‘If a huge bid comes in for Salah, Liverpool could be in trouble again’

Date published: Thursday 8th February 2018 11:18

Antonio Conte’s successor at Chelsea is debated, while Mourinho’s tenure at Man Utd is discussed and Liverpool fans worry over Salah in Your Says of the Day.


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Conte’s successor

Conte is a grown man and a professional manager at the very height of his profession. To suggest that a little bit of handbags with another manager (which I thought Conte clearly won by calling Mourinho out as a little man, something everybody knows but nobody has said) has anything to do with our recent form and Conte’s mood is just absurd. There are many possible reasons we are where we are:

– Conte falling out with the board over transfers
– injuries and loss of form of key players
– our tactics have been figured out / poor team selections
– key referee decisions going against us, as on monday night
– didn’t strengthen / upgrade the squad enough over the summer
– playing a lot more games than last season with not a big enough squad – fatigue
– reportedly overworking the players in training

A culmination of these reasons is probably the reason for our current crisis, nothing to do with Mourinho, its laughable.


If stories are to be believed then Roman has always admired Barca and wanted Chelsea to play along the same lines. He/we could not get Pep so I can easily see why he would want to approach Luis Enrique

Personally, I am far from convinced and dread the thought of the boring tippy tappy football that Barca and Arsenal love, however, if he does become our next manager then he will have my full support


Luis Enrique: Praise for Wenger

We absolutely have not got the players to play tiki taka football half of the players especially at the back are scared to have the ball at their feet. I can see us playing better football under Enrique but i doubt he will be any sort of success



Worries over Salah

Coutinho was desperate for the move to happen… He gave us 5 years of service and his price went up 1000%.

Sh*t happens, it doesn’t mean that every player we have signed is desperate for a move, read that interview with Salah. Watch him bow down to the Kop, does that look like a player who is aiming for a move next summer?

He is the next big thing, there is going to be speculation about him every window, get used to it. He could stay here for another 5 years for all we know, he could retire, nobody knows what the future holds.

Except if he keeps up his performances every club in Europe will want him…


I’m not saying every player is desperate to move, but a £100million + bid can unsettle even the most loyal of players. Look at the dilemma Gerrard had when Chelsea were in for him. If a huge bid comes in for Firmino or Salah we could be in trouble again. Coutinho would not have been desperate to leave unless Barcelona were that desperate to sign him. We could have exploited their desperation to the summer with an inflated asking price.


Yep British Liverpool legends Ian Rush, Owen, Mcmanaman also all left liverpool in their prime for the continent. Playing on the continent for some players is a dream it seems.

I hope though Salah isn’t swayed too much by his agents. I believe I heard Salah was on 90k a week which is less than the reported 100k a week lovren is supposed to be on. We should offer Salah an incentive based increase. That is to do if he continues his performances and meets targets that he gets an increase in wages.



Man Utd making strides

How can anyone measure how we play?

People can offer a subjective view on style etc, but it can’t be measured.

For anyone to argue that we haven’t made progress under Jose shows how subjective this whole thing is, because, to many of us, we have made great strides under Jose. All about opinions though.


“People can offer a subjective view on style etc, but it can’t be measured.”

So style will not be “measured” when it comes to handing out medals for ice skating at the Olympics? Beauty cannot be measured at Miss World. You mean it cannot be quantified. But even thats not strictly true eg judges points at Olympics, media headlines, TV audiences etc etc.

Some aspects of progress may are subjective, others not. I’m sure the board looked at various indicators of progress when sacking LvG. Had we played exciting football with the media and fans prasining him would he have been sacked?

You really need to bone up on the science of performance measurement.

PS – Its part of my job to assess the efficiency of performance measurement & analysis of organisations.


I think we have made progress and jose was 1 year behind pep in terms of squad quality when they both started. Next year we should be challenging and if jose does leave unlike lvg he will leave us in a much stronger state not needing 9/10 first teamers.

As for playing attacking football in the big games, apart from Liverpool game you can’t really blame jose this season. Against spurs arsenal and city we had a very attacking team on and we pretty much got slaughtered. What we need balance not playing attacking attitude.


City plays better football this year. Its Pep´s second season and players have adapted his philosophy to another level. Pep has made some players better than last season like Otamendi and Sterling. Its a very balanced team.

When it comes to Mourinho i struggle to see his philosophy.
He has Martial-Rashford-Sanchez fighting on the same position.
He has no right winger,no proper fullbacks and a bunch of CB´s.
He prefers to play 4-2-3-1 formation which limits Pogba´s capacity quite a lot.
The team lacks balance when facing the big teams and i wonder if we were not better last season against the big teams.
Which players have improved this season? Lingard but i cant name one more.

Of course you can measure how we play. You can win games and play poorly.
The results dont have to tell the truth about a game.
But when you look at a game you can tell if the team played good or bad,are worthy winners or not but you dont know if you only focus on the result.

Tottenham trashed us one week ago 2-0. Was that a progress from last season when we lost 2-1? According to the result yes but the game last week we could easily been thumped 5-0 thats how bad it was.
So the result can lie but the measure how you play dont lie.



Courtois causes a stir

“If RealMadrid are interested in me they need to talk to Chelsea. Its true that my heart is in Madrid”

Thibaut Courtois
Chelsea FC Goalkeeper.

Its about how much we can get for him now. That is one disadvantage of the loan system. Players will always have their heart somewhere else.


Courtois latest comments are down to his two young children living with their Mother in Madrid I don’t want him to go but I’m sympathetic to his situation.

You’ve got me at it now too Wise Fan can we all me included try and keep to thread this is a “Next Chelsea Boss” thread there’s a Courtois thread that the above two posts should have appeared under if I was certain I could move them without probably deleting them I would.

nine nine nine


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