Howe offers Bournemouth fans apology after admitting personal mistakes

Date published: Sunday 26th July 2020 6:20 - Steve Pearson


Eddie Howe spoke candidly about his role in the relegation of Bouremouth after refusing to point the blame at his players.

The Cherries dropped into the second tier despite emerging victorious 3-1 over Everton on the final day.

Speaking to BBC Sport, Howe said: “It hurts. I’m trying to keep it together, I’m really sad for the fans of this club. They’ve not been here for the last part of the journey and that makes it harder.

“It’s a time for refection, a time to see what the next step is. Everything at the club is based around staying in the Premier League and I’ll speak to the people that I need to speak to.

“It’s a very quick turnaround and we have to make the right decisions now.

“It’s small margins, there has been loads of moments during the season, it’s never down to one thing.

“As the manager I make hundreds of decisions and I haven’t been good enough this season.

“Throughout the season there are ebbs and flows, I’m not going to sit here and criticise the players in any way, I have to back them and support them. First I have to look at myself and that I will do.

“My commitment, I can’t question. It is not down to a lack of effort. I am so sorry for the fans, you never plan not to achieve. I always wanted to bring success to the club and to play an entertaining sort of football, that’s always the aim.”

Reflecting on the disappointment, Cherries defender Steve Cook added: “It wasn’t to be, we did our side of the bargain and when you rely on other results it’s always difficult. We showed today how good we can be and it makes you wonder what if?

“It’s extremely difficult to take, it hasn’t sunk in yet but it’s a sad day. This is the dream land and we’ve dropped out of it.

“I feel for the fans because when they come back it won’t be to Premier League football. It was in our hands last week and we threw it away.”


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