‘Dinosaur Mourinho has really outdone himself, give me Ancelotti’

Date published: Wednesday 14th March 2018 10:26

Jose Mourinho’s tactics are criticised, while Man Utd fans assess the state of their season and our Chelsea readers fear the worst in Your Says of the Day.

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The Special One

In case you all don’t know, he has a degree in sports management. He is fluent in 5 languages. Show me a football manager with his looks, his experience, his success, his sports education, his fluency in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French and English and I will show you Jose Mourinho

The MartialArt

He also spent 89m on Pogba and 75m on Lukaku. Should of done his degree in Finance management

Ginolas Hair

Loads of successful coaches have never played the game at a high level. It means absolutely nothing. There is an assumption that just because you have played the game at a high level that you will be a good coach, this is often not true. It made me laugh how there was a big hoohah when Giggs got knocked back for the Swansea job over the yank. Fact is Giggs’ had little to no experience and no runs on the board.

Arrigo Sacchi, Arsene Wenger, Gerard Houllier never played the game a high level. Just coz you can play doesn’t mean you can teach

Foxy Foxes


Mourinho’s negativity scrutinised

Play defensive game at your own risk nowadays. how you could go and employ a negative tactics against Sevilla is beyond me. they destroyed them. i hope Conte was watching this game. he should ditch whatever plans he has had in defending with with 11 players. another reason why defensive coaches have no place in football.


Didn’t see tonight’s game so can’t comment on it. But, and I say this as a pure observation, not a snidey whinge, perhaps giving the top domestic sides every bit of help they need to collect enough points to qualify for Europe doesn’t really prepare them very well for playing in Europe?


All joking aside I thought Jose was a tactical master but I cannot for the life of me explain what I saw tonight. Why not stick with the same set up as Saturday? Sevilla are average and Utd should have breezed past them but they actually made them look like world beaters. It really does look like Jose has lost the plot.


Bring Poch to OT! Jose is a loser and the excessive money all these years made him a manager! The truth has been appeared a long time ago and Utd can not see it…If Klopp is a fraud Jose is a vagabond…


Shanksy….couldn’t agree more. Had to double take when I saw the line up, I literally don’t know what was going through his mind. Still don’t. Even when you disagree with what he’s doing you can see the thought process.

Despite the Chelsea and Liverpool results something has looked very off with the players since the Spurs game.

Wonderfuel Gas

I wonder if Sanchez cried himself to sleep last night for being a greedy little sod? He could be singing songs on the plane to Abu Dhabi with the rest of the City lads, about to win the PL and having just won the league cup and still fighting in the CL. Instead he’s running around Old Trafford like a headless chicken and being dumped out . All hopes for him pinned on winning another FA Cup. Least the money will keep him happy at night. People will say City dodge a bullet there, but I think under Pep he would be a different player. Same goes for Pogba.



Jose past it?

Must say over both legs Sevilla much the better team. But they will be cannon fodder in the quarters.
We are and have been dire to watch under JM. He has failed to develop and improve the team in any signigicant manner. We lack leaders and characters, and the football is joyless for players and fans alike.

I must agree with those who believe his time has come and gone. It has. He is laying waste to hundreds of millions producing absolute dogsh*t.


I’m so sick of how Mourinho’s every decision is made to nullify the opponent. We all know the “if you score 2 we’ll score 3 philosophy” but Mourinho’s is “if you don’t score at all, we might get lucky and nick one…but probably not”. Well, Sevilla scored 2 so that was that gameplan out of the window. Our squad has plenty of shortcomings but being managed by this out-dated egotistical dinosaur clearly isn’t helping. We need a pro-active manager. I can’t take more of this constant reactive bullsh*t. We’re Manchester f***ing United…we shouldn’t go into EVERY f***ing game worrying about what the opposition might do! We were obviously never going to win the CL but going out with a whimper against Sevilla in the round of 16 is simply not acceptable. Jose won’t mind though. He’s happy collecting his undeserved checks while plotting a mastermind scheme how to park the bus in a summer friendly against the runners up in the Maltese second division. The man has no guts and his time at United will never be associated with any kind of glory.


One of the worst performances of the season, with the players and manager equally responsible.

Fellaini and Matic were always going to be pedestrian in the middle and not create anything. Rashford was electric against Liverpool on the left, he took him off to rest him for this game, perfect. Then he puts him on the right and gambles that Sanchez and Lingard will suddenly click.

Our only tactic for 60 mins was for sanchez to try and loop it in from anywhere in the final third to the back post. Sounds like a great week spent in training.

The players were either hungover from Liverpool or demoralised by the team setup and instructions, but maybe I’m being kind to them. It was the biggest game of the season and nobody turned up until we were losing (again).

I wish I’d gone to the game and taken some eggs.


An hour later still in shock whilst no doubt these carefree a**holes go off back to their dabbing and that w*nker goes to the Lowry hotel! You don’t get man united and we just don’t get you! Give me Ancelotti today I’ll take him! I said any manager who fails should suffer the same fate no matter how big a profile; but this latest dinosaur has really outdone himself! It has left me floored!



Chelsea to suffer

We will suffer tomorrow whether we like it or not. against Barcelona you will be deprived of the ball and that is what Conte was pointing to his players. and personally i see nothing wrong with that. it will be stupid to open up against Barcelona at Camp Nou, we will surely be slaughtered. and the same people that are criticizing Conte for not playing open game against Barcelona, will be on his back slaughtering him for opening up away to Barcelona. human-beings are very difficult species to satisfy 100%


I think my standard has gone low and I am happy that United were eliminated by Sevilla. (and also Spurs by Juventus).
At least we won’t be alone if Barca beat us. I know it’s not right to feel that way though. But it would have been sad if we were the only English team eliminated in this round. And we still have the opportunity to turn that around tomorrow. Won’t be easy but the match starts from 1-1. If we can steal an early goal, we may have a chance to qualify. Not easy, probably almost impossible to win, but we did that in the past. Ramires & Torres, happy memories.


I may not be his greatest fan but surely Conte is just being realistic. Against Barca, very few teams expect to see much of the ball and so the “suffering” is simply working hard not to concede and trying to win the ball back

We know that we are capable of doing both of those but what is most important is what we do with the ball when we win it back. If we can use it in the way that we did for the first leg or ManU away then I would still argue that we have a decent shout of progressing. However, if we do like we did against City then we may require an abacus to keep count of the goals conceded….!!

Lets be positive and hope that the team is well prepared and we give Barca a bloody good game. The result will then sort itself out. KTBFFH


Here’s to a proper Chelsea performance no matter the tactics or the team picked.

Barca dominate the very best even triple World, European and Spanish Champions Real Madrid so it will be a tough watch.

I hope we can leave Barcelona with our heads held high whatever the outcome.

The Spirit of 2012 would help.

Stranger things have happened! Come on the Chels.

nine nine nine



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