be shocked if we don’t beat these.

Fancy us strongly. They have a threat going forward so no silly mistakes.

sean the sailor

Worried by Liverpool’s defence

Yeah Im worried about our defense a little for this game. Its seems there is some communication issues at the back, seen VVD having to organise the defenders more than he ever has had to in his time at Liverpool. Obviously could be something to do with the well reported new high line we are using.

I would be disappointed to draw against Arsenal. They are a good team but we should still be beating them.

One posters view from Arsenal Forum

I agree, Pool’s midfield are as average as all day tomorrow, they literally just work hard and don’t do a lot else.

One thing they do well, however, is they know how to use the threat of their fullbacks and forwards in a supporting role, but dominating that midfield isn’t a hard task imo, its keeping the ball away from Salah/Mane where they can hurt you.

We didn’t do that well last year and got thumped 5-1 but I think it’ll be different this time. I still predict a narrow loss for us but can’t see us getting rodded again.



How to stop Liverpool

If I was playing Liverpool I’d simply go 4231 and double up on the flanks to try & stop the fulls, Mane and Mo. This is where I am always worried each and every game.

Arsenal tho are a bit flimsy behind their attacking threat. I think we’ll have em but we have to tighten up without the ball. We’ve conceded in our last 11 games. Right now reminds me of Brendan’s final season. Good going forward but very open when losing possession. That has to change pretty quick starting this weekend as Lacazette (who will score), Pepe and the greatness that is Aubameyang will run us ragged.

I think our mid is definitely Henderson, Fabinho (rested for the Soton game) and perhaps Ox. Gomez I think too will return in place of Matip or Trent (hope not at full back – Gomez is awful there).

Last season we blew Arsenal away after them taking the lead and we went 10 points ahead of City (having played a game more) – ouch!

3-1 I reckon.

Rob Fort Worth TX


As ever and due to recent season thumpings from you lot im worried about this game, that said we have improved (marginally) and for some odd reason you have changed your defense tactically that may suit us, thing is the planets have to align for us, where as for you, you WILL get chances just becasue our defense is crap still!

be happy as long as we dont get thrashed again, no other club gets thrashed like us against teams even newly promoted teams and we really need to sort that!

someone is going to lose the 100% record though for start of season and its about the best time to play you as not yet fully up to speed and maybe tored from sSuper Cup

but then its home and you lot love playing us 😉


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