‘There is no semblance of a successful side taking shape at Man Utd’

Date published: Monday 12th February 2018 1:25

Manchester United fans rage after Sunday’s loss, while Morata and Lacazette are criticised in Your Says of the Day.


Man Utd fans rage

A very poor performance today, but not too surprising based on a pattern that emerged last season. Matic plays every game and is running into fatigue, he’s slowing down and will only get worse without a 2 week break. Pogba is not at 100%, when he’s not playing or playing badly we are terrible. There’s zero backup worth playing for these two. Fellaini can play in a 3 the odd game, he’s effective, but doesn’t help us play football. After starting off well under Mourinho, Herrera has gone backward this season and seems invisible when he plays.

We haven’t had a consistent centre back pairing since Vidic and Rio. Smalling is the only one that keeps himself fit, but he’s slow footed and so is Jones, they’re both decent players, but when they play together it’s fairly easy to press them and completely spoil our slow build up through midfield.

I think Mourinho has probably told Luke Shaw to train hard and fight for his place ahead of Ashley Young, but it’s frustrating having fullbacks (and wingers) that hardly ever get to the byline to cross.


Sarri at Napoli on a f ing shoestring is leading Napoli to the top playing brilliant football.Whereas this pr*ck has spent millions and still plays the same back four Kak of sh*teeee at the back and the football is slow laborious b*llocks back to front the pace is so poor it’s a joke.

What did you buy lindelof for? 30 million down the drain you may as well have purchased a new full back or midfielder!


I’ve had a skinful so i could be talking out of my arse but that goal Romulus had disallowed today…any different to what Harry Kane done for his goal yesterday that was praised as classic centre forward play?

before I short circuit and close down for the night…what the f**k was Valencia doing watching that Geordie twat Ritchie for their goal? Yes the world’s greatest midfielder couldn’t even be bothered to jump and challenge the first header and yes Smalling’s dive for the free kick was toe curling…but Valencia was a passenger.

Wonderfuel gas

I expected it to be tough, hence my 0-1 prediction.

The past week I’ve been listening to Alfie, happyhurling, Wonderfuel, Manthistle etc. telling me that its “obvious” there’s progress and I must be blind for not seeing it. I suggest it is they who are blind.

Their argument relies solely on results and stats. Fair enough. There’s no problem is there. We’re still second so progress is still being made. The goals conceded is still good, so the defence is solid. All in all, yesterday was just a blip, nothing to worry about the ship is still on course. Correct ?

My argument however is that performance is not measured simply by stats, stats do not tell you the full story and can be misleading. They don’t tell you about errors, commitment, cohesion, creativity, consistency and teamwork. Sorry lads, I don’t see any semblance of a successful side taking shape.


Considering the attacking talent we have the football we are playing is piss poor. If it doesn’t improve soon Jose should sack his coaches and bring in fresh ideas. As bad as Herrera has been, he needs to play so that Pogba can be given a free role. He can’t defend for shit, he can’t even mark a player never mind tackle. Let him do what he does best, he needs to be our quasi no. 10. We need to bring in 2 cm’s in the summer and get rid of the dross like Fellaini, Mata and Herrera.



Lacazette hounded

If there is any person who’s going to defend his misses,then it would be the height of double standards.Giroud use to be lambasted for missing chances.Right or wrong?Lacazette comes of the bench but he really looked like a player with nothing to prove.He scuffed his first chance,his second chance a 10m striker should be finihsing let alone a 50m striker.Funnily enough,the only two chances of the game.

What got me the most was his lack of passion,desire.He looked like nothing happened,he should hang his head in disappointment and walk straight towards the tunnel yet he was shaking everyone’s hand and didn’t look one bit disappointed. Disgraceful attitude.

The specialone

I dont give players a free pass. What Im saying what does getting rid of Laca really solve??

Im pretty sure Auba wont set us on fire either. So when do you turn on him?

Its a team game and yes its more visible when strikers dont score. But when you look at the game based on only this game if Laca should be sold then let me list more that should.

Cech cant pass the ball and only saves balls that come straight at him.

Mustafi lunges in on everything, cant stay on his feet and cant pass the ball.

Koschelny been here for 10 years should know what derby is all about. Stands like a lamppost and does nothing.

Xhaka cost £35m cant defend, lazy and switch off, put under pressure he just throws the ball away.

Ozil paid 300k and goes missing from time to time especially in big games.

Miki not visible in the game nor in attack or on defence did he touch the ball?

Iwobi runs around like a headless chicken. Only looks at the ball and cant pick out runs made with a pass. Succeeds with 1 pass in 10.

I could go on and on. I would have Wenger go first and then make a decision on players. Give them a chance under new leadership and then sell them if they are not performing.



Time to shine for Ings

Before I start, I am not ignoring Solanke. I remember when we signed Ings, and I was pretty chuffed. Played in a similar style to Suarez(obviously not at the same quality), a proper terrier of a player and could finish as well. Than he spent 2 years on the side line with 2 horrible injuries.

He now seems fit again, and raring to go. With Sturridge gone and Origi in Germany, we need support up front. I really hope and think Ings can give this to us. I have all my fingers and toes crossed for this boy, and so does my 10 year old son, who asked me if Danny is fully fit.

