‘I don’t think anyone could’ve won the league with Man United’

Date published: Sunday 12th March 2017 12:58

Gary Neville admits that the challenge to turn around Manchester United has been bigger than he anticipated and says that no manager could have won the Premier League title with the Red Devils this season.

Speaking to Omnisport, Neville spoke about his surprise at Chelsea’s strength, but believes that the task for Jose Mourinho was harder than anyone thought.

Manchester United were picked by many as title winners before the season began, but still sit in sixth position in the Premier League after a series of disappointing home draws.

“I thought United would have a chance at the start of the season,” Neville said.

“But when Diego Costa and Eden Hazard turned up and they corrected their defensive problems by going three at the back, it became pretty apparent quickly that the old Chelsea were back.

“There’s a lot of Premier League winners in that Chelsea team. The issue has been you don’t know which Chelsea will turn up from one season from the next. Once the real Costa and Hazard turned up and you had David Luiz in defence and N’Golo Kante in midfield, you have a championship-winning team, or the makings of one.

“The challenge at United was probably bigger than what everyone thought,” Neville continued.

“When I look at it now, I don’t think anyone could’ve won the league with United this season.

“There is still a bit to go. Chelsea still have some work to do. It won’t be as comfortable as we think, because there might be some dropped points in the next few weeks.”

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