‘I’d take Conte or Zidane over Mourinho at Man Utd today’

Date published: Friday 13th July 2018 10:50

Liverpool fans debate their goalkeeping dilemma, while England’s World Cup exit continues to be dissected and our Man Utd readers discuss aims for the new season, in Your Says of the Day.

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Could Ward be the man?

Well from reports (who flipping knows if they are true at this time of year) ward is going to be given a chance as no1, is this a bigger gamble than Karius or mignolet??
The gamble on Ward is a bold one for sure IF its true, plus the way Karius is, it’s no gamble that’s not worth taking. Ward did cover himself well at Aberdeen and Huddersfield….so who knows


No other choice really. Karius needs time out of the limelight to recover if that’s even possible, Migs has been tried and found wanting and we haven’t bought anyone, so Ward it is :-/


This whole keeper fiasco could undermine Klopps tenure if he’s not careful. So far he has not handled it well I think the problem is he doesn’t like to get transfers wrong so backs his buys a bit too much even when it’s not happening for them. If we sell Ming’s & don’t buy a keeper I will be flabbergasted (what a word)


On one hand it’s a no-brainer, on the other, it’s bloody obvious that we need to sign a new keeper. Neither scenario include Karius at number 1.

Agreed, he doesn’t like to be wrong but he was quick enough to drop Matip for Lovren. It’s pretty obvious that we’re not going to sign Allison now. Like others, I’m not too upset about this, as his price really meant that he had to be a big hit and I’m not totally convinced. . . But is Ward the answer? If he is then why wasn’t he given a chance last season? It’s because he almost certainly is not the answer (yet at least).

So, it goes back to us NEEDING to buy someone, this window and that’s that. Until then I would play Ward as number 1 in whatever pre-season games are coming.


I’m with klopp of this is true, he has so far earned my faith. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Ward as one of the best keepers by this December lol, Klopp is a footballing alchemist.



Do England deserve credit?

Please help me I’m perplexed? The whole of England is heralding the England team calling them brave and restoring faith blah blah! The realistic facts are they won nothing their football was the usual boring antiquated long ball and they were fortunate to get into the semi. They were beaten by a terrible Croatia that only performed in stages. Some players were arrogant including the goalkeeper so what is there to rave about? Brave for doing what? going to the world cup and performing average at best. Football is coming home, how embarrassing!


I have to agree (apart from the Goalkeeper bit) – We didn’t beat anyone of note. All the nations we did beat we would expect to beat. Croatia are not a great side and yet we couldn’t beat them (not could we beat Columbia over 90 mins). The positives are Trippier, Maguire and Pickford.
Kane went missing in the group stages, Rashford showed he isn’t even good enough to take a very poor Raheem Sterling’s place. Southgate’s tactics were poor second half and extra time last night and despite playing less minutes the England players were clearly struggling with fitness last night. Southgate is too slow to make a substitution.

YES we have improved since the dreadful Roy Hodgson days but we have hardly pulled up any trees.


I reckon getting to a World Cup semi final has pulled up a tree or two mate.

I’ve enjoyed watching them this World Cup and I haven’t said that since 1996.

Wonderfuel Gas

I suppose from what we have seen over the last many years there has been a slight improvement but nothing to write home about. If one considers the teams England played to get to the finals (San Marino, Malta etc) and the first team to test them was Croatia. So they lost two games Belgium and Croatia please for heaven’s sake no open topped bus rides or knighthoods.



Objectives for Man Utd 2018/19

Hi guys. I apologize for the extended radio silence. In short, a while back my youngest kid received a very serious diagnosis and it put pretty much everything else on hold. Enough about that.

As for expectations:

1. That we mount a serious championship challenge. We finished 2nd this season which in and of itself means nothing to me. The way we finished 2nd left much to be desired. First and foremost, our position in the league in no way reflected how far away we actually were from winning the league.

Recent years have shown that, for any English team, winning the PL can no longer be a realistic expectation but rather a realistic ambition. As such, I’d consider any top 4 position acceptable (anything below that is unacceptable for CL-related/financial reasons) as long as we’re either winning the league or pushing whoever does right up until the final few weeks of the season.

2. That we reach the final 16 or better in the CL. You can have an unlucky draw in the group stages, but under normal circumstances I think it’s a fair expectation that we 9 out of 10 CL campaigns progress from the group stages. Beyond the group stages, it’s a lottery and you could potentially end up with an unfortunate last 16-draw against Bayern, Real or the like. As such, my final evaluation of our CL campaign would be based on whoever we draw.

3. That we consistantly play attractive football. I’m going to be as happy as the next United fan when we park the bus in an important match and grind out an important 0-1 away win against a top 6 opponent; but when I, in May 2019, look back on our season, I want to be left with an overall feeling that we as a team play attractive football. That’s not a feeling the 2017-2018 season left me with.

4. Maybe more of a prerequisite for accomplishing the above points, I want to see a far more cynical approach to our transfer dealings. That means 1) a far higher standard for when a player is considered a worthwhile part of Manchester United and 2) a much more frequent application of that standard. There are far too many examples of such a standard not being in place (Jones, Rojo, Shaw, Darmian, Fellaini, Smalling, Blind, Young, Herrera, Lingaard, Mata) and far too few examples of the opposite (Depay, Ibra).

A discussion about what such a standard should entail for any individual player is worth a thread in and of itself.


Conte sacked! Unreal.

Controversial comment but truth be told I’d take conte or Zidane today! I’ve been an ardent advocate of jose but the goodwill just ebbed away last season. I’m not sure what his plans are but I’m not overly optimistic for the season regardless of transfer window.


You’d take Conte as manager? Wow.
I’m just setting up a filter that puts all of your posts immediately into my deleted items. Hang on.



Chelsea’s summer needs

While Jorginho seems promising, he’s 26, has worked under Sarri, he really wants to move to Chelsea as Man City had submitted offer for him too, Higuain IMO will be a very bad choice. Has worked under Sarri but he’s 31, lazy, not even first choice for Argentina, and only wants to move to Chelsea as Juve bought Ronaldo.

If Napoli block Sarri to raid them apart Jorginho, I would be happy. No Raul Albiol, no Dries Mertens, who are all older than 30 years old. Don’t get me wrong, I am ok if we buy a world class player older than 30, like Ballack before. But if possible hope we prioritize younger players.

So now how we can retain Hazard with Barça and Madrid interested and how we can retain Kanté with Madrid and PSG interested: let’s see


I’m not sure about the wisdom of signing Higuain either and whatever we pay for him will be dead money because he will have no resale value but given that the problems with Conte surfaced when the club refused to back him in the transfer market if Sarri really wants Higusin and thinks he can do a job for Chelsea then I think he needs to be backed on that.

nine nine nine

The Spanish vultures are circling on Hazard, Willian and Kante – our best players. We need to sort this manager situation out pretty bloody quickly or this is just going to escalate. Get Sarri in today FFS.



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