Ideal Lallana successor named at Liverpool; United fans talk De Gea fears

Date published: Tuesday 18th June 2019 1:59

Adam Lallana TEAMtalk

Man Utd fans discuss David De Gea’s contract situation, Liverpool supporters want Adam Lallana replaced, Arsenal readers talk Holding and are Chelsea doomed? It’s all in Your Says of the Day…

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Chelsea fans prepare for the Super Cup

Think it will be quite an interesting game and a pretty decent challenge for us. Happens right after the game at OT so 2 hard back to back games for Chelsea (and I assume Frank) but at least he/we will get an early indication of how the season could pan out

The next 3, maybe 4, games after that are ones we would be looking to take maximum points from as well. KTBFFH


Oops back to the subject of the thread. This Super Cup is just a money spinner. Don’t really care whether we even played in it. The 3 points at United much more important.



Willian to leave Chelsea this summer

Not sure how genuine it is but if AM or Barca are offering 32m for Willian and I believe we not interested then there is still something seriously wrong with our club, it’s a hell of a lot of money for a fast declining 32 year old and it’s hard to even believe it is true. Transfer ban or not we must be foolish not to take up this offer as we have plenty other options for his role and even if we didn’t it’s a hell of a lot of tosh for a player of his age and who only randomly contributes nowadays.



Chelsea are doomed?

But the loss of Hazard means the end of the club as we know it Steveo. We are immediately doomed no matter what happens with integration of our existing squad, 40 odd loanees or the youngsters in the pipeline. Just ask him, he’ll tell you. If he had supported our club between 1973 and 1997 when all we ever won was promotion or relegation geez his posts would have been interesting to say the least. He may have actually had something worthwhile to bleat about.


Eden Hazard Real Madrid


I have to say that i have a massive respect for the 1970s fans. and i couldn’t comment on that era because i wasn’t around back then. let us see what happens. i didn’t say this will definitely happen. but my suspicision is. if you believe the opposite then good. that is the beauty of the forum. so far lots of questions remain unanswered still. the loss of Hazard is one very important part of our uncertainty. but even the most optimistic of fans will tell you, the picture is not looking good for us. let us hope we come out from this turbulent period unscathed. until then, hand on heart we are in rough waters.



De Gea up for discussion for United fans

Can understand people wanting Pogba gone – he’s not covered himself in glory lately and him talking about “a new challenge” is just PR rubbish because he hasn’t even achieved one of his goals and should actually be geared up for the challenge of proving everyone wrong and being successful at United.

What I can’t understand is why people want De Gea gone.

He’s literally been the only shining light in the squad over the last 5 years or so and is the only one deserving of a major contract. Why are people taking it against him for wanting the money he deserves? He also hasn’t made a big deal about not joining Real Madrid a few years ago (where you know Pogba would’ve sulked the fuck of the following season if it was him in that situation) and also isn’t all over the papers talking about “wanting a new challenge”. Yes – his form has dipped recently – but I think it’s more to do with him as a person rather than him willingly trying to sabotage and be lazy.

I’d keep De Gea and actually make him club captain because he deserves it – I’d get rid of Pogba and Lukaku because they’re both selfish and think way too highly of themselves (don’t know how someone who can’t control a football to save his life thinks he can demand first team football at the highest level – I imagine that when he inevitably moves to Inter he’ll find his level).

Sympathy for the Devils


I don’t so much think it’s a case of wanting De Gea gone as wanting his contract situation resolved. Either he signs or we sell him. Doesn’t matter who the player is we need to start getting back to the ethos that no one is bigger than the club. Contracts can’t be allowed to run down, decisions need to be made with a sign on or sell outcome, no matter who it is!


Nobody wants DDG gone,we jusat want his contract to be sorted or him sold,otherwise we will be losing a great goalie ona Bosman free.

Some of us have been saying it for months-the only player we would miss from this current United team-is DDG!



Rob Holding holding the key for Arsenal

maybe holding can step up, he looked good in some games last years, just a bit injury prone and inconsistent

but Emery could change tactics to help the defense (as well as get them coached better)


I Agree in terms of the coaching and the tactics that’s what he will have to do and he will have to come up with a system that works with the players that we have. Holding was hopeless the season before but looked decent before the injury although we were still conceding soft goals. He will need to come back even better and I am not sure even that will be enough.



Fernandes to replace Lallana

If we manage to buy Bruno Fernandes for 45-50 mil then it will be a great success!!
However we must get rid of Lallana asap. We need money and I beleive that we can take 15 mil for a players who has offered very few things…


Pepe story seems to be gathering pace, a few sites in France reporting that we have put in a official bid. I think he could be a really exciting player, had one of the best dribbling stats around Europe last season.




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