I wish Danny Ings all the best with us, I have a feeling he will show some quality game time over the next 4 months or so.


He’s got that style that could be effective in a Klopp system but as someone pointed out on another thread he was ineffective against one of the worst teams in the u23’s so it makes you wonder how he could be effective at the top level. Maybe he’d fit in better playing with better players but it really doesn’t look good for him at LFC. Sad injuries have cruelled him as I though he was a pretty good player.


Ings has barely kicked a ball in 2 years at the top level and you honestly think he’s going to come in and hit the ground running? If he can’t even get going in the reserves against significantly weaker opposition then there’s no way he’s going to be able to make the step up without playing regularly.

Anyone would give him a go until the end of the season but Klopp isn’t even giving him game time at all, let alone a run in the side. Either Klopp doesn’t see the need to keep his reserves sharp and match fit or the more logical explanation would be that he simply doesn’t rate him as good enough. The question then has to be asked.

Why keep him instead of signing someone you can actually use? The same goes for Woodburn. Why keep him instead of letting him go out on loan to get some much needed first team experience if he’s not going to play at all? The likes of Milner, Wijnaldum and a crocked Lallana are guaranteed chances to play but these guys don’t even get 10 minutes here and there? Anyone logical wouldn’t rate these clowns either and quite frankly they wouldn’t even make the bench for any other top 6 side. It’s a farce.



Morata not good enough?

For along time now i had been saying one thing consistently. that is Morata is not good enough to be a Chelsea main man. he is a sub plot at best. the man is a coward who is afraid of taking up challenges. when everyone was praising him early in the season, he was happy and the team was winning. but great strikers raise up to the challenges when the team is struggling. but this coward is hiding behind his wife’s back. just pretending to be injured. i said it when people were saying that he is superior to Costa. that if he can be half the player that Costa was.we will do fine. i remember in September against Arsenal when i said this guy will not be a solution to our problem certain posters were mocking me just ridiculing that. i hope i’m proven right. this is another vindication of my prophesy. whatever happens with him, we need a striker who can guarantee us 20-30 goals a season and who can play 35 games minimum. this guy is at best a sub impact. whether he wants to be at Chelsea or not shouldn’t be an issue for us. my only concern is that if we can recoup our money, then i will be happy if the club let him.



Chelsea’s summer plans

We all know that in reality Chelsea is an autocracy which means between now and the start of next season Roman is going to have to step in and make a number of very important and difficult decisions.

Including to appoint or not appoint a Director of Football and if the decision is to appoint a DOF which it probably will be then he has to appoint the right one , whether to sack or retain Conte and if Conte is sacked or leaves by mutual consent assuming he lasts until the end of the season in the Summer a new Manager has to be appointed and again it has to be the right one and ideally one who won’t come under pressure after 18 months, a clear and coherent transfer policy needs to be established with a DOF and a Manager working in tandem whether that Manager be Conte or A.N. Other.

Can we successfully retain Hazard? Is probably the most important decision in respect of the current playing staff, to have any chance of convincing Hazard to stay the club must be settled and have a clear direction with all of the Manager, DOF, Owner/Board happily working in tandem with each other, then we need to sign the right players who may help convince Hazard to stay.

Even then I’m not sure Hazard hasn’t already decided he wants to go to Real which if he does means decisions need to be made as to how we replace him perhaps not directly and we will have to think carefully how we spend the circa £150/£200m we will likely get for him and whether we want to take players like Isco/Asensio from Real as part of any deal.

Rightly or wrongly the club complies 100% to FFP so whilst we might be able to spend circa £50m of our own money in the Summer the rest of our transfer budget will have to be made up from funds raised from the players that we sell.

Lastly the club have to decide who they retain and who they sell and whether a significant churn of players is good or bad for the club.

The next few months leading up to the start of the new season will define Chelsea’s future in the short to medium term City squad wise are now way out in front of us and may be uncatchable over the next few seasons in the PL especially if they continue to spend as heavily as they have although FFP 2 with club’s limited to transfer spending of 100m Euros net might change the landscape were it to be introduced.

Whatever happens with FFP 2 though as a bare minimum Chelsea need to retain a CL place which might well require reclaiming following this season especially with a new Super Stadium on the horizon.

Some difficult stormy waters to be steered through over the next 6 months but not impossible for the club to cope with if Roman singularly and collectively makes the right decisions.

There’s much conjecture about Roman not being seen at the home games recently but as Wise Fan says do other owners attend games? The likes of Sheikh Mansour the Glazer’s, Joe Lewis, John Henry or Stan Kroenke are not seen regularly at their clubs home games in fact Sheikh Mansour I think has only ever attended one City game.

Abramovich has considerable world wide business interests , has to be politically on side in Russia, has some involvement in the Russia World Cup and is just going through a divorce albeit seemingly an amicable one and my understanding is that Roman still watches every Chelsea game no matter where he is in the world and if he’s lost his interest in the club would he be driving the new Stadium as hard as he is? I’m not sure he would.

nine nine nine


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