‘I love playing, but not watching football,’ says Hayes

Date published: Monday 7th August 2017 10:52

One of Brendan Rodgers’ summer signings, Jonny Hayes, is desperate to make his mark at Celtic.

However, the 30-year-old Republic of Ireland winger’s love of playing football does not extend to watching it too much.

“As much as I don’t watch football, I enjoy playing it,” said Hayes, who signed a three-year deal from Aberdeen.

“I have a toddler to run round after, he keeps me on my toes. He probably watches more football than I do.

“I have always been one for playing football.

“Going back to when I was a kid during the 1998 World Cup final, I was outside in the garden playing football by myself while all my family were indoors watching it.

“I think I had a replica France top on at the time.

“I played football morning, noon and night. As soon as I was home from school it was straight out to play, come in for dinner, watch Power Rangers I think it was at the time, and back out until it got dark.

“As much as it is my job, I do love playing football. I just don’t have as much love to watch it, unless obviously the manager tells me I need to watch something, or I need to study up on a little bit.

“But no, never been one for watching too much.”

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