Hughes: Stoke ‘lucky’ to avoid red; calls Bournemouth ‘cynical’

Date published: Saturday 19th November 2016 10:19

Stoke boss Mark Hughes admitted he felt his team were lucky to get away with Ryan Shawcross’ tackle on Callum Wilson.

Hughes said: “It’s a difficult one. I think he’s made an attempt to get the ball. Maybe the referee thought the ball had got away from their player a bit as it run through to the goalkeeper but yes, we got away with one there.”

However, that was all the generosity he was prepared to give Bournemouth after criticising Howe’s side for what he felt were unsportsmanlike tactics during the second half.

“I felt they were a little bit cynical in terms of their time wasting,” said the former Southampton striker.

“Listen, we’ve all been there where we’ve been the away side trying to hold on to a lead – I’ve done it myself. I’m not against it but I’ve never seen it to the extent that I saw today to be perfectly honest.

“From minute one of the second half they showed their intent to slow the game down. We’ve played six minutes at the end of the game, it could have been 16 given all the stoppages.

“We clearly needed momentum and the game to flow so we could get some intensity in our play and that was difficult in the second half because of the time wasting.

“But it is what it is and we should have converted any number of chances that we created, but we didn’t.”

